How to Experience the 2017 Holi Festival in Style


The Holi festival, one of India’s happiest festivals, is scheduled for March 13, 2017 and many people cannot wait. It is a festival highlighted by color, pomp, and all kinds of merry making. It is celebrated to mark the beginning of spring, and it is also considered a symbol of triumph of good over evil. Everyone in India is considered equal on this day, and it is all about socializing and enjoying the best of Indian cuisine, sceneries, and much more. However, the frenzy of the festival may turn out to be hectic if you do not know how to go about it. To save you the disappointment, this article will show you just how to experience the 2017 Holi festival in style.

Places to Visit

These are the best regions to visit during the Holi festival to make the most out of the fun:


Delhi is the ultimate place to visit for the Holi festival as the bustling city offers a bit of everything. The highlight, however, is the Moo Festival that parades many Indian and international singers, dancers, and actors. The performances are incredible, and you will be mesmerized by witnessing the seamlessly agile Indian dancers perform first-hand. However, be ready to deal with masses of locals and visitors who would love nothing more than to smear you with paint. Fortunately, the paint is non-toxic and easy to wash off.

Santiniketan, West Bengal

The spring festival version of the Holi festival originated in Santiniketan in West Bengal. To this end, this is one of the best places to visit to experience the best of the Holi festival. The locals are very welcoming, and many students dress up in bright spring colors and perform a wide range of traditional dances and acts. What’s more, it is the destination of choice for most foreign visitors, so you are guaranteed a lot of fun socializing. Color splashing, of course, comes at the final day of the celebrations.

Anandpur Sahib, Punjab

If you do not fancy the color splashing, then Anandpur Sahib in Punjab is the place for you. The locals here are mostly Sikhs, and they enjoy the Holi festival in a slightly different way; instead of color splashing, the villagers mostly engage in thrilling demonstrations of physical agility. To this end, you will be treated to shows in wrestling, acrobatic military exercises, turban tying, martial arts, and mock sword fights.

Where to Stay

Every day during the Holi festival will be hectic and you are sure to be fatigued when the sun sets. As such, you will need a nice hotel where you can retire to rest and get refreshed for another day full of fun. These are the best hotels to book into depending on where you choose to visit:


If you are looking for a luxurious experience, then consider booking in at the Le Meridien New Delhi. This is a high-end hotel that is popular for its classy rooms, a wide range of amenities, and lovely staff members; you will particularly enjoy the fruits and wine that are offered to guests as welcome gifts. Besides, the hotel is not very expensive as it charges only $178 per night. If you are looking for an average hotel, on the other hand, then try out the Shanti Home. It is just as comfortable and it even offers amenities such as a beauty spa, and it charges only $100 per night.

Santiniketan, West Bengal

You will be spoiled for choice looking for a place to stay in Santiniketan. However, the Hotel Royal Bengal will suit all your needs as it has everything you would need: Wi-Fi connectivity, lovely staff members, great food, and appealing rooms, just to mention a few. What’s more, it is conveniently located as it offers quick access to the city. It is also conveniently affordable as rooms go for about $55 per night.

Anandpur Sahib, Punjab

Anandpur Sahib is just a small town, so do not get your hopes high with the accommodation. For the best experience, consider visiting the Hotel Holy City Paradise Inn, the best hotel in town. It is decent enough as it offers basic amenities such as Wi-Fi and hot water. The staff are friendly too and they work round the clock to keep the rooms clean and neat. What’s more, a night at this hotel will cost you only $22.

Places to Eat

Indian cuisine is diverse and amazingly flavorful, and you can get a bite everywhere you turn. However, some restaurants stand out from the rest for their culinary skills, reception, and hygiene, among other factors; consequently, these are the restaurants that you should visit for a delicious meal.


The streets of Delhi are lined with food stalls that offer a wide range of snacks and whole meals. What’s more, the experience of eating in the crowded bustling streets is quite exceptional, and you should get at least one snack before you leave. Nevertheless, you will need to visit a restaurant for a proper meal. If you are staying at the Le Meridien New Delhi, then consider visiting the roof-top restaurant that serves a wide range of western and Indian cuisine. Otherwise, consider visiting the Zaffran restaurant at Hotel Palace Heights for the best of Indian cuisine.

Santiniketan, West Bengal

The Hotel Royal Bengal has its own restaurant that serves a wide range of mostly Indian cuisine, and the menu also includes a few western dishes. However, you should consider visiting one of the local restaurants for an outdoor experience. The nearest restaurant to the hotel is Prabhat Sarani, and it is popular for delicious Indian meals. Additionally, the décor is elegant as it features simple furniture coupled with bright crystal lighting.

Anandpur Sahib, Punjab

As mentioned earlier, Anandpur Sahib in Punjab is just a small town. As such, you will have little luck finding whole western meals, but western snacks are available. Nevertheless, you will enjoy the tasty Indian cuisines served at the Talwar Deluxe Dhaba restaurant. This restaurant is located at the Khalsa Heritage Memorial Complex, and it is one of the best in town. It is elegant with a serene feel, and it is highly praised for its diverse menu of Indian meals and snacks.

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