The Five Best USB Car Chargers on the Market Today

Even if you try to avoid modern day technology in every conceivable fashion, there is an excellent chance that you need a USB car charger. Nearly everyone has a cell phone these days, even if you’re still hanging on to your old fashioned flip phone. There’s certainly nothing wrong with doing whatever makes you feel comfortable when it comes to technology, but it’s a matter of safety in order to make sure that your phone is charged at all times. Whether you need the most basic USB car charger on the market or you want something that’s got a little more technology entrusted to it, you can find one by reading through this list. Here, you will find the five best USB car chargers that are currently on the market. Choose whichever one fits your needs. You’re bound to be happy with almost anything on the list.

Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 USB Car Charger

You might think that when it comes to a USB car charger, there’s not really that much difference between one product in the next. In some cases, this might even prove to be a true statement. However, there are some things about this one that make it stand out. For most, it’s made by a company that knows how to make these types of products and they stand by it with a one-year warranty, something you’re not likely to find with most other products of this type. In addition, it has not one, but two, USB ports. If you’ve ever been frustrated because you had to unplug your smartphone in order to plug something else in, you’ll understand why this feature is so important.

Qualcomm QC3 Fast Charge USB Car Charger

If you think having the ability to charge two devices at one time out of a single charger is important, imagine what it would be like to be able to charge four devices. That’s exactly what you get with this particular item. Granted, not everybody has the need for a car charger that has four separate USB ports but if you just so happen to be one of those people that does need this type of thing, it can certainly make your life a lot easier. Imagine what it would be like to plug in your smartphone, your tablet, and maybe even an old school MP3 player all at once and still have a slot left open for your next, newest gadget.

Anker Roav – Viva Pro 2-Port USB Car Charger

When you first look at this one, you might notice that it looks a little bit different. For one thing, it lights up and that’s really cool but this USB car charger is a lot more unique than it looks. As a matter of fact, it has two different microphones that are built into it and it’s powered by Alexa. You can do practically anything you want with this device. Get directions to your destination, answer phone calls, and of course, ask general questions just like you would do with any Alexa device. It sort of takes your car into this century even if it was built 30 years ago, as the car charger itself plugs into any standard cigarette lighter.

Powerwerx Dual USB Car Charger

This is another device that you can use to power more than one device without scrambling to find separate power outlets in your automobile. These days, most modern cars have at least two such places to plug these devices into. If you use the same device in each one, you could conceivably charge four USB devices at once.

DP Audio USB Car Charger

If you really want to get a USB car charger but you’re on a serious budget, this is the product for you. It costs less than two dollars and it can be found at virtually any big box store so no matter where you are, you can grab one without having to go out of your way in order to do so. It only has one USB port but if the only thing you need to charge is your smartphone, that’s really all you need. It may not have all the fancy bells and whistles like some of the other products that have been discussed here but it does get the job done and it has reliable performance. It’s the perfect fit for anyone that needs a practical, reliable USB car charger and doesn’t want to pay upwards of $40 in order to get it.

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