Five Cybersecurity Companies to Watch for in 2017


We are living in an age in which we rely upon the cyber world for the majority of our transactions. Our finances are stored in banks and credit unions which are accessed frequently online for conducting banking transactions, transferring funds and making electronic deposits and payments. In addition, personal and sensitive information is stored in locations which are frequently accessed via electronic means.

Online ordering of goods and services as well as subscriptions take place in the cyber world. The increase of cyber attacks has multiplied exponentially in the last decade. Because of the popularity of online based activities, this is one of the most popular venues for hacking and other forms of attack. Thieves, spies, hackers and other types of deviants are after sensitive information for nefarious purposes.

It seems that as soon as a server is secured, they figure out how to bypass the security systems and worm their way in. This has created an increase in the need for advanced cybersecurity. There are dozens of cyber security companies springing up in response to the growing need. We’ve chosen the five to keep an eye on for 2017.

Here are some companies we’ve relied upon for years:

IBM Security

The IBM corporation is an IT security leader throughout the world and they offer a broad range of services including technologies to protect web applications, strategies for avoiding cyber attack, protection from threats, risk management and compliance. IBM is not a new player in the game of cyber security and they’re putting their years of experience and technological advances to use in thwarting the attempts of would be hackers. They offer Enterprise IT security solutions with a headquarters located in Waltham, Massachusetts.


Sera-Brynn is a firm offering cybersecurity , PCI and QSA which are committed to assisting clients in securing all associated computing environments while conforming to mandatory compliance requirements for industry and government. They offer cyber risk management of an advanced caliber. Their headquarters are located in Suffolk, Virginia.

Clearwater Compliance

Dedicated to clients in the health care industry, Clearwater Compliance offers Risk management and compliance services for assuring the safety of patients and improving care quality with extreme safeguarding of confidential data and the preservation of the integrity of PHI (Protected Health Care Information). Information privacy, security, information risk management and compliance programs are a part of the services that they provide. Their headquarters in located in Nashville, Tennessee.


Gigamon is a provider of data center and cloud security operations. Their services include the provision of an intelligent visibility fabric which is trademarked by Gigamon, serving as the architecture for enterprises, service providers and data centers worldwide. The company offers technology that empowers infrastructure architects, managers with pervasive and dynamic intelligent visibility of traffic across both virtual and physical environments while safeguarding against impact on stability and performance of the production networks being served. Their headquarters in located in Milpitas, California.


Rapid7 offers security data and analytics solutions that deliver insight and visibility to aid organizations in making informed decisions, in the creation of solid action plans and in monitoring progress while simplifying risk management and compliance. Their solutions are innovative yet simple and they offer free products which are frequently downloaded as open source programs with over two hundred thousand members within their community. Their headquarters are located in Boston, Massachusetts.

These are companies which have been well established in the cybersecurity industry. Now it’s time to turn to the five who are highlighted as offering excellence and innovations which are cost efficient and deliver an extra punch to would be cyber attackers. We see them as the main players in the evolution of cybersecurity protection of the future.

The five newer companies to watch for 2017


Root9B is a cybersecurity provider with a remarkable potential to rise to the top in the industry. Their workforce is made up of veterans in law enforcement and the military. These top notch professionals brought their extensive work histories with years of experience in the field of advanced technology. The company offers cybersecurity along with consultation services, operational support and training in advanced technology upon request. Their headquarters is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Herjavec Group

The Herjavec Group is a leader in information security services. The offer management of security services throughout the world and their Security Operations Center is PCI compliant using state of the art technology for risk management, compliance, incident response and networking. They provide services with certified security professionals working around the clock for the delivery of security services. Their goal is to assure that information is protected from cyber attack. Their headquarters is located in Toronto, Canada

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks specializes in threat detection and prevention. Their networks security platform offers key security functions with additionally includes filtering of IPS/IDS and URLs, firewall protection and advanced threat protection all rolled into one security platform. Because of the integrated design of their program,, security is increased over other legacy firewalls because the information is shared and analyzed across all disciplines of the operation for better communication and monitoring for threats. Their headquarters is located in Santa Clara, California.


Cisco security innovations is a company which provides network security and threat protection. Their services are geared towards protecting web and email services and in addition, they offer enabling of teleworking and mobility. Their products provide access policy and control, network security, email security, NGIPS, security management, advanced protection from malware and VPN and web security. Their corporate headquarters are located in San Jose, California.


Fortinet provides enterprise security solutions with protection of networks, data and users from the constantly evolving cyber threats. They achieved the status of being a global leader with high performing network security products which enable the integration and consolidation of business stand alone technologies without performance penalties. The solutions allow customers to branch their operations into new areas with greater opportunities and new technologies without risk to existing content and essential systems. Their headquarters are located in Sunnyvale, California.

These are the five newer companies offering cybersecurity solutions for private, corporate and organizational use. They cover the spectrum of needs represented globally for the enhancement of protection against cyber attack in all forms. Just as hackers are continually sophisticating their methods of attack and penetration, these companies are also evolving in their counter measures that help protect their clients from high level attackers. They are the companies to watch for efficiency and high performance over the coming year.

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