The Five Most Expensive Desktop Computers of 2017

Desktop computers used to be big, bulky boxes that could dominate an entire counter let alone a desk. Their cables were often a tangled nest that collected dust and took hours to unravel once left alone for more than a few minutes. The computers that were considered normal and up to date only a decade ago are now considered outdated and obsolete, useful for learning tools by children and little more unless an absolute emergency hits and a pc of any make and model is needed.

Today the average PC can hold more than anything developed within the past ten to twenty years, and is so fast that a simple click can open a file quicker than a person can blink. With this new and improved technology however comes a hefty price tag, as the programming and additional apps and programs that are included in the package tend to cost a bit more. The inclusion of the desktop computer into the homes of so many has become exceedingly common and in some cases absolutely necessary. From school work to work at home moms and dads that enjoy the pleasure of being able to wake up and walk into their office, desktop computers are becoming more and more of an integral part of life. While the most expensive models aren’t always necessary, the extras they come with are quite tempting.

5. Vision Computers Velocity- $999

The cheapest of the PC’s on this list, the Velocity exists more for performance than aesthetics. It has the look of a desktop computer from nearly a decade before when sleek lines and swooping curves weren’t all the rage yet. Thankfully the snarl of cables running out of the back has been abolished, but beneath the simple, boxy veneer it is a wondrous machine that features a wide range of functions and a memory that is quite impressive. The 16 Gigabytes of RAM isn’t too shabby either, as it allows any user to store a large amount of information and run a number of programs without seizing up needlessly in midstream. It also possesses a few useful USB ports and an 8 channel audio system. This system is a good example of why it is more important to look for function over form sometimes.

4. Apple iMac MK452LL- $1,399

A little more pleasing to the eye, this model is given a very sleek look and a Retina 4K display that can allow the user to feel like they are in their favorite movie or game. It’s look is designed to impress and be as economical as possible at the same time. The wide screen is so mesmerizing that it has been seen to draw the casual observer in without fail, creating a pleasing effect that many viewers have professed to enjoy. The Intel i5 processor that runs the machine allows it to exist as one of the most efficient and capable pc’s on the market. The ant-reflective coating that has been added to the screen is also a nice touch that can add to the enjoyment, as cuts down quite a bit on any glare that might result from where it might sit.

3. HP ENVY 34-a010 – $1,466

The Envy has the absolute best wide curved screen available. With this feature it is possible to completely immerse yourself in the entertainment experience that is provided, be it movies or games. The experience offered by this pc is so awe-inspiring that many customers have already stated how it blew them away upon first glance. This impressive and stunningly crafted pc is specifically designed to captivate the user and impress them with its unrivaled splendor. Used with Windows 10 the lucky owner will be able to experience faster start-ups, a very familiar START menu that has been slightly upgraded, and a host of new ways to accomplish whatever task you need to get done. Whether it’s work or play, the Envy is the machine that can fully engage all your senses and keep you entertained or engaged.

2. Acer Predator AG6-710-70002 – $1,999

Thanks to its aggressive and seductive look, the Predator more than earns its name. This pc is an absolute dream for any gamer as it features a 2 TB system along with 256 GB SSD. There is also a NVIDIA GeForce graphics card and up to 4GB of video memory. Any gamer worth their controller knows how valuable such a system can be, and it’s no wonder that the price tag has been raised so high. This system won’t lag no matter how hard you push it. Gamer’s are actually invited to challenge this, and won’t be disappointed.

1. Alienware Area 51- $2,299

The Area 51 is a preferred pc whether you’re a gamer or a graphic designer. It has the right components to get the job done however you need it. It is also available in a wide variety of configurations to suit your every need and can come with two different combinations, each that features 2 TB. As pc’s go, this is a highly versatile system that can be made to adapt to any work need that you might come up with. The cost is rather high, but in regards to the services this pc will perform it is quite reasonable. If you want the best performance you must sometimes be willing to pay the high prices.


The price of computers goes up continually, as does the demand. Whenever a new piece of tech comes out people will flock to it, seeing the product as a new trend or something that they simply cannot live without. The options granted to the user by these new and improved pc’s however are hard to ignore. Considering that they are being continually upgraded and made to work more efficiently and even multi-task on a level that is unheard of until their release, it is not hard to imagine why the demand is so high.

The PC’s mentioned above are some of the most expensive for their class and model, but it is much more likely that computers that are heavily customized for private buyers range into an even greater price range.

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