The Five Best Diaper Bags on the Market Today

Finding out that you’re expecting a child is one of life’s most exciting moments. It takes a lot of preparation in advance to ensure that you’re ready when the baby arrives. After delivery and a resting period, you’ll need to get out and about with your baby. A diaper bag is an absolute necessity for the first few years of your child’s life. The better bags provide enough room and compartments to efficiently pack everything that you’ll need for your baby when you’re away from home. You can even store some of your smaller accessories in the bag. We’ve taken a look at the top selling and most highly recommended diaper bags and are pleased to present the five best diaper bags on the market today for your consideration.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy

The Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy is a stylish designer diaper bag that sets the tone and a trend when you walk in the room in its gorgeous chenille fabric. It’s aesthetics are over the top, but looks alone do not make a great diaper bag. This bag comes fully equipped to handle tough changing jobs with a built-it pull-down changing cushion. The interior of the bag is exceptionally room for taking everything your baby will need on a daytime excursion. It’s lightweight with an empty weight of just 3 pounds and it comes with multiple carrying options. This is one of the more expensive diaper bags but it provides you with stylishness and a high level of functionality.

MB Krauss Fashion

The MB Krauss Fashion diaper bag isn’t a flashy accessory but it is both functional and stylish. There is plenty of space to pack baby’s clothing, extra changes, bibs, bottles, diapers and diaper wipes, a few toys and even a few of mom and dad’s necessities. It comes with multiple pockets for keeping all of baby’s thing organized and within easy access. A built in convertible changing pad is included. This bag is lightweight at just 2.8 pounds unfilled. It comes in a soft and attractive tweed fabric.

 HighSpeedDaddy Backpack

The HighSpeedDaddy backpack is really a baby’s diaper bag in disguise of a tactical backpack in beige or camouflage. It’s made of rugged materials and features a strong construction. It’s ideal for taking baby on the trails or to the market. This pack is large enough to carry everything that your baby will need on a day trip and it comes with with two built-n insulated bottle holders. The weight is just 3.1 pounds and it’s comfortable worn as a backpack. Finally the perfect solution for daddy’s who want to take their baby’s out and be fully prepared.

Bag Nation Backpack

Bag Nation has made a backpack that is also a baby’s diaper bag combined in one. It’s easy to carry in a backpack style so you have both hands free to push a stroller or carry your baby in your arms. This backpack is made of twill polyester and is resistant to water and spills. The material is durable and is made to hold up under heavy use It comes in a gender neutral design and is large enough to carry all of the supplies that your baby will need. it even has integrated stroller attachments built in so you don’t have to carry it everywhere you go. It features 14 multi-sized pockets to keep everything neatly organized and it weighs just 2.4 pounds prior to packing.

 Filberry Set

The Filberry Set is among the most highly rated diaper bags on the market today. It’s made of durable materials that hold up under frequent use, yet the back panel is padded for extra comfort. The stitches are sturdy and non-fraying and the shoulder straps are adjustable for comfortable carrying. This set is ideal whether you’re planning to go away for the weekend with baby or just take a short trip. It’s spacious and has plenty of room to pack all of the essentials that your baby will need. It comes with a center dividing zipper that allows you to separate this large bag into two units so you can have your partner share half the load. The pre-packed weight of this bag is 3.2 pounds.

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