Five Startups Who Made a Splash at CES 2017

The annual CES in Las Vegas is a gathering of companies, hopefuls and all who are interested in the latest trends and startups in technology. It’s an exciting time for tech professionals because this is the time to get your products and services out there and additionally, to network with like minds. The 2017 CES gathering yielded over 150,000 people with 3800 companies exhibiting their goods. Along with some exciting new ideas and breakout products, some fairly remarkable new startups showcased what they’re currently working on.

Although there were thousands present, five of them made a definite impact at this year’s event. Although currently, not as well known as some of the larger corporations such as Amazon, Audi and the more prolific and established companies, they are just embarking on their new ventures and the exhibits were rich with fertile minds and advancements in technology. We’re going to take a closer look at these amazing new companies to see what we have to look forward to in the near future.

Hanson Robotics Ltd.

This company was founded by its current CEO David Hanson. It was one of the highlighted new startups at the event. They do sell a replica bust of Albert Einstein for about $300, but the cool likeness is not the major selling point of the item. It is actually a social robot which relies upon artificial intelligence. This type of human robot interaction is at the center of the company’s focus. They are making preparation for the current interest and anticipated surge in AI focused robots.

They will have the capability for displaying expressions similar to those of humans via the use of sensors and voice recognition interfaces. The company is currently using the prototype as a model for a more scaled back version which are to be produced and marketed in late spring of 2017. Their goal is to manufacture and deliver fifty thousand of them in the first production run. The robots will be made available in several major retail outlets.

2. Ewaybot Technology

This company made a big impression at the CES event with a life sized robotic assistant that is programmed to help around the house. Ewaybot Technology is a new startup company based out of China and was founded in 2015. Their latest endeavor is the MoRo. The prototype is configured like a human in shape and form and it comes with a battery that lasts for eight hours in between charges. it has the capability of grasping items as well as moving its shoulders up and down.

It operates through the use of hybrid sensors and is designed to perform academic research, education, business activities and chores around the home. This is truly one fully rounded robot. The cost will be in the neighborhood of thirty thousand dollars if you want to own one yourself.

Intuition Robotics

Dor Skuler is the founder and CEO of the San Francisco based company. Their focus is upon developing technologies that will help elderly adults with mobility issues. Their latest creation is ElliQ,which is a robot that is designed to promote physical and social activity in elderly users. The prototype is designed in the form of a female with AI capabilities that allow communication and interactions with humans.

The intuitive program allows ElliQ to larn the preferences, habits and personalities of its user. In turn, the robot will talk with, recommend going for a walk,or encourage the user to interact with friends and family members via social media in an online platform. This new technology holds great promise for being a useful tool for easing loneliness in older adults. Studies have shown that this type of interaction may be beneficial for improving mood and health.

Emma Yann Zhang

The Kissenger device is a new haptic form of technology that is designed to enhance intimacy in long distance relationships. It allows for deeper and more effective communications when a user cannot be with loved ones and wants to maintain some level of intimacy. The device workds through a complex network of sensors and it allow for haptic communications between users. Using the Kissenger, you can now give your loved one a good night kiss with many of the associated sensations.

It is a two way mobile messenger that allows two people to share a kiss. Zhang is currently working on the device as a part of her PhD project. She is conducting further studies into how the device affects people on both physical and emotional levels. The work is taking place in Adrian Cheok labs at the City University in London. We don’t yet have any word on when the device will appear for retail sale.

Hease Robotics

This new startup company is based in France. Their focus is to use robotics and IA technology to create a robot with a humanoid form that has the capability for social interactions with humans. They goal is to produce robots which are service oriented. Their prototype has the capacity for connecting to a cloud platform for a large variety of task potentials. Jade Le Maitre is the co-founder and current Chief Technology Officer of the company. She is among the few leaders at the convention who are female. The company also partners with Atos and some others. In addition to robotics, Hease is conducting research and development in the areas of autonomous navigation, vision and payments. They are currently looking for partners who can help them to reach their research, development and production goals which are not yet being shared with the world.

Final Thoughts

These are five of the best new startups appearing at CES 2017. It seems that there is a lot of focus on Artificial Intelligence and robotics these days. Each company highlighted here has their own bend on the areas that they are taking their tech development and each has something positively unique to offer the world. We’re looking forward to hearing some amazing reviews regarding the five top startups who made a good overall impression at the gathering.

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