The Top Five Stock Picks Targeted at Climate Change


Over time many places are seeing increases in weather, and the four seasons are disappearing in others. We are seeing more natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes. Sadly, many cities are experiencing devastation we haven’t seen before. According to NASA, other than the Earth’s distance from the sun and other natural disasters, climate change is being affected by the number of people on the planet and its activities. Driving cars puts gas into the air causing temperatures to change. Over the next hundred years, many places will continue to get hotter. Over time, the damage we do to the Earth will affect the global economy. More companies need to work towards measures that will help manage these likelihoods if we don’t begin to work towards being carbon neutral. Besides the usual suggestions to conserve water and energy, you can also invest in stocks that target climate change. When you invest in these stocks, you fund Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). These companies have been researching more ways to help the planet combat these issues. Suppose you want to build a portfolio that centers on stocks that help the environment. In that case, some of the best bets include companies that focus on manufacturing and devising products working towards answers to eliminate emissions. Another option is solar technology, which is constantly expanding vertically. There are numerous options to look at and plenty of research to study. Many companies are have already implemented a go green timeline and will be looking towards companies like these to help combat the growing climate crisis. These are the top five stock picks targeted at climate change

5. Tesla

A group of engineers founded the company in 2003 with a single mission; people didn’t need to give up their favorite things about vehicles to switch to electric. Today, Telsa builds affordable cars and promotes clean energy production, including electric cars, batteries, and renewable energy. According to CNBC, Executive Chairman Jim Counter feels that Tesla is the AOL of electric vehicles, leading to a more sustainable future. There are several reasons to invest in Tesla. In October 2020, the company produced 139000 vehicles which were 30000 more than projected. They produce cars, have many other products, including supercharger stations and self-driving hardware and software.

4. Blink Charging

Their mission statement is about making electric vehicle charging accessible. According to their website, they have an extensive network of charging stations and are consistently growing to accommodate more people who choose to go electric. Moreover, they are working with property owners and other businesses to install more stations and create accessibility. They have been working towards the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions since 2009. One of the reasons to invest in Blink is that they are adding charging stations across the country for longer trips and eliminating the need to stop at gas stations if you are driving a hybrid vehicle. They are also targeting some larger venues like stadiums and other long-term parking places. The company is now part of the Russell 2000 index, which will increase the value of the stock. Moreover, people trading their vehicles for electric cars is on the rise.

3. Orsted

This company operates wind farms, solar farms, energy storage facilities, and bioenergy plants. According to their website, globally, they are the most sustainable company according to Corporate Knights 2021 index. They are also one of the leaders for action in the war on climate change. Orsted has several lofty goals. They want their company to be carbon neutral by 2025 and the world to be carbon neutral by 2040. This stock has quadrupled in the last year. Additionally, they are transparent about everything in their company and their journey to becoming carbon neutral. Moreover, the stock trades at higher prices than leading competitors. The stock has risen almost 50% each year since being available for public trade.

2. iShares Global Clean Energy EFT

iShares has led the way in exchange-traded funds since 1997, a 4 trillion dollar industry. They have many different options and resources on their website to help the new investors but using this company gives the investor access to many other companies that produce energy from solar and wind, amongst other green energy. Their options are targeted globally with an entire sector view. Moreover, they are always on top of companies working in the green sector.

1. Bloom Energy

The CEO and founder of Bloom KR Sridhar was part of NASA’s Mars Exploration program. He built the company around products like a fuel cell which produces air and fuel using a solar panel. He hopes this will help our life on Mars. However, as the company progressed, they realized that this technology could benefit climate change on Earth by lowering carbon emission and helping us bounce back from all the damage we’ve caused the planet. This is an outstanding stock to invest in because the company’s full performance is at 201.90%, according to invest chronicle. The company’s model of using biogas without burning fuel and the capability to use the fuel cells for ecologically sustaining resources like solar and wind are more flexible than hydrogen fuel cells.


Adding stocks that increase the value of your portfolio is essential, both for stocks you hold and ones you trade a short time after you purchase them. A lot of people are trying to neutralize their carbon footprint to help our planet. It’s only natural that the same people who turn off their water, recycle, and eat locally would want to build a profile of sustainable stocks. Before investing in stocks, it’s best to do extensive homework and look at the goals for your portfolio and whether you are looking at short or long-term investments. However, choosing these stocks will help you feel good about smart financial decisions and that you are helping the planet while you are helping your wallet and portfolio.

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