How To Experience Disney World If You Are Super Wealthy

Talk about all the crazy things you can do at Disney World if you have the money.  Stuff like renting out the park, or things like having a personal guide all day (which I hear costs like 5K a day).  Stuff like that which no one gets to do but the super rich. A day at Disney is a fun way to spend time with the family and have some fun, but it is also a lot of work, and depending on the time of year, it can be hot and draining. A lot of things the average person has to worry about and plan for when going to Disney World, the super wealthy do not, however, because they can afford to turn a day at Disney, into a day of pure fun, especially with all the special treatment they can get. Have you ever wondered how the super wealthy get to enjoy the Disney theme park? Well, in case you have, here is how to experience Disney World if you are super wealthy.

Guided tour

If you want to be sure to have a good time at Disney and see all the pertinent sights and rides, who better to show you a good time than a Disney character who knows the park, inside and out? For $400 an hour, you can hire a Disney character to give you the grand tour of the park. The thing is, you can’t just pay for a couple of hours at that rate. If you are going to have a special, VIP tour guide, you have to pay a minimum of $2,800 (7 hours) of touring, regardless if you are able to use the full seven hours or not. When you think about how much an average person earns on a monthly basis, which happens to be about $4,470 a month, this winds up to be about 63% of their monthly income. This means an average person would need to save up quite a bit just to get a seven-hour VIP tour of the park with a Disney character.

Door-to-door VIP service

If you have ever been to Disney World or any theme park, then you know how big they are and how much walking is required to get through the park, and ride-to-ride. During the hot, scorching months, this can seem like the worst vacation idea ever, to take on a theme park. Well, it may be, if you don’t have money to buy door-to-door driving service. Rather than melt in the heat, you can purchase the service of being toted from ride-to-ride in a comfy, air conditioned car, and you not only get shuttled from ride-to-ride, but you are taken right up to a door where you can go directly into the area of the ride and get on it without having to wait in the long, long lines. These are doors that no one else is able to just walk through, only those who have paid for this convenient, and expensive ‘golden ticket.’

Ride rides over and over

Along with the door-to-door service, you get to experience the luxury of riding the rides as many times as you like, again, without waiting in line. Love Space Mountain and want to enjoy it over and over again, but the line is a mile long? Well, that’s only for those who don’t possess a VIP Fast-pass. You can get off any ride and get right back on without having to shuffle back to the end of the line and wait to re-ride. Not when you’re super wealthy and have paid for a Fast-pass.

Preferred seating

Not only does Disney World have a ton of rides, they have a ton of fun shows to watch, too. When it comes to the shows, it’s the same as the rides where you have to wait in line to get your seating, which is a first come, first serve basis. But not when you have a VIP tour guide. Your guide will get you into all the shows you want to go to, and it will never matter how many people are waiting to get into the show, when it comes to good seating. VIP guests always have the best seating in the house just waiting for them. So, should you decide at the last minute that you want to see one of the park’s entertainment shows, no need to fret on whether it’s too late to get a good seat. It’s already waiting for you.

Great meals

When you have the money to spend, you not only get the VIP treatment for all the rides and getting around the park, but for you mealtime, too. Your guide will be able to book you a special meal for any of the Disney park restaurants. You can choose from a number of fine dining restaurants for where you want to eat and in any of the Disney parks, too, and your guide will get it set up for you, along with the transportation there. No matter which park you are visiting, you can easily leave one and head to another, just to enjoy a meal in another park, and be assured you will get the same VIP treatment for every mealtime.

Feel like a real VIP

When the wealthy hit the theme parks, they are treated like royalty and it doesn’t go unnoticed. You may want to be prepared for stares and curious looks as the other tourists take notice of your special treatment, so why not live the part and don the dark glasses and enjoy the attention as everyone tries to figure out who you are and why you are getting to hop on rides without wait, and being whisked away to your next attraction destination, VIP style.

The wealthy really know how to make a Disney vacation as fun-filled as it can be. While average tourists spends several days at the park trying to cram in all the fun and rides into days and still feel like they didn’t see everything, the super wealthy can hit all the fun and not miss a thing, all within a short period of time when they are given all the best privileges and VIP treatment the park can offer.


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