Five Money Scams to Watch Out for on Craigslist Utica

As you probably already know, the scams that go on through Craigslist can be carbon copies of the same scams happening all over the country or they can be quite inventive. If you are in the area of Utica, New York, you might want to read through the list of the five most frequent scams that are listed below. Some of them are pretty routine and others sort of provide a new twist on things. If you want to learn even more, you can click on the link that’s attached to each story.

1. Why oh Why do People Keep Renting?

Good grief, why do people keep renting from ads they find on Craigslist? You would genuinely think that by now, everyone and their dog would be afraid to rent property that is advertised on the site. It never fails though, every time somebody posts an ad for a property rental with an insanely low rate, someone else jumps to get it. On one hand this is almost understandable, especially if you’ve been struggling to put the cash away to rent something. You might think that you’ve finally caught a break. In reality, you’re probably just handing over your hard-earned cash to someone who has absolutely no property for rent, and it’s highly unlikely that you will ever be able to get that money back.

2. Be Careful About Hiring People to Do Odd Jobs

In another twist involving a Craigslist ad, a man had placed said ad saying that he would do odd jobs in exchange for cash payments. Supposedly, he was willing to do things around the house such as cleaning up debris piles, doing yard work, and even completing a few things that could routinely be attributed to a handyman. As previously mentioned, he wanted to be paid in cash. He also had a tendency to make the argument that he wanted to be paid in advance, as he was afraid that he might not be paid for the work he had completed. That’s cute, because once he received payment, he would take off and never return.

3. The Same Scam as Above, but Bigger

This scam really does take someone with a lot of determination in order to pull it off. It’s similar to the scam discussed in the paragraph above in many ways, but it’s much more elaborate. In this version, it’s all about a guy that parades around making people think he is a bona fide contractor, only he’s not. Much like the handyman scam, he talks a good game. As such, he gets people to fork over their cash, expecting that the job they hired him for will be done right and completed on time. As you might have already guessed by now, he needed cash up front, too. And no, he never came back to finish his work, either.

4. More Scams Involving Apartments

This one is almost identical to all of the other rental scams that happen on the site. In this particular case, a person who was moving back to the area thought they had found an apartment for rent that would fit their needs. They ended up wiring $2,600 to the person who had placed the ad on Craigslist, only to find out far too late that it was all a scam. Unfortunately, they lost the full amount they wired, but they are using that painful lesson to warn others not to make the same mistake.

5. The Roommate Scam

The particular scam discussed in this story actually happened in Charlotte, but there have been numerous reports of a similar scam occurring in and Utica. If you’re looking for a roommate, you might want to be extra careful because the Craigslist scams have expanded into the realm of roommates as well. In short, you may not be getting an actual roommate, but instead someone who has no other intentions but to rob you out of your rent money. In this case, it really does pay to do your homework before you decide to share your home with someone you don’t really know.

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