Five Up and Coming Companies from the 2016 NAB Show

NAB Show

Located at the Las Vegas Convention Center from April 18th through April 21st, 2016, the NAB Show is an annual trade show created by the National Association of Broadcasters. With the tagline, “Where Content Comes to Life,” the show features cutting-edge technologies and dynamic innovation that shatters the boundaries of regular content. Attendees of the show represent all industry sectors such as Academia, Advertising, Augmented Reality, Military, Post-Production, Entertainment, House of Worship, Live Events, IT, Online Video, Security, and Sports. Each year, there are multiple technologies companies who are recognized at the 2016 NAB Show for their excellence in innovation.  In 2016, the top five up and coming companies included:

Blue Frame Technology


As a new company to the industry, Blue Frame Technology has entered the marketplace with proven technology formerly under, NJCAATV and Team1Sports digital television networks. Combined, these platforms have provided over 100,000 broadcasts via television and other types of media outlets. The goal of Blue Frame Technology is to offer high-quality, cost-effective and easy-to-use live streaming products for the sports industry as well as the live streaming community.

Founded by Volar Video employees who boast extensive experience with video streaming solutions, Blue Frame Technology offers two products, Production Truck and the Streaming Service.

Production Truck

Production Truck is a high definition video streaming platform that allows users to monetize their content using burned-in advertisements or Google DFP. The platform boasts an extensive amount of graphics and transitions that are highly customizable. Other features include, instant replay, SDI output, RTSP audio input, archive of live broadcasts and picture-in-picture technology.

Streaming Service

Blue Frame Technology’s Streaming Service is also available in high definition and comes with the pro version of Production Truck as well as DVR, slow motion, multi-bitrate switching, dynamic mid-roll ad insertion, API’s, mobile SDK’s and revenue share pay-per-view and subscription services.



Hearken is different type of company on this list in that they deliver an audience-driven platform that allows journalists to collaborate with the public in an effort to develop relevant and higher performing stories. Hearken’s custom technology platform will help to cultivate and manage audience engagement. No longer will journalists lose valuable story input from the audience flipping through endless Twitter feeds or while tucked away in the corner of Facebook.

The platform was developed using responsible, embedded modules to cultivate audience engagement using a streamlined backend that is easy-to-use for producers and reporters alike. There are several stock modules embedded in the platform such as voting, curiosity and contact information gathering modules. Also, users have the ability to customize any modules or create their own. With simple tools, users can configure a standalone site to hold these modules or host stories produced from within the platform.

The administrative backend is easy-to-use and created for multiple logins from different journalists. The entire toolset has been optimized for cross-platform usage on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Other features include, finding and managing the best questions within the reporting structure, creating opportunities for engagement, embeddable question prompts, the ability for users to find stories they want and email exporting.



Another up-and-coming company is KlowdTV which delivers a live streaming, subscription-based platform that is compatible with desktop computers as well as mobile devices and Google Chromecast, AppleTV and Roku. All programming is fully-licensed for distribution in the United States and includes outdoor and sports programming. One of the best aspects of KlowdTV is that there is no contract needed to sign up for the streaming service.

Features of the service include, DVR, stream programming directly onto your television, desktop, mobile device or table using one their apps and the ability to select entire packages or individual channels. There are no mandatory basic packages that the cable companies require. This saves the consumer money and provides them with only the channels they want.



This fun new company at the 2016 NAB Show developed a platform that aids advertisers in improving return with online advertising by reaching their target market using the right message at the right time. With a tagline, “Recapture TV Audience Attention,” TVadSync helps advertisers utilize the multitasking behaviors of the 21st century to retarget their consumers using cross device advertising. This is an innovative platform because it allows advertisers to target exactly what their potential online consumers wish to view or not view.

The platform also features extensive data information and reporting through real-time processing from hundreds of broadcast TV channels and the millions of televisions connected to them. Advertisers can learn where and when certain programs or commercials are viewed. The platform also allows for the data to create insight into what is viewed and exactly what that means from a consumer behavior standpoint. Finally, TVadSync actives these consumer insights to allow advertisers to optimize online advertising campaigns utilizing the precise targeting learned through television viewing. This platform will revolutionize the way advertisers target their consumers.



Finally, VizSense has developed a platform that tracks all content while measuring social movement to deliver interactive visuals that identify and engage credible voices, key influencers and super fans from within a specific industry. On a daily basis, key influencers alter the trajectory of different types of brands. VizSense analyst’s partner with their client’s marketing teams to create an influencer strategy and develop a campaign around that strategy utilizing smart data.

VizSense’s powerful platform is integrated with a variety of tools to provide credible sources on Internet influencers. In addition to their methodology, which was developed during the 1940’s, VizSense offers world class training and operational excellence in the marketplace as well as in the boardroom to help improve and target marketing strategies which provides an excellent return on investment. The platform was designed using the principles of neurocognitive science and vision to allow trained users to comprehend and leverage the social media ecosystem from their influencer data.

Each of these technologies are data-driven and were developed to ease in the end-user experience. With these platforms being developed using science-based technology over many years, these are the biggest surprises to the 2016 NAB Show due to their innovative software.

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