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The Most Expensive Wedding Cakes in History

Most people would agree that cakes are one of the most delicious deserts ever made, and there are so many different ways to make cake that it is also one of the most versatile deserts. Cakes allow pastry chefs to really put their creativity to the test. Top pastry chefs hone their skills in on innovative techniques to help them design unique creations, and will often compete in competitions to earn awards and titles. Top chefs are often enlisted by celebrities and the wealthy, to design extravagant cakes for their events. These cakes can run in the thousands of dollars and in most recent years, there have been cakes that have sold for multiple millions of dollars. If you have ever wondered what the most expensive cakes are that have ever been made, take a look at these top six most expensive wedding cakes.

6. Liza Minnelli and David Gest - $40,000

Another cake that came in at $40,000 was found at Liza Minnelli and David Gest's wedding. Some of the biggest celebrities were seen at the wedding, including Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor. Of course Liza Minnelli had to have everything big and expensive at the wedding and that included her 12-tier, black and white, floral wedding cake, with red accents. Along the tiers were sterling silver leafed stripes, and all the red and purple sugar roses were edible.

5. Princess Diana's wedding cake - $40,000

Princess Diana was the most popular princess in the history of the British anarchy. Prince Charles' and Princess Diana's wedding reception, back in 1980, was full of beautiful cakes, 27 to be exact, however, the main cake was the centerpiece and was designed and made by David Avery, head of the Royal Naval Cooking School. The cake that stood five feet tall is said to have cost $40,000 35 years ago, and a few slices were saved and have been being auctioned off over the years. They were preserved in their original white and silver presentation box and are being sold at the auctions for nearly $2,000 a slice.

4. Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton

Fiona Carns is the designer behind this masterpiece. Of course royalty is going to go all out when it comes to a wedding, and that includes the wedding cake. Prince William and Kate Middleton had a beautiful, 8 tier cake that was decked out in with 12 different flowers, all of which had special meaning to the couple. A few of the flowers seen on the cake include, the Scottish Thistle, Irish Shamrock, English Rose, and many more. One of the most important flowers found on the cake was the sugar lily, which symbolizes humility. The total number of sugar pasted flowers was 900, and the total cost of the cake was $80,000, twice the cost of Prince William's mother's, Princess Diana's wedding cake.

3. Dallas Bridal Fair Wedding Cake

The Dallas Bridal Fair in 2010 showcased one of the most expensive wedding cakes in history, worth $1.3 million dollars. The cake stood nine tiers tall and weighed more than 160 pounds. It was designed by Dallas' Delicious Cake, who also worked with Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange to create this masterpiece. The lower eight tiers were covered in ivory fondant and intricately detailed with scrolling lines of silver 'luster dust.' What made this cake so expensive were the strings of  diamonds that were draped all along all nine tiers and was completed by the placement of large diamonds and sapphires along the bottom tier. The total carats of the jewels were 1,200 carats. If you are wondering if the cake was able to be eaten, the answer is yes. It was served to 320 people, which means that it would have cost about $3,125 per slice.

2. Luxury Bridal Show cake - $20 Million

Every year, the Bridal Show in Beverly Hills gets more elaborate and this includes the cake. In 2006, renown cake designer Nahid Parsa designed a masterpiece that stunned the confectionary world. Parsa used thick, white creamy frosting on the top tier and lavished the lower tiers with heavy ivory fondant. So what makes the cake so expensive? Parsa completed his design by using flakes of gold at the bottom of the cake and studded diamonds that drape from top-to-bottom. The cake was estimated to be worth $20 million dollars.

1. National gay wedding show cake - $52 Million

Although this cake wasn't designed for a particular wedding, it was designed for a wedding show, the National Gay Wedding Show. It was designed and made by a bakery in Chester, England and is an eight tiered cake that was designed with more than 4,000 flawless diamonds over the entire cake. It was put on display at the wedding show on March 3, 2013 in Liverpool, and yes, it was eaten after it had been well viewed. It is the second most expensive wedding cake.


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