Five Luxurious Road Trips to Enjoy in Switzerland

Have you ever thought about taking a road trip through Switzerland? This is easily one of the most interesting and luxurious ways that you can visit the country. It also gives you the chance to experience parts of Switzerland that you might not get to see if you were taking a tour as part of a larger group. When you choose to take a road trip through the country, you have the option to stop and explore the places that interest you the most. In addition, you can spend as much time as you want in a certain location, effectively exploring everything that area has to offer. Below are five of the most luxurious road trips you can take through the country of Switzerland. It’s important to know that these trips are also arguably among the best ones the country has to offer.

1. Bern

The first thing that you are going to notice when you take a road trip through this area is the natural beauty. It’s absolutely breathtaking, even to the point of making it hard to believe that you are actually there, right in the middle of everything. The luscious trees meet the beautiful, crystal blue water. In addition, there is plenty of old-school architecture mixed in. Everything works together to create a near-perfect situation, one that most people think they can only dream of in their mind.

2. Gruyeres

If you decide to take this trip, you can easily drive there from Bern. One of the first things that you are bound to notice is the quaint little village and the natural beauty of the area itself. This particular town was built more than 800 years ago and for the most part, it hasn’t really changed in appearances. This is absolutely astounding and it gives you a great glimpse into the history of the area. The area also gives you access to museums and delicious cuisine that is native to the region.

3. Lauterbrunnen

This picturesque area is one of the most beautiful countrysides that you will ever see. You have the mountains and beautiful green pastures that seem to go on forever. In addition, you can choose to do a lot of different things in the midst of your road trip in the area, all of which cater to the interests of various individuals. For example, you can also take a short train ride or even enjoy a cable car that takes you up to the top of the mountain. The choice is yours. If you never leave the car, you will still be enriched by the trip. If you do choose to explore some additional options, you will fall in love with the region that much more.

4. Lucerne

One of the things that you will notice right away about this area is the architecture. These buildings were created several hundred years ago and they are still standing up to the test of time. The area also incorporates a covered bridge that is the oldest in the country. All of this majestic architecture meets the water, and this is some of the clearest and most pristine water that you are ever likely to see. Being in this area truly makes you feel like you’ve been transported to an entirely different realm of existence, incorporating both luxury and awe.

5. Altdorf

This quaint little village exists far out into the Swiss countryside. The village speaks German almost exclusively and it gives you the opportunity to see things from an entirely different perspective. If you want to travel just a few miles further, you can even see where the storied Swiss Army Knife is produced.

All of these trips can enrich you in different ways. They are all luxurious in their own way, but every person will take something different from each location. The great thing is that you can start in Bern and then travel to each of these locations without ever leaving your car if that’s what you choose to do. Without a doubt, a road trip through this area can rejuvenate you and make you feel as though the years have lifted from you. If you haven’t experienced it for yourself, you really don’t know what you’re missing.

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