Five Money Scams to Watch Out for on Craigslist Fargo

Craigslist Fargo is a booming site that allows people to post cars, trucks, RVs, card collections, event tickets and everything else you can imagine for sale or trade. Home rentals and for sale ads are also frequently posted. Occasionally, job or business opportunities also show up. One thing that most people who use Craigslist have in common is that they’re looking for a good deal and many satisfied users have walked away with just that. There are, however, the negative transactions that have taken place. Scammers have figured out that there are a lot of innocent and inexperienced buyers who look to Craigslist to find a good deal. More and more, buyers need to beware as new scams are appearing consistently. Here are five money scams that everyone needs to watch out for on Craigslist Fargo.

1. Secondary Market Scam

The secondary market scam on Craigslist Fargo surfaced about a year ago. It involves scammers email a seller asking them if they would be willing to accept a check for the item and then mail it out upon receipt of the payment. Sellers who agree to do this shortly receive the promised check in the mail, but it is written for hundreds, even thousands in some cases more than the agreed upon selling price of the item. The scammers tell the sellers to cash the checks and keep the amount agreed upon, plus shipping costs, then wire transfer the remaining amount back to them. The checks are fraudulent but banks will cash them, then discover later that they are no good. The seller is responsible for repaying every cent of the bad check owed the bank, plus returned check fees, and the scammer is long gone with your money.

2. Fargo Woman Victim of Craigslist Scam

Amber Lee posted a car that she owned for sale on Craigslist. She was a trusting lady who just wanted to sell her Dodge Charger. After posting the ad, she was contacted by a woman named Brenda Reynolds. The person wanted to purchase the car and agreed upon a price. Brenda said she would send a transfer to Lee’s PayPal account. Brenda sent a series of emails that seemed to confirm the transfer of $10,000 along with an additional $900 that Lee was to pay the driver for picking up the car from her. According to the scammer, Lee could only release the hold on her payment if she took $900 of her own cash to send to the driver. Lee didn’t doubt that this was true because the emails looked official enough. She followed through and sent the money, but the funds were never released. The bold scammer requested yet an additional $1,500 be paid for insurance and Lee saw the red flags waving. She contacted PayPal and received confirmation that she was being scammed. The scammer continued to send menacing emails with graphic language.

3. Fargo Couple victims of a home rental scam

Kenneth and Jayne Fuhrman answered a knock at their door and a man who was in his 30’s inquired about their home as a rental. He said that he was following up on an ad he had seen on Craigslist. Neither knew what he was talking about and they looked through the Craigslist ads and saw their home listed for rent. They had not placed this particular ad but it was identical to one that they placed to sell the home on a different site. The only differences were the rent and price and contact information. Their home was being used in a rental scam and the legitimate listing they placed had been hijacked. The realtor in charge of the sale of their property had received three calls inquiring about the property from people who were checking it out to see if it was legitimate.

4. Vehicle sale scams on Craigslist Fargo

There is a vehicle sale scam that is circulating through North Dakota and Minnesota. The Better Business Bureau has received multiple complaints and is warning everyone to beware. In this scam, a seller is recommending that buyers should use a third party to handle the transaction. The vehicles, RVs and trucks are listed for a price that is far below their values on Craigslist. Consumers reported that they remitted payment and never received the vehicles they purchased, nor has their payment been refunded. Phony addresses and out of state shippers are used to perpetuate the scam to make it seem legit to victims.

5. Fargo Woman Warns of Craigslist Rental Scam

A Fargo woman narrowly escaped becoming the victim of a rental scam that is posted as an ad on Craigslist. She followed up on an ad for a home for rent and the contact person told her that he and his family were going to Africa on a mission trip. He said that the first month’s rent and a security deposit were required totaling $1,000. He gave her an international phone number. Luckily she knew that a friend of hers was the owner of the property so she called to verify that he was really renting the home. She discovered that this wasn’t the case and that the house was for sale, not for rent. The owner also confirmed that he wasn’t planning a move to Africa. She narrowly escaped becoming the victim of a scam and reported it to the local law enforcement.

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