Five Watches That Made Serious Buzz in 2017

2017 is gone and we are left with some of the memories that changed the way we lived. If you are a watch enthusiast, then quality and unique watches are definitely part of those cherished memories from 2017. Some were innovative, other controversial, while others were simply loved or unexpected. While the list isn’t exhaustive, it will definitely help to rekindle those memories. Overall, watches have now changed from simply tools that help us to keep track of time, to objects that help us to make a statement about our fashion tastes, and quality lifestyles. In this article, we are going to look at the Five Watches That Made Serious Buzz in 2017.

Rolex Sea-Dweller 126600

As part of its 50th anniversary of the model, Rolex created the model with a red text on the dial. The actual text that is in red is “Sea-Dweller.” However, the ref. 126600 was 43mm in size, which was done deliberately to make this 2017 version look different from the previous model. The outcome was the case, bracelet, hands, bezel, and indexes looked larger, although the proportions were maintained. While that change in appearance attracted praise and criticism in equal measures, the part that caused a real storm was the Cyclops.

That’s because historically, the Rolex watched didn’t have a date magnifier. That’s because the Sea-Dweller watches had to be designed to withstand high pressures, and they didn’t have the technology to do it for diving watches. Now they do and they have introduced the Cyclops design in the DeepSea watches, where the date window now has a magnification. While that may have seemed like a breakthrough achievement, many fans didn’t see it that way, at least that’s what we gathered from the buzz that ensued after its launch.

The Zenith Defy Lab

Zenith created a revolutionary watch that showed ingenuity in the materials used as well the radical change from the traditional watch movement design. It created a new regulating organ that deviates from the invention of Christiaan Huygens in 1675. The Hugens design relies on a lever escapement system that includes a balance when, balance spring, and escapement combination. The new system makes use of a silicon monolithic oscillator.

The ZO 342 oscillator has a frequency of 15 Hz, amplitude of +/- 6 degrees, which sharply contrast with 300 degrees of a standard balance wheel. Moreover, it has an accuracy of 0.3 seconds per day, thanks to the size of the oscillator and use of silicon. The two features make the oscillator resistant to changes in gravity, temperature, and magnetic field changes, which are the main causes of inaccuracies in traditional watches. Most important, the whole concept is simple, which is why it received such a positive review from expert watch designers.

The Tudor Black Bay Chrono

The Black Bay from Tudor elicited mixed reactions from its combination of different vintage, chronograph, and diving elements that weren’t to everybody’s taste. However, what really stood out from this watch was technology behind its movement. Tudor and Breitling joined forces to create watches that were truly masterpieces, where “The Shield” uses the BO1, and Tudor’s 3-hand movement is used in “The Flying B.” The Tudor and Breitling corroboration will lead to production of quality and reliable watches, while keeping the cost of R&D down. Overall, that will mean better prices for consumers in 2018 and beyond.

Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic

The Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic made a name for itself after breaking the record for being the slimmest watch, a record that was previously held by Piaget. It has a movement that measures only 2.23mm thick, against Piaget’s 2.35mm, which is a great a achievement for a brand that dived into the design of slim movement about 10 years ago. The overall case slimness for this watch is 5.15mm. Furthermore, it didn’t just pursue thinness, the Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic is also elegant, sporty, angular, and bold. Unfortunately for Bulgari, Piaget reacted by producing the thinnest automatic, the Altiplano Ultimate 910P, about 8 months later, which measured 4.30mm.

Omega 60th Anniversary

As you would have expected, Omega had something of its ardent fans in 2017. Since it was the 60th anniversary of the Omega Trilogy, which comprised of the Railmaster, Speedmaster, and Seamaster, Omega decided to celebrate them by faithfully recreating their original designs. Only a few details differed from the original versions. To achieve a high level of accuracy, they used a digital scanning technology to get accurate representations of the original watches. The result was the watches were well appreciated by majority of collectors, which led to the Speedometer selling almost in a wink while the others two sold out shortly afterwards.

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