Five Luxury Gifts For People Who Love Adventure


It can be difficult to shop for people who are outdoor adventurers for two reasons: they seem to have just about everything, and they seem to have done just about everything. Gifting tickets for trips may not work with this crowd because it can be hard to tell just where they’ve gone and if the location that you pick will be exciting enough. The same goes for choosing certain types of outdoor gear — if they don’t already own it, there’s no telling if what you buy will hold up to their taste for adventure. The best route to take when giving gifts to outdoor lovers is to be practical while also aiming to impress. Here are five luxury gifts for your friends and family who live for adventure.

1. Breitling Chronomat GMT in Stainless Steel – $6,975


Any avid traveler or adventurer needs a reliable, great looking watch and the Breitling Chronomat GMT is just that. This is definitely a pricey gift, but the Breitling name carries weight, is known for its precision and accuracy among adventurers, and this is a gift your loved one will use for years to come. It’s also highly versatile and can be taken from a weekend backpacking trip back to the office with no problem. The look of the watch is a bit sporty, very handsome, and upscale. Get the stainless steel or black steel version of this watch, as those choices are more versatile and durable for those who spend a lot of time outside or enjoy sports.

2. Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka – $1,500


If you’re looking for gifts for the skier in your life, don’t bother getting skis or snow boots. Instead, go with this Canada Goose parka that will not only keep them warm while they’re hitting the slopes but will also keep them warm during the winter season. It looks fantastic and is both stylish and full of practical details. This particular coat, the Snow Mantra, has been called one of the warmest parkas in the world, so you can’t go wrong getting it if you happen to live in a place where the cold season gets harsh.

The parka contains fabrics that were tested in arctic conditions and have been proven to stay dry, which is ideal for skiers and winter sports fans. The white goose down filling, mid-thigh length, and removable fur ruff will make this parka become your loved one’s new favorite. It’s available in three colors: black, navy, and red. Go with black if you’re not sure whether your gift recipient will prefer the more vivid colors.

3. Polar Keo Power Pedals – $1,950


Ordinary bike pedals wouldn’t be that impressive a gift, but these are smart pedals and make excellent luxury gifts. The technology packed bike accessory truly does have it all, including Bluetooth capability and the ability to measure balance. While riding with these pedals, your gift recipient will get able to get readings related to her ride so she can adjust in real time. This is the perfect gift for any serious rider, or someone who likes biking and tech gadgets. While these pedals are plenty practical, more than anything it will be fun for your loved one to have a new way to enjoy cycling.

There are eight straight gauges incorporated into each pedal as well as transponders plugged into the spindles. This allows the pedals to measure force directly where the foot and pedal meet. If the person you’re buying a gift for already wears a Bluetooth headset while riding, this is an accessory that will truly come in handy. These are easy to install and excellent for competitive cyclists as well as those who are highly active casual athletes.

4. Oakley Elite C Six Sunglasses – $4,000


When these sunglasses first debuted many were shocked at their price tag, but there’s a reason why these cost so much. They’re crafted with extreme precision and are made of titanium and carbon fiber. That means they can stand up to outdoor sports and not break under pressure — the best luxury gifts are those that are well worth the money, and these glasses are.

What’s really nice about these glasses is that they’re very lightweight and come in at just 42 grams. Even the hinges and internal frame of the glasses are made of titanium, so you can rest assured that you’re giving a gift filled with top notch components that anyone will appreciate. Along with being well made, these sunglasses have excellent optics and will work well for everything from sailing to cycling and racing.

Best of all, perhaps, is the look of the Elite C Six. They’re sporty, modern, and sleek, all rolled into one package. In case you love the look of these but you’re not ready to splurge $4,000 on a single gift, Oakley also makes these glasses with an aluminum frame for $1,500.

5. Arc’teryx Field Jacket – $1,000


This jacket sort of looks like something you’d expect to see if a sleek spy film, and that’s because it’s as much about fashion and form as it is about function. It looks incredible, but what’s good about this gift is it can be worn while on adventures and also worn on the street. This is a good option if the person on your gift list is fashion conscious and wants to look good whether they’re out exploring or running errands.

Of course, some of the best parts of this jacket come down to its impeccable quality. It’s a waterproof accessory that also has the ability to keep the wearer warm. Being made of resilient fabrics means your gift recipient won’t have to worry about the jacket snagging or tearing, and it can take them from climbing expeditions to weekends on the trail. It’s also very comfortable to wear and was designed to move along with the body — if you’ve ever had to deal with a jacket that oddly sticks out while you’re trying to enjoy sports, you’ll know how invaluable a feature this is. For a classic look go with the black, medium blue, or deep green versions of the Arc’teryx Field Jacket when giving one as a gift.

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