What to Expect from the 2017 Mercedes Benz Sprinter


The Mercedes Sprinter first made its debut in 1995 as a replacement for the Mercedes-Benz TN, and it was a hit soon after. Its unique profile, excellent quality, and reliability is why its been in production for so long. After a hiatus that began in 2007, the Sprinter came back on the scene in 2013. Last year’s model did well, but the auto world didn’t take long to speculate about whether there would be a new addition in 2017. After several prototypes were spotted on the road in early 2016, Mercedes’ plans were confirmed and the next version of everyone’s favorite luxury workhorse is expected to come out in late 2017.

Here are 15 things we can expect from the 2017 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

1. An exterior that’s largely unchanged. The Mercedes Sprinter is easily recognized due to its profile and shape that’s unlike most work vans, which is how the prototypes were so easily spotted on the road — this is a car that’s hard to camouflage. Not much will change about the way the van’s exterior looks with the exception of a few small details. The headlights on the 2017 Sprinter appear to be slightly smaller, and the grille has been tweaked a bit. Still, unless it’s an auto aficionado who’s paying close attention, those small things will go unnoticed by most people.

2. A slightly larger size and more versatility. From the looks of it, the 2017 Mercedes Sprinter will be a bit heftier than the previous iteration with more useful features. Most of the changes in terms of looks and design will be seen in the Sprinter’s interior.

3. A “surprise” in the dash.The Mercedes Sprinter prototypes that have been seen have a dash that’s concealed, so no one is sure what’s going on underneath the wrapping. However, given the fact that Mercedes-Benz bothered to cover it up at all we can guess that some significant changes are coming on that front. Is it a new configuration or the integration of top of the line tech? Only time will tell, but expect this part of the interior to be very different.


4. Upgrades to the electronic safety and driver assistance systems are expected, giving greater peace of mind to businesses that want to more closely monitor their drivers. The specifics haven’t been confirmed, but judging from what’s been seen thus far it’s highly likely to be a prominent change to the model.

5. A wider range of engine options, including a new 3.0-liter BlueTEC V6 turbodiesel. The Sprinter’s use of outdated engines has been pointed out by many over the years, but it looks like that will soon come to an end. While we can still expect to see the model offered in diesel engines, larger, more robust engines and those with biturbo technology will come into play with next year’s model.

6. Better fuel economy. The latest Mercedes Sprinter will get better gas mileage due to key updates to its powertrain. That’s good news for anyone who’s eyeing this model as a new addition to their business fleet, as lower gas expenses mean a greater bottom line.


7. Tweaks to the chassis for better performance and durability. Given some of the features that will be added to improve the model, this change was expected by many. Improving this part of the Sprinter is sure to make the van even more of a powerhouse.

8. Better connectivity. This change will be in alignment with the other new vehicles being offered by Mercedes-Benz and will keep the Sprinter differentiated from other work vans on the market. With the prestigious name backing it, consumers are simply expecting more bells and whistles than they do in commercial vehicles from other automakers.

9. A greater selection of trim levels. Some of the aforementioned bells and whistles will come standard, but at least Mercedes admits that not every business needs or wants a ton of extra features. Making the 2017 Mercedes Sprinter available in a wider variety of trims and configurations will allow more companies in different industries to put the van to work.


10. An interesting range of optional equipment. The new Mercedes Sprinter will be one of the most flexible ever, and some of the options that will be available include workbenches, racks, refrigeration units, and turnkey solutions.

11. The option to modify the Sprinter for extreme conditions and off-roading. To meet the needs of customers who need a serious work vehicle, the van will accommodate specialized modifications like dually tire setup and all-wheel drive.

12. More types of businesses and organizations will start using the Sprinter. The 2017 Mercedes Sprinter isn’t just a cargo mover, it’s a people mover and can also host ambulance interiors, pet grooming stations, mobile salon setups, and much more.


13. A new variation called the Sprinter Worker. It has a 5,000 pound towing capacity, 319.1 cubic feet of cargo space, a maximum payload of 3,512 pounds, and a 2.1 liter turbodiesel engine that produces 161 hp. This affordable option was shown at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show and replaced the Sprinter 2500 Cargo Van as the line’s base model. At just $32,495, the Sprinter Worker also costs several thousand dollars less than the Ford Transit 150 XL and the Dodge Ram Promaster 1500.

14. Availability for late 2017, with the exception of the Sprinter Worker, which will be available in 2016. While a release date for all other Sprinter models hasn’t been set in stone, it’s expected that Mercedes will have it ready to roll into showrooms in the last quarter of next year. There’s been no word on pricing except for the 2017 Mercedes Sprinter Worker, which will start at $32,495.

15. Absence from key auto shows. Because of when the Mercedes Sprinter seems set to come out, it may miss being unveiled at many of the industry’s key shows, such as the Detroit Auto Show and Frankfurt Motor Show. If it comes out late enough, it could even miss the LA Auto Show.

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