Five Money Scams to Watch Out for on Craigslist Jackson MS

Residents of Jackson MS have been using the classified ads on Craigslist for decades to list items that they have for sale. Buyers are also fond of the site because it’s a resource for finding used items such as appliances, furniture, electronics, cars, boats, campers and much more. Some home owners and realtors even post homes that they have for rent or for sale on the site. While the majority of transactions made on Craigslist have been mutually beneficial for both buyer and seller, there has recently been an increase in scam activity on the site. To give you a few examples of what we are talking about, here are five money scams on Craigslist Jackson that you really need to watch out for.

1. Fraudulent check scam on Craigslist

A Biloxi couple was arrested for a check scam that they were conducting through Craigslist. This scam appeared throughout Mississippi and neighboring states. The couple acquired the bank account numbers from innocent strangers and then they advertised a job opportunity on Craigslist to con other people into cashing the checks for them under the pretense that they were using them as payment for the work that they were doing. The couple was caught in a scam that left multiple victims out of their money.

2. Craigslist rental scam to leave family homeless

Recently a Jackson family responded to an ad that they saw on Craigslist. It was an advertisement for a rental home. They applied for the house and were approved to move in. They submitted the damage deposit and paid the rent, signing legal documents with a lawyers name on it for their rental agreement. They were shocked to find out that it had all been a scam. Someone had stolen pictures of the house that was listed for sale on another site and they had broken in and changed the locks to present the family with keys when they collected the money. This even was televised on a local news station to warn everyone about these terrible money scams.

3. Man caught in African Craigslist scam

A man was sent to prison for committing multiple Craigslist scams that placed ads to get money and goods that were then set to Nigeria and South Africa. There were several people involved in the scam that involved the acquisition of bank account information to steal money from people’s accounts. The con artists even had a counterfeit postage machine and they also printed counterfeit checks and money orders that they sent through their Craigslist scams. They robbed their victims of over $534,000 in all. The scam operation was initially reported by a woman from Mississippi who had been victimized by their Craigslist scam and it led to the arrest and conviction of at least one man that got 7 years in prison.

4. Vile Craigslist rental scam

A MS resident was in search for a house to rent when she came across an ad on Craigslist. She called to ask about the rental and was told by the woman that answered that she had inherited the home when her grandfather died. They were planning to move to California and wanted to rent the home before they left. She met the woman at the advertised property and toured the home. She liked it and made the deal to rent the home for $1,400. She signed the lease and gave them the cash. They gave her the keys to the home but when she went to move in they saw that someone was already living in the home. She soon discovered that the couple had taken her money and left the area. The grandfather wasn’t dead and he was still the legal renter of the home. She had been scammed out of her $1,400.

5. Personal Assistant scams on Craigslist

Law enforcement in the area is warning locals to watch out for personal assistant scams appearing on Craigslist. These scams usually offer payment in the form of a certified check which is sent in advance. The scammers tell you to deposit the check in your bank account, keep out your wages and then send the rest to somebody else via Western Union or some other type of instant funds transfer. The checks that they send are fake and within a few days the bank contacts you and holds you responsible for the entire amount including their fees. It’s hard o catch these scammer because the money is difficult if not impossible to trace.

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