Five Money Scams to Watch Out for on Craigslist Rockford

People who live in the Rockford area enjoy using Craigslist to post a variety of things that they have for sale. They post boats, motorhomes, cars, trucks, furniture, tools, books and more. Some private homeowners and real estate agents post homes for rent and for sale on the site. It’s also a place where pets are advertised as well as job opportunities. It’s a good site for finding reasonable deals on all of these items and most transactions go off without a hitch, but scammers have also discovered that this is a place where they can find victims to steal their money. Here are five money scams to watch out for on Craigslist Rockford.

1. Local authorities warn of fake check scam in the Rockford area

There is a scam that is being pulled on people who have ads posted to sell items on Craigslist. Sellers are contacted by persons who claim to be interested in buying an item that they have listed. They agree on a price and then make arrangements to send a check and have the item shipped. When the check arrives it is for the agreed on price and more. It’s usually about a thousand too much. The seller is instructed to cash the check at their bank and keep the agreed upon amount and then wire the rest to “shippers.” The so-called “shippers” are part of the scam. Within a few days of cashing the check, it bounces because it is a fake and the seller is responsible for making it good with the bank plus the associated fees.

2. Rental scams using real homes

Scammers have been posting a fake ad for a lovely 2 bedroom 2 bath condo with vaulted ceilings for rent. A local realtor brought this to everyone’s attention. The scammers stole real pictures and information from another site that lists the home for sale. They ask $800 per month for rent and ask interested parties to wire a deposit claiming they had to move to Tennessee. They tell them they can drive by the home and look at it. If they want it, the keys will be mailed to them after the deposit is received and then they can look on the inside. The realtor claims that several people have contacted her about the ad and they’re angry because some of them have been victimized after sending the money and no keys arrive.

3. Local woman’s home used in Craigslist rental scam

A Rockford woman is warning everybody to watch out for another rotten rental scam on Craigslist. She was shocked to find that a home that she owned was used to trick people out of their money on Craigslist. Photos and a description of the home were used along with the address that invited interested renters to drive by and take a look. They even look in the windows. The poster of the phony ad stole the information from another site. They give a sob story about being out of town. They also tell prospective enters to send the deposit and rent money through a wire transfer and that the keys will be mailed to them. It’s the same old trick with a different house and Rockford residents are learning that you should check everything out before you agree to deal with anyone who won’t meet with you face to face.

4. Rockford residents warned of a fake festival in Chicago

A scammer made bank from over 1,000 people who purchased tickets to a Chicago festival that he advertised on Craigslist. He sold the tickets for $75 each through money wire. Once the con artist receives the money then all contact stops. Thankfully, one of the victims was able to get his money back with the help of his bank. He had used his bank card but was also worried because the scammer had his credit card information. The Better Business Bureau has been receiving multiple complaints about this scam.

5. Craigslist scammer selling non-existent cars

An ad was posted on Craigslist advertising a 2000 Honda Accord EX for $1,350. A photo and description of the car are posted and when you contact them they respond in words which don’t make a lot of sense. They tell their victims that they are living in the UK but need to sell the car. They give instructions to wire the payment funds through online transfer or Western Union and say they will have the car shipped along with the keys. This is an old scam but it’s still in action. After receiving the money, the scammers break all contact and disappear. One savvy Craigslister played along to prove this was a scam but didn’t send any money.

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