The Five Most Expensive Apps of 2017

There are about four million software programs in the Google and Apple app stores. These include games, weather apps, and productivity tools. The value of these apps cannot be overstated. Different apps offer different functionalities like artificial intelligence, interface design, and big data. Some are simple and are specifically designed for entertainment. In 2016, a number of these apps stood out for their exuberant price tags, and the app industry made almost $50 billion in gross revenue to actually overtake the music industry at $46 billion. This year, the trend seems to be getting accustomed to the new curve, and experts predict that the gross revenue from the app industry will reach $86 billion by 2020.

Here are the five most expensive apps of 2017.

Abu Moo Collection – $3,300

Despite a number of negative reviews from critics, Abu Moo collection has the most expensive apps in google play. The apps are simply designed to add a gem widget on your Android device’s background. And that’s it. The creator, Abu Moo, invites users to purchase the suite to simply brag about it to those who cannot afford it and probably never will. There are about six individual apps in the Abu Moo collection, each costing around $550. Their names are inspired by exorbitant gems and include: Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Black Diamond, Aquamarine, and Amethyst.

The app description basically calls to user’s egos with such questions as “Do you want to buy an expensive app simply because you can?” On the other hand, you can buy the app as a gift to your girlfriend. The description actually suggests that buying virtual jewelry is more thoughtful than a bouquet of flowers. In a nutshell, it is an app by the rich for the rich. So far, Emerald is the best grossing app from the collection with a 5-star rating by 2 buyers. It is followed closely by Ruby and Sapphire with one five-star rating each. My girlfriend would prefer real diamonds, but that’s just me.

CyberTuner – $1,488.98

CyberTuner was created by Reyburn Piano Service Inc. and was designed for professional piano players who possess basic piano tuning skills and personal tuning equipment. The app itself costs about $1,000 and comes with an annual CyberCare subscription of around $109 for updates. At this cost, you are probably wondering what the app can do as opposed to a standard tuner. According to the description, the app provides “clarity of functions” and “ease of use,” among others. In addition, it boasts aural quality tunings via direct matching of sampled partials, exactly like a concert aural tuner. Indeed, the app can ensure a piano is pitch-perfect, which can come in handy for professional players. But if you are not up to par with the basics, you are simply throwing your money in the ditch.

iVIP Black – $1,288.98

iVIP Black is popularly known as “The Millionaire App,” and rightfully so. It is an upscale membership card that gives you access to the luxurious world of the elite. But joining the exclusive club is easier said than done. Apart from the $1,200 premium price that comes with the app, you need to certify that you are a high net worth individual with assets or income of more than £1,000,000. However, the app has its own merits, including VIP treatment like “priority access” through iVIP’s international partners and “complimentary upgrades”. It also guarantees “unique privileges” like access to private jets, on-demand concierges, personal trainers, and personal styling, among others.

The iVIP Black app is quite appealing in the US, which has one of the largest group of millionaires in the world. If you are a well-to-do person with a lot of money on your hands, then this could be your chance to enjoy nothing but the best. Some would donate it or help the needy, but you only live once, right? Unfortunately, the app is not available in Google Play, due to the app store’s low price ceiling. You can purchase it on a corresponding app known as iVIP Red, but this is designed for lower-rung consumers and comes with less attractive privileges.

Mobile Cam Viewers Enterprise Basic Version – $428.98

One of the most expensive apps for monitoring and controlling your surveillance cameras from your Android or iPhone device, Mobile Cam Viewers Enterprise Basic Version is quite impressive. It was created by mobiDEOS and is available as a 7-day trial version in Google Play. The app description suggests that the app helps to develop business intelligence and peace of mind at all times by allowing you to keep an eye on your house, storage units, businesses, and stores. It comes with remote viewing capabilities via live feeds, alerts, and playbacks. It also guarantees privacy by encrypting your access information so that even the company’s engineers cannot view the stream.

Android users seem to have mixed feelings about the app. Some claim that it is user friendly and works as well as it is advertised, while others say that it did not meet their expectations and had to uninstall it. It has a general assessment of 3.7 on Google Play, but has not been rated on the Apple app store. This could be partly due to the high price tag associated with the app.

Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2 – $368.98

This app is basically a collection of five simple games created by Ubiquitous Maffin. For instance, Boingg is a typical pachinko machine that involves making a lot of noise. Once you win, you can trade your balls for virtual prizes. Wormz is an arcade/puzzle game in which you fight for food and space. Your character is a worm that runs around the arena looking for food pellets until it grows. The worm also drops bombs behind to block the other wormz.

Clown bop is a punching bag designed as a clown with the ability to fight back. Your work is to punch or fight the clown using your designated hero. Once you choose your opponent, the fight goes on to the knock out. Zooblz is an exciting puzzle game that involves spinning the blocks and matching the patterns. Finally, Beez and Bubbles involves using muffin guns and lasers to protect a misty bubble homeland against the horrific killer beez. It consists of 100 levels of antagonizing spiders, dragonflys, beez, and other bad guys that are impressively persistent.

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