Five Amazing Cars from The 2017 Dubai International Motor Show

The Dubai International Motor Show draws manufacturers and fans from around the world to see the latest in everything from experimental cars to the latest innovations for the standard on-the-road vehicles. Of course, being the newest models they have two things in common: they are definitely going to be pricey and there is not much chance of picking one up and driving them off the showroom floor anytime soon. But they are all about the future.

BMW X7 Concept iPerformance

This car seems like something you would drive on the Internet, but the classic “Beamer” look is undergoing a serious change. Lovers of the classic look are likely to be disappointed because this new concept model is about the driving environment. With the top third of the car primarily made of glass, BMW decided to create a view for both the passengers and the driver that makes those long road trips something to actually look forward to. But the exterior design is aerodynamically engineered so performance isn’t lost. It incorporates the latest digital connectivity to allow passengers to connect with each other and with the world. With the advances in safety engineering and technology, the BMW X7 Concept iPerformance has the future of both safety and comfort in mind

McLaren 720S

McLaren is not a household name in cars, but the specs on their new 720S are quite remarkable. The first that comes to mind is its ability to go from 0 to 62 in 2.9 seconds. If that does not provide enough acceleration for you, it goes from 0 to 124 in 7.8 seconds. Its top speed? 212 miles an hour. These specs are possible as the result of a carbon fiber Monocage II frame that significantly reduces its overall weight. You can see the full potential of this car by virtually designing your own. Go to McLaren where you can choose from a standard model, a luxury model, and a performance model.

Porsche Cayenne

When a company refers to the interior of the car as a “cockpit” you know you can expect a high tech, high performance vehicle. Running alongside of the BMW X7 Concept iPerformance is the Cayenne with a similar focus on merging new design and new technology. They have an improved brake disc coated with tungsten carbide that provides a more stable and responsive braking system. Perhaps the most important fact when compared to the other cars in this list is that it has a proven track record, having sold nearly 800,000 units to date. So this is an on-the-road car that already has established its MSRP. The low end starts at $62,500 and the high end is the price of a small house at more than $120,000.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

An auto show would not be an auto show without a presentation from Rolls Royce. This year’s entry is the Phantom. Since BMW now has ownership of the company, we expected to see some engineering and design changes while keeping the ahistorical, classic aura of the Rolls Royce. The Phantom has basically been rebuilt from the ground up, and BMW has described it as “the ultimate expression of the Rolls-Royce brand” maintaining the aforementioned aura. It is not shy on incorporating the latest driver assisted technologies, and its front end has been designed to include laser headlights. Yet while looking at it from the front end it is distinctively a Rolls Royce. The body’s all-new aluminum spaceframe has nothing BMW about it, and while it is lighter weight than its predecessor, much of that weight loss is lost to the slew of added new technology.

Devel Sixteen

OK, while no auto show would be complete without a Rolls Royce, no auto show would be complete without at least one futuristic race car. The Devel Sixteen is the star of the show, looking more like a Batmobile from the rear and the automobile version of a Stealth bomber from the side. Racy is not a word to be used with this model. It goes beyond racy as it packs a 5.000 horsepower engine in front. That comes to just under 300 miles an hour in real time speed. Obviously there are few countries that would allow this speed demon on their roads, so Devel decided to design Sixteen models that are a mere 2,000 and 1,000 horsepower. Even though this is classified as an experimental car, there are production models already available.

So this is a smorgasbord of the most amazing cars to be found at The Dubai International Motor Show. What is clear is that cars are becoming more of a life experience rather than just a way to get from point A to point B. As fuel prices continue their stable ways, the number of long road trips will continue to grow, and with the increased distances manufacturers of the top brand models are designing cars that are technologically advanced and exceed known levels of comfort for both the driver and its passengers.

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