Five Home Improvement Ideas Worth Investing In

This is a fundamental question that plagues anyone who has ever considered making home improvements. Which renovations are worth the money? There isn’t an easy answer. This is because what a potential buyer might be willing to shell out can depend on quite a few factors. That said, it’s critical to have at least a bit of an idea of what any improvements you make might be worth. Here’s a quick look at a few that might just be worth it.

1. Sauna

This is something that not every home will have and that makes it special. An infrared sauna is something that comes with a lifetime warranty, takes only an hour to install, uses little energy and features non-toxic materials, has low EMF emissions, and has a design that makes it easy to clean. It will also save money on trips to the spa or gym to use their sauna.

2. In the Garage

A garage has many benefits. It offers more security, can increase the value of your property, and give you somewhere to store your vehicle. A smart garage door opener will give you even more security because it comes with an app that will let you know when the door is opened and closed and who did it. You also have the ability to open or close the door regardless of where you are. Additionally, you can program it to open or close at certain times.

3. The Kitchen

When it comes to taking out a loan for home improvements, many people use the money to remodel or improve their kitchen. This is the area that many consider to be the heart and soul of a home. Because of this, updating it can really pay off. Just remember not to go overboard with it. The kitchen should never be made fancier than the neighborhood or the house itself. You might go with a fresh coat of paint, some energy efficient appliances, and maybe a new floor.

4. The Bathroom

If you only have a single bathroom in your home, you can always add another one. Take a peek at your underused spaces and extra rooms. Think about spaces like areas underneath stairs and closets. If you’re looking to add a full bath, you’ll need approximately 35 square feet. For a half bath, 18 square feet will suffice.

5. Windows

In today’s housing market, buyers tend to be on the lookout for windows that are energy efficient. If you aren’t planning on selling your home, you can still use them because they can save you money each year when it comes to costs related to heating and cooling. Energy efficient windows also get you a 10% tax credit for green energy, and who doesn’t need a bit of help with taxes?

Finally, don’t forget about basic updates like rewiring when needed, repainting, keeping the plumbing up to date, etc. These are smaller projects that will keep your home in great shape so that if you do ever make the decision to sell, your potential buyers will see a home that’s been well cared for.

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