The Five Best Foam Rollers on the Market Today

If you spend a lot of time at the gym, there is little doubt that you are familiar with sore muscles. You might even be using a foam roller in order to keep those sore muscles in check. However, you might be wondering if the particular foam roller you are using is really the best option or not. You may even be in a position where you have never used one in the past, but have been trying to decide whether or not to purchase one. Below is a list of the five best foam rollers on the market. If you end up using one of these, you’re likely to love the results, regardless if you have any experience using them in the past or not.

LuxFit Foam Roller

The most important thing you need to know about this particular foam roller is that it is made from high quality materials and it lasts for a long time, even when you use it several times a week. If you’ve ever used one of those foam rollers that starts falling apart the minute you begin using it, you know how important it is to have one that can take a little punishment without giving up the ghost. Another thing that really sets this one apart is the fact that it comes in several different sizes, four of them to be exact. This gives you the chance to customize your foam rolling experience so it fits your needs instead of forcing you to make do with whatever you already have. This piece of equipment also comes with a warranty that is good for three years, giving you added peace of mind. There’s one last thing about this one that makes it stand out from the crowd- it comes with an instructional DVD. If you’ve heard about the potential benefits of using a foam roller but you’ve never actually done it, this can prove to be invaluable.

TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller

This one is considerably smaller than the one listed above, but it is well constructed. In addition, its smaller size makes it easy to take on the road with you so you can use it when you’re on the go. This is one of the products that has been around for quite some time and many even consider it one of the first high quality foam rollers that ever hit the market. It’s so popular that it is frequently used by professional trainers and massage therapists. It also comes with a special link that you can use to watch instructional videos online.

ProSource High Density Foam Roller

This is an economical foam roller that is more than capable of getting the job done. Like most of the other foam rollers that made the list, this one is made of high quality materials that allow you to use it repeatedly without encountering any issues. It’s exceptionally lightweight and easy to use, giving you the relief from sore muscles you’ve been searching for. In addition, it’s widely available from most big box stores so you can pick one up whenever you want to without having to search high and low for one or being forced to order one and then wait for it to come in.

Gold’s Gym 18” Foam Roller

This is one of the original products of this type and it sort of got things rolling (no pun intended) for many of the more recent foam rollers that are being produced today. The fact that this one went into production when they weren’t even that popular and is still in production today should tell you a thing or two about its level of quality. This is good quality, no-frills foam roller that doesn’t look fancy or come with lots of bells and whistles, but it certainly is capable of performing at the highest level. In fact. It can do the job just as well as anything else on the market.

TriggerPoint GRID VIBE PLUS 4-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller

This is a foam roller, to be sure, but it’s also much more. Just as its name implies, it has not one, but four different massage settings. This takes your foam rolling experience to an entirely new level and it gives you the chance to see unparalleled results when it comes to handling sore muscles. You use the equipment in the exact same manner that you would any other foam roller. The difference is that you can also incorporate the massage feature into your routine. It’s like getting a daily massage as a reward for participating in a grueling workout.

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