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A new and easier way to have vision exams is now available. Time spent going to the doctor for vision tests is no longer necessary with a new technology that allows you to take care of your vision tests right at home or wherever it’s convenient for you. For those that wear glasses or contacts, you know the hassles of trying to keep up with your vision screenings. It’s hard to find the time to schedule an appointment to see the eye doctor with our busy schedules today which can make taking care of your eyes a lower priority. Neglecting your vision can mean the difference between having the right prescription for your glasses or contacts and seeing clearly. Even worse, it can mean damage to your eyes if you neglect your routine vision screenings. Now you don’t have to with the new EyeQue vision screening system.

What is EyeQue Personal Vision Tracking?

EyeQue personal vision tracking is an intelligent solution for in-home vision testing. This highly innovative, state-of-the-art refractive measurement test uses a patented refraction concept; a miniature optical scope that attaches to the screen of your smartphone, IOS or Android. It lets you administer a state-of-the-art refractive measurement test using the myEyeQue mobile app. You will be able to test your vision, anytime, anywhere and always stay on top of your vision with this simple, new vision test. If your vision begins to change, you can know sooner, rather than later, how your vision is doing when you have the means to test it anytime.

Behind the development of EyeQue personal vision testing

Located in the Silicon Valley, the patented refraction concept that EyeQue uses, was invented at MIT while serial entrepreneurs, Tibor Láczayand John Serri founded EyeQue and put together their large team of exceptional engineers, business professionals and product making, who are all behind EyeQue and its dedication to helping to make new vision technologies, not only available globally, but at the lowest possible cost so that more people will take advantage of this newest way to take care of your vision.

How EyeQue works

The system works by using high-tech and patented algorithms that are accommodated in the EyeQue Cloud. So, first, download the free myEyeQue app on the Apple app store or Google Play. Now it’s time to test your eyes by attaching a miniscope to the screen of your smartphone or other phone device and launch the myEyeQue app. A test will appear. The tests include a series of fun, pixel-powered vision tests to determine your refraction measurement and generate your eyeglass numbers. The test results are processed in real-time by the EyeQue Cloud technology, so you know your results immediately.

When you become an EyeQue subscriber, you will then have immediate and continual access to the EyeQue online dashboard which is available through the myEyeQue app. On the online dashboard, you can manage everything about your vision tests; review your results, track your vision history, share your information and results with your eye care specialist, and you can compare your results with other users. You can also find helpful tips through your online dashboard, insights to vision tests and eye care and much, much more. It is a great way to become eye-smart and gives you an incentive to stay proactive about your eyes and vision testing.

Your results

After you complete the vision screening test, your results come back to you with axis, spherical and cylindrical figures which are the same as the values your doctor uses to generate an eyeglass prescription. The in-home refraction measurements you receive, give you the ability to order prescription eyeglasses just the same as your doctor would recommend and order for you in his office.

Once you have your results, they are instantly anonymized and added to a large data base of vision records that are able to be viewed and will contribute to optometry research so that eye care for everyone, can be improved. They are also stored in the cloud for safe keeping and for you to be able to access at any time. You can view them from both your smartphone and your computer on your EyeQue dashboard. EyeQue knows that it doesn’t get any easier than that. Keeping up with your vision changes is simple and fast.

If you need new glasses

Getting a new pair of glasses is easy too. You can shop online at multiple online eyewear retailers for the perfect pair of glasses for you. Online eyewear stores make finding new glasses as easy as being in the store in real-time. Innovative technology has allowed the development of programs that let you see the glasses on your face and decide which ones you like best. This concept, coupled with quick and easy vision screening results, allows you to have a brand new pair of glasses in no time.

Bottom line

There were many skeptics who told EyeQue that their dream of developing the software to check your vision from your smartphone was impossible. They didn’t think it could be done in the budget EyeQue intended, in the timeframe, or by the means EyeQue planned; smartphone, IOS and Android. One year later while remaining within the budget they planned and in the timeframe they set to keep, EyeQue launched this remarkable product that will sell for less than $50 retail. This is a huge step in helping people all over the world, better manage their vision. When you don’t have to take off work to go to the doctor or pay co-pays or deductibles, people are going to be more apt to keep up with their vision and be proactive about it. This could be world changing for our eyes.

EyeQue has already received many different awards, including the annual CES Innovation Award for outstanding product design as well as engineering for brand-new consumer tech products. It was recognized as the most impressive product in the category of Fitness, Sports and Biotech. EyeQue is presently working with TWOBILLIONEYES, a non-profit org based in the Netherlands whose mission is to get eyewear to anyone who needs it, anywhere in the world. EyeQue is thrilled to be about something bigger.

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