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The Most Expensive Prada Wallets You Can Buy Right Now

Prada is one of the most recognized and a leading brand in the fashion world. Founded in 1913 by Mario Prada, the designer has long history of creating some of the most beautiful and sought after fashion pieces, especially by the wealthy. The brand is most known for their handbags, wallets, shoes, travel accessories, perfume, among other fashion accessories.

The brand is high-end and not sold in just any store. They are a specialty brand and you can expect to pay higher prices for their fashion wear, if you want to own anything Prada.

Women's handbags are some of the most expensive bags out there and to go with a Prada handbag, you may want to complete the set with a Prada wallet. In case you are wondering what their most expensive wallets are, keep reading, because here are the most expensive Prada wallets you can buy today and you can get this style of wallet in an array of different colors and patterns.

10. Saffiano Multicolor leather flap wallet - $550 

This is a very feminine and traditional looking wallet that is designed with metal lettering for the logo and gold-plated hardware. It has five credit card slots, one coin compartment with a zipper closure, one bill compartment and two document pockets. It is roomy without being overly bulky or cumbersome. The wallet measures 3.8 on length and can easily fit in most pocket books. If you want to own this Prada wallet from this year's lineup, you will have to pay $550.

9. Saffiano leather flap wallet with metal details - $590

This beautifully designed Prada wallet has an added touch with the elegant metal details, made of steel, that have been included on the front of the wallet. It gives it a unique look that could be used for casual wear or more dressy occasions. The wallet offers you plenty of space inside for all you need to carry, including, one bill compartment, one coin compartment, four credit card slots and a snap enclosure for quick, but secure access to your financial needs inside. The measurements of this wallet are, 4.8 inches in length and 3.2 inches high. This Prada wallet sells for a cool, $590 and is one of the most expensive Prada wallets this year.

8. Saffiano leather wallet - $640

Simple and elegantly designed, this leather wallet has a little bigger size, at 6.2 inches in length and 3.8 inches in height. It is sleek looking, casual but elegant and boasts of twenty-one credit card slots and one coin department with a zipper for securing your change. You also get one bill compartment for bringing your important papers with you in a neat and organized manner. This wallet can be dressed up or dressed down and it sells for $640.

7. Glacé calf leather wallet - $700

The Glace calf leather wallet comes in a variety of colors, from tan, blue, black, and pink. Casual yet elegant, this wallet is smart looking and roomy inside for carrying everything you need, all in one place. It has six inside document pockets, twelve credit card slots, one coin compartment with a zipper for preventing loose change spills, and one flat document pocket. The finishing touches include gold-plated hardware and an enamel triangle Prada logo. You can get this wallet for $700 if you want to own one of Prada's wallet from their 2017 lineup.

6. Saffiano leather flap wallet with printed lining - $725

The Saffiano leather flap wallet is a solid leather color, while the inside is a printed lining. The hardware on the outside of the wallet is gold-plated and Prada has used metal lettering for its logo on the outside of the wallet. For easy access inside the wallet, it was designed with a snap closure. Inside the wallet, you'll enjoy plenty of space to keep all your money and credit cards well organized with the ample, ten credit card slots, one bill compartment, and one coin compartment. For miscellaneous items, you have extra space with an outside zipper closure, as well as an extractable badge and credit card holder that is attached with a chain. This wallet measures 3.8 inches in length and it sells for $725.

5. Saffiano leather wallet with zipper enclosure - $730

This is another Saffiano wallet, although this one differs slightly from the previous in that it has a zipper enclosure as opposed to a snap closure. It is also a bit larger, measuring 4.2 inches in length. The gold-plated hardware and metal lettering logo are identical to the previous, however, this wallet offers you twelve credit card slots, along with one coin compartment and one flat pocket for your bills, documents, and tickets, for added organization features for those who need it. This wallet also sells for $725 and is considered one of the most expensive Prada wallets you can buy today.

4. Begonia Pink and Black Wallet - $730

This is a women's wallet that comes in a beautiful and very feminine color pallet of begonia pink and black. The wallet is designed with a goat leather flap and gold-plated hardware. It has a snap closure for easy opening and closing and the Prada logo is set on the wallet with metal lettering.

The inside of the wallet boasts of ten credit card slots, one bill compartment, one coin compartment and outside pocket with a zipper closure, for holding miscellaneous items. The wallet also comes with am extractable badge and credit card holder with chain for carrying items on the outside of the wallet for easy access. This particular wallet is 3.8 inches in length. This is the most expensive Prada wallet you can buy today, and it sells for $730.

3. Embroidered velvet wallet - $800

Prada's embroidered velvet wallet is an elegant ladies wallet that is perfect for nights out on the town or other special occasions that would call for a more elegant look. This wallet can be used to carry in a purse or separate, as a hand-carry wallet. It is designed with a snap closure, four credit card slots and two document pockets with zipper closure for carrying added papers you need to have with you. The wallet is 4.5 inches in length and 8.2 inches high and sells for $800.

2. Embroidered Nappa leather wallet - $800

This beautifully designed Prada Nappa leather wallet is sleek in design and is the elegant yet casual enough for everyday use. The embroidered leather has finishing touches of brass-finish hardware with the Prada name on the front. The snap enclosure allows you to easily access what's inside and close the wallet with one touch. Inside, you will find the wallet to be roomy with plenty of storage space for documents and credit cards in the zippered pocket. This beautiful Prada wallet is 5.0 inches in length and 8.0 inches high. It is one of the most expensive Prada wallets sold today, selling for $800.

1. Prada Milano - $1355

This is one of Prada's most elite wallets made. It is elegantly and tastefully designed with crystals on the svelte velvet to give it a luxurious look and feel and is designed with a snap enclosure and plenty of storage space inside, with four credit card slots and a document pocket and credit card holder that securely zips for closure.

Prada's logo, "Prada Milano" is tastefully displayed on the front of the svelte velvet and the entire wallet measures 8.8 inches high and 4.2 inches in length so that you can carry it in your handbag, or separate. This wallet has been priced at $1,355 for those who want to own one of Prada's most beautiful wallets this year.

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