A Closer Look at Feadship’s Kathleen Anne


A beautiful yacht with a beautiful name, the Kathleen Anne is one of Feadship’s finest yachts. Designed for luxury, prestige, and power, the Kathleen Anne has everything you would need and more for a yacht of its category. And, unlike most super yachts in its category, this yacht goes a long way towards giving its interior a homey feeling. You may not get the opportunity to call the boat your own for now, but you can still spend a week aboard the yacht and cruise the seas in style as it is now available for charter. Let’s take a closer look at Feadship’s Kathleen Anne.

A Brief History


Kathleen Anne was officially launched in 2009 in Holland, Netherlands. It owes its opulent interior design to Bannerberg & Rowell Design, one of the leading designers in the industry. Its sleek exterior, on the other hand, is the work of Guido de Groot Design, the company behind several other outstanding yachts. In addition to the two design companies, its owner (who is still anonymous as of this writing) was closely involved in its production and his/her input gave rise to the very definition of a family yacht.

Exterior Design


Kathleen Anne’s exterior is everything a luxury yacht should be. It is sleek and looks compact with a streamlined front and arching back. It is relatively medium in size when compared to most other super yachts, measuring just 39 meters long. Considering the reputation of the company behind its design, the exterior is flawless and nothing short of perfect. It is built using only the strongest of materials, ensuring that it is durable and resilient against even the most tumultuous sea waves and winds.

Interior Design


As mentioned earlier, the Kathleen Anne is mostly about offering a homey feeling. As such, the interior has a modest three decks and is very detailed. It resembles a luxury home with all the amenities you would need and more, thanks to the outstanding work of Bannerberg & Rowell Design. Like the exterior, the interior is also made of the finest materials specifically designed for both visual appeal and durability. The entrance lobby has an exotic parquet floor made of walnut and oak wood, making it appealing and welcoming while giving a hint of the opulent interior. The lobby leads to a staircase made of stainless steel, leather, and oak wood to complement the wooden floor.

All three decks are designed in a combination of oak wood, walnut, and rosewood to give the yacht a cozy and luxurious feel. The lounge, which functions as the primary social area, is made of light and dark wood to give it a homely look and opulent feel. It offers two seating areas large enough to accommodate all ten people on board and leave room for unhindered movement around the lounge. The furniture is exotic and cream-colored to complement the surrounding décor and give the room an ambient feel suitable for a home.

The dining area is also spacious and provides an excellent view of the vast sea, making your meals all the more enjoyable. For more visual appeal, the dining room is decorated with colorful art pieces designed by Ian Davenport. The partitions are made of glass, while rosewood and Calcutta marble were employed in constructing the cabinets and other furniture.



In spite of its seemingly small size, the Kathleen Anne has enough space to accommodate up to ten guests and eight crew members. It comes with five rooms: two double cabins, two twin staterooms, and one convertible stateroom. Each room is fitted with exotic furniture made of oak and walnut wood, and the upholstery is cream in color to match the surrounding décor. Additionally, each room’s floor is made of white oak wood to complement the upholstery. For décor, the rooms feature Luca Missoni’s moon photos and prints of British Linocut designed by the renowned Cyril Power. The owner’s suite is full-beam and features amenities such as a walk-in dressing room, a study, and unhindered views of the sea.



In addition to the sleek looks and cozy interior, the Kathleen Anne packs a lot of power under the hood and can easily compete with bigger super yachts. To start with, it has a fuel tank large enough to hold up to 40,000 liters of fuel and a water tank with a capacity of 12,000 liters. The fuel tank powers two MTU engines with an output of 1055 horsepower.

The yacht has an average cruising speed of 12 knots and a top speed of 14 knots. Its range when cruising at 12 knots is 3,300 nm, at which rate it can consume about 260 liters per hour. For stability and comfort, this yacht features “at-anchor stabilizers” that keep it still when stationary and ensure stability when cruising at top speeds even in rough sea conditions.

Amenities and Toys


Comfort and luxury in the Kathleen Anne luxury yacht do not end with the opulent interior. The yacht comes with other amenities such as a Jacuzzi on the deck, modern gym equipment (a stationary bike and running machine, among others), and Wi-Fi connectivity to keep you in touch with the world. The rooms also feature large HDTVs with excellent signal for the guests’ entertainment needs. The yacht also comes with several water sports toys: snorkeling equipment, wetsuits, inflatable kayaks, laser picos, sea bobs, water skis, inflatable toys, and a knee board. There is also a Novurania Equator with a power output of 156 horsepower if you want to get up-close and personal with the sea.

Onboard the Kathleen Anne


As enticing as the Kathleen Anne Yacht may look, it is unfortunately not for sale and may not be for a long time to come, considering the owner’s meticulous effort to make it feel like a home. However, you can still enjoy the experience for one week or more as it is available for charter. This will cost you $153,000 per week during both the high and low seasons. The only quandary is that it is just available in Greece, Croatia, and Europe, and is mostly ideal for a small group of friends and family.

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