Five of the Most Underrated U.S. Cities to Visit if You’re Not from the USA

The USA is home to some truly amazing places. You can spend weeks exploring everything New York and Los Angeles has to offer or you could rent an RV and travel to some of the great sites threaded throughout this brilliant country. However, there are a few cities which people initially may pass over. Here are five of them, and why we think you should give them a visit!

Sonoma, California

Think of the wine of California and you undoubtedly think of the Napa Valley. Sonoma is right next door and also offers some fantastic wine. While Napa can be full of tourists and on the expensive side, Sonoma is quieter and much better value for money. If you are a fan of Chardonnay or Pinot Noir, you are in exactly the right place!

New Orleans, Louisiana

You might think that New Orleans is one of the hotspots of America but it only received 11 million visitors in 2017 as opposed to the 62.8 million people who headed to New York City. With the historic French Quarter to explore and Bourbon Street offering a fantastic party all year round, you don’t need to come to Mardi Gras to have a good time here. Just apply for your ESTA visa USA and get ready to find an amazing new bolthole!

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Over 400 years old, this former Spanish colony is a stunning blend of Native American, Anglo-American, and Spanish cultures. The distinctive Pueblo-style architecture makes this place a joy to explore for any travellers. With art galleries and museums aplenty, and the chance to buy turquoise everywhere in the historic district, the authenticity of Santa Fe cannot be denied.

Buffalo, New York

Do you like New York City but think that it is just too big and busy? Head to its upstate neighbor Buffalo instead! Near the Canadian border and just a stone’s throw away from Niagara Falls, this former industrial boomtown is rising and becoming ever more popular. With some amazing eateries and plenty to explore, you should definitely consider it for a friendlier New York getaway than the Big Apple itself! For a truly memorable experience, you can even stay in a former 1870s asylum following the opening of Hotel Henry!

San Antonio, Texas

Most visitors to Texas head to Dallas, Austin or Houston, but we would like to make a case for San Antonio. If you love history, culture, or food, you should definitely head here for your holiday. Whether you are visiting the Alamo, the UNESCO site of the San Antonio Missions, or strolling along the River Walk in the Pearl District, you are sure to feel at peace and completely at home. This city has been dubbed “The American Venice” and you will soon know why.

These are just five of the amazing cities the States has to offer visitors and they are perfect proof that you don’t have to visit one of the big hubs to have an amazing time. If one of them has caught your eye, don’t hesitate and book your first trip there today!

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