Five Awesome Reasons for Starting a Business Podcast

When you can talk for a living, then life can be pretty great in 2018. Podcasts make serious money and there’s never been a better time than now to get on the bandwagon. With the chance to provide listeners with your business expertise, rub shoulders with some of your most respected peers or idols, and obviously the aforementioned monetary benefits, there are plenty of reasons for you and your business to jump into the podcast scene. However, before doing so, there is a small checklist to take note of first:

Do you have the following things?

  • Good radio voice
  • Technical know-how
  • Solid business acumen
  • Hour or two of free time each week
  • Desire to do something different

Then why haven’t you started a business podcast yet?

If you haven’t yet understood why podcasting is so lucrative, then it’s about time you did. In recent years, podcasts have exploded in popularity, and if you visit any office water cooler in the country, you’ll certainly find some employees discussing the latest episode of Serial, This American Life, or Hardcore History. Learning information via a podcast is the future, and here’s why you should be riding the wave now.

Share your business knowledge with the world

Any moment you dispense advice, all you hope is that someone listens. With a podcast, you’ll certainly start off slow, but if you’ve got the goods, then over a short amount of time, you’ll gain more listeners by the day. If you think you know the business game better than anyone, then let everyone know the best practices for setting up an ecommerce store, marketing your business, hiring staff, and much more. If you already have an online following, promoting your podcast via social media accounts and your own website – which hopefully you already have or are in the process of getting one – will be the easiest route. Plus, platforms like iTunes often rank podcasts in their own top 10 lists if they see something becoming popular.

The chance to learn something yourself

You might know a lot, but you can never stop learning. By interviewing guests on your podcast, you can not only give the listener some interesting content, but you could discover a thing or two about the business world. Entrepreneurs and businesspeople all have different paths, and finding out how everyone found success makes for a fascinating listen. Start off by interviewing people you know, and then you could reach out to those you respect. Who knows, maybe some will start messaging you for a chance to get on the podcast.

Earn extra money from advertising

Although advertisers will want to know how many subscribers and listeners you have before setting up a deal, they’ll jump at the opportunity to be mentioned in your podcast and get a link to their homepage in the description. Mattresses, sites for finding hotels, clothing, food… no matter what the business is, advertising on a podcast is commonplace nowadays. Often, this is in the form of a 2-minute spoken advert by the host, usually at the start or the middle of the show. Joe Rogen is one of the highest earning podcasters in the world right now, but it would take a while to reach his level!

They’re free to consume and easy to obtain

Who doesn’t love free things? Listeners are drawn to podcasts simply for the free content. Spotify, iTunes, or even sites like or all feature a wide range of podcasts, so finding one is incredibly stress-free. What’s more, friends love to share podcasts with one another (perhaps more so than they share articles), so sometimes word of mouth is the best form of marketing, and you don’t have to do anything.

They provoke discussion

Finally, starting a business podcast is awesome because you’ve got the opportunity to engage with your followers like never before. A real dialogue can be opened up, as fans can send in emails regarding questions they have, or even comment on something you said on a previous episode. This type of discussion or dialogue is not that easy to get anywhere else.

Still not convinced? Check out some of the best business podcasts available today and see if you can do something as good, if not better.

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