Five Awesome Landmarks You Can Actually Invest In

New York

Being a driving force, a part of real historical events is spectacular, if you can pull it off. There are two significant issues with getting hands-on in major past events. First, they’re unpredictable. You never know when and where history will truly be made. Second, it tends to be messy, expensive, dangerous, or all three. Landmarks, on the other hand, are much safer to invest your time and money into. For the historians at heart who want a little piece of the action without directly trying to cause it, there are some outstanding investment properties you can get in on. Own your piece of history with these five awesome landmarks you can actually invest in.

1. The Gherkin

Who doesn’t want to own a piece of one of the most famous and seen buildings in London? Love it or hate it, The Gherkin located at 30 Saint Mary Axe, is one remarkable and memorable piece of architecture. At five hundred thousand square feet, The Gherkin is considered by some to be the most civilized skyscraper in the world. In addition to renting space inside, visitors take photos, shop, and eat at the many dining establishments within the landmark.

In our humble opinion, The Gherkin looks a bit like an incredibly high tech bullet spaceship that’s forty-one stories high. The incredible striped diamond pattern on the outside looks like a futuristic argyle pattern for the posh astronauts of an era that hasn’t happened yet. You’ll see this building in countless films and shows, as it’s one of the most familiar landmarks in all of London. Along with Big Ben, which you cannot invest in, The Gherkin is one of the architectural wonders of the UK.

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2. Madison Square Garden

When people visit New York, there are a small handful of universal must-see locations. Central Park, The Chrysler Building, and of course, Madison Square Garden are among the most trafficked and desirable places to visit. While you can’t own a piece of Central Park, Madison Square Garden is one investment option for the savvy New York-o-philes.

Intriguingly, the current iteration is the fourth building to bear the name. As times have changed, the city that never sleeps has moved on with them, creating ever-larger venues for the many highly lauded cultural events that take place there. Though the Garden is a multi-use indoor arena that has hosted numerous events over the years, it’s perhaps best known as the oldest major sports facility in NYC. Just three years ago, in 2016, the Garden was the second highest-grossing music venue on earth, right behind London’s O2 Arena.

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3. Churchill Downs

Known best for hosting the annual Kentucky Derby, Churchill Downs is a racetrack for thoroughbred horses. Just mentioning this landmark conjures images of women in fancy hats and jockeys astride their mounts. If you’re fond of equestrian events, or gambling, then this is the perfect chance to become part of the long history of this elite track. The Downs covers an astounding hundred and forty-seven acres of property, with most events seating around fifty thousand spectators. However, on the day of the Kentucky Derby, that number can easily triple.

The most memorable part of the landmark is the two spires atop the grandstand. However, the bronze statue commemorating Barbaro that sits out front is also quite impressive and lovely. More intriguing still is the long history of horse races and the recent addition of music events that have occurred at Churchill Downs. Anyone can pick up a ticket for the Derby, but to invest in this historic high society haunt, you need to put your money into Churchill Downs Inc. (CHDN).

4. The Empire State Building

Open to tourists every day of the year; the Empire State Building is one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Though it’s no longer the tallest building in the world, it held that record for over forty years. The incredible skyscraper is home to museum exhibits, shopping, and of course, the observation decks. The eighty-sixth, and hundred and second-floor observation decks play host to an astounding four million visitors each year.

The current US President, Donald Trump, has a personal history with the building. Even though he often claims to have owned it, he in fact never had more than a fifty percent stake in the ESB. After he bankrupted out of a billion dollars worth of debt for his casinos, condos, hotels, and airline, Trump made a deal with the daughter of Hideki Yokoi, a billionaire real estate investor who left the building to his daughter and her husband. Investing in the Empire State Realty Trust (ESRT) will make you a partial owner of the NYC icon.

5. International Commerce Centre

Perhaps not entirely as well known as it’s companions on this list, International Commerce Center in Hong Kong. This 484 m (1,588 ft) tall skyscraper was only just completed in 2010. In addition to housing some of the most influential financial institutions in the world, the ICC is also known for being unusually energy efficient, particularly for a skyscraper. The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong occupies floors 102-118.

Those three features alone, impressive though they are, would not have put it on this list. The ICC is also the home to the world’s highest bar. If you want to sip cocktails in the clouds, then this is a must-see for any world traveler. However, for world investors with interest in incredible landmarks, a small investment in Sun Hung Kai Properties (SUHJY.PK) will make you a partial owner in Hong Kongs’ International Commerce Centre.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, you can’t own a piece of the Great Pyramids or the Grand Canyon. The good news is that any one of these historic sites can become a part of your stock portfolio. Moreover, there are other investment opportunities from Epcot Center to Tokyo Midtown and First Canadian Place. A savvy investor with a keen eye for history and modern landmarks could quickly fill their portfolio with unique and memorable properties all over the globe. Which landmark property is on your wishlist?

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