Everything We Know About the McLaren Speedtail So Far

Just the mention of the brand McLaren is enough to stimulate feelings of excitement and anticipation. The British company is known for its world-class sports cars, the automaker has done it again with the upcoming McLaren Speedtail that conjures images of lightning-fast screaming down the road in one of the most beautiful vehicles known to man. This is all true, of course, if you’re a fan of McLaren and there are plenty out there who are, myself included. When news about the new model broke it created a flurry of activity among enthusiasts anxious to learn more about the new car that has been shrouded in mystery, as usual. Investigators have been out with their spycams to capture images and what information they could about the Speedtail and here is what we know about it so far.

It’s a record-breaker

McLaren’s previous edition of the Speedtail amazed everyone with its top speed of 240.1 making it the fasts car during the era of the 1990s. This was and still is impressive for the naturally aspirated car with Velocity mode for side mirror retraction to cut down on the slightest resistance. It also lowered the height of the ride by nearly an inch and a half allowing the car to cut through the wind. The latest edition was announced back in 2018 and during test-drives, the rumors suggest that it has achieved a top speed of 250 mph on over 30 occasions. This is proof that the new hybrid hypercar is going to be a record-breaker for the model.

Science combined with art

Images of the Speedtail have recently been released and we clearly see that it has an aerodynamic design and the brand is claiming that it is the most aerodynamically efficient vehicle in their lineup. It’s not only set to be the fastest McLaren on the road, but it will also be the most innovative and elegant of its species with a unique automative design that sets the bar high for the rest of the pack. One of the most exciting features of the Speedtail is that it will be offered to customers for bespoke personalization that will provide for the creation of a one of a kind model upon placement of the order. The futuristic aesthetic of this car is complete with swooping sharp designs that at a glance tell one that the airflow will move gracefully over the top and sides of the vehicle with minimal interference and the sharp lines will usher it into the ether as the Speedtail cuts through the elements like a hot knife through butter.

Unique customization

We’ve learned that McLaren has plans to produce a total of 106 cars that will be unique and totally customized per driver specifications. A range of colors, textures, and materials have been selected as options with a range of combination choices. This adds to the exclusivity and value of each of the cars that will be produced. This is something new for McLaren as they boldly push forward establishing a new niche in the automotive market that combines the industry with high fashion, luxury, and bespoke accouterments. The production number is set to be strictly limited to the 106 vehicles, enhancing the value both upon release and in the future as the remaining numbers still remaining begin to dwindle. Clearly, this will be an investment in a special edition that has a high potential for retaining its value in the short term and becoming more valuable in the long-term.

Unrivaled craftsmanship and symmetry

McLaren may have well achieved perfect symmetry with the new Speedtail. The cockpit will feature an innovative and spacious environment with a new layout of the interior with an enhanced view of the road thanks to a repositioning of the driver seat. The design team has precisely determined a balance in the use of glass to provide unprecedented viewing of the outside with an uncluttered dashboard design that employs the technology required to achieve the status of luxury.

Enhanced performance

Another feature is the enhanced performance that deserves our attention. McClaren has been gracious enough to release a little more information about the elements that make this their fastest car ever. The acceleration has been enhanced to achieve a top speed of 250 mph, leaving the famed F1 in the dust. It’s powered by a 1,050 PS petrol-electric powertrain and the car has a dry weight of 1,430 kg with an aerodynamic design that keeps it on the road at this incredible speed.

A few more goodies

We’ve learned a few more details about the new Speedtail. It’s going to come with electric cameras replacing conventional door mirrors. This further reduces side drag for higher speeds. When you shift it into velocity mode the cameras retract back into the vehicle and the height of the car lowers by 35 mm for even greater aerodynamics. The use of carbon fiber monocoque is lighter than previous body panels of titanium carbon fiber. the glass darkens the top of the windscreen through an electrochromic technology for eliminating the need for sun visors. It’s their first hyper GT car that utilizes a switchgear style with a three-seat configuration with digital instrumentation.


Although there has been no confirmation about the release date, or the price of the new McLaren Speedtail, there have been rumors that it will run 1.75 million in British pounds, but that has yet to be announced. No official release date has been made, but it’s wise to contact the dealership and stay in the loop as these models are strictly limited and likely to reach the reserve limit quickly. This vehicle signals an evolution for the automaker and a new way of doing business that is unprecedented, and the hype is just starting to take hold of fans who are awaiting more news of a release date so keep your ear to the ground and your eyes open for the official press release.

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