Everything We Know About Aston Martin’s Limited Edition V12 Speedster So Far

Since the release of the recent film “Ford v Ferrari,” there has been a frenzy among racecar enthusiasts. In the late 1950s, Carroll Shelby piloted Aston Martin’s DBR1 at Le Mans, along with Roy Salvadori to win a victory. With perfect timing, Aston Martin is hinting at the release of a new V12 Speedster but they’re playing it close to the vest. Here is what we know about Aston Martin’s Limited Edition V12 Speedster so far.

A tribute edition to the race at Le Mans

The new V12 Speedster that Aston Marton is teasing about is a tribute edition to the sole race at Le Mans that was ever won by Carroll Shelby and Roy Savadori in the brand’s DBR1 model in 1959. We’ve heard the rumor that this car will be rare and collectible from the moment it leaves the factory with just 88 to be produced ever. It was a big deal when it happened at it has forever gone in the history books of Aston Martin as a tremendous success and source of pride.

Attributes that make the V12 Speedster so special

The V12 Speedster will be an open cockpit design with each model produced, hand-built. The inspiration for this model comes from the Aston Martin that won at Le Mans in 1959, along with the CC100 Speedster concept, which in itself was a very special edition from 2013, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Aston Martin automaker. The third influence is the latest edition of the brand’s Speedster. Planning for the new vehicle has been in progress for over a year with design and engineering teams sketching out the concept of the appearance.

Aston Martin is eking out a few details

The best that the automaker is willing to do this early in the game is to release a sketch of the new V12 Speedster. There are no official photos of the car available. It’s been hinted that deliveries are set to begin sometime in early 2021, so we’re assuming that an official unveiling will take place sometime later in 2020. There hasn’t been a confirmation on the price yet either, but it is assumed that the price tag could easily top the $1 million mark. It’s a guessing game that we’re getting good at based on past experience, but we’ll have to wait and see if we’re in the ballpark on this one. What we do know is that the sketch reveals that there will be no top and no windshield on the new Speedster. This isn’t the first fast sports car to come with a naked aesthetic. Ferrari has had success with their Monza and McLaren is doing something similar with the Elva, so we could be seeing a new trend in aesthetic and feeling the wind blowing in your hair. It’s assumed that the lack of weather and road debris protection will require the use of a helmet and goggles. This may be a Sportster for fair weather driving.

Technical details

We were pleased to learn that Aston Martin has confirmed some of the technical details of the new V12 Speedster. The official word is vague but has made the claim that the Speedster will be made with advanced materials, and they left it at that. This leads to the speculation (educated guess) that AM is equipping the V12 Speedster with a 5.2-liter V12 engine in a twin-turbocharged flavor that generates approximately 690 horsepower unless they tweak it to bring on 700 or better with an estimated torque of 516 lb. ft, with a rear-mounted ZF automatic 8-speed transmission, or something comparable. The other current models feature bonded aluminum construction and we imagine that there will be generous use of carbon-fiber in the body.

Whetting the appetite

The real tease comes in the form of the promises for “cutting-edge motorsport and aviation technology.” At this point in time, all that is known is what Aston Martin has done previously and it makes us consider the Airbus model of the ACH130 helicopter. The automaker is shrouding their new Speedster in secrecy but we’re taking every statement they make as a cryptic clue to what we can expect. So far, there haven’t been any good spycam photos rendered but we’re hoping that they’ll take a test run so we can get a better idea of what we’re going to see in terms of the finer details.

The announcement of the decade

The announcement of the pending release of the special limited edition of the V12 Speedster was brilliantly made after sports car enthusiasts saw the re-enactment of Shelby’s contributions to Ford’s racing team, and Ferrari’s response. It’s been like a double dose of adrenaline and the anticipation is just starting to build. With approximately a year left to muse, imaginations will start to wander and Aston Martin has given us just enough information to go in a few different directions. They’re masters at automotive design and engineering, and the marketing team is just as good at whipping fans of fast cars into a frenzy of anticipation and wonder. It won’t be long until more information is released about the up and coming new celebrity Speedster, but until then we’ll have to keep our ears to the ground and an eye open for any news releases that are made.


Aston Martin has our full attention, but they’re not saying much about the pending release of the new sports car. We’re guessing that sometime in the middle of the summer of 2020, more information will be released as we approach the official unveiling with the Aston Martin V12 Speedster for 2021. Although with just 88 examples available, it’s highly likely that they’re going to sell out shortly after AM starts taking orders.

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