Five Ziplines Around The World You Have To Try Once

If you have the courage to try out gliding at those thrilling heights, there are many ziplines across the world that can satisfy your desire to explore. There are lines with the range of up to 100 feet or more than a mile that are designed specifically for the fun, and most of these are found in destinations you might say are prime spots for tourists. They allow you to cruise at speeds above 70 mph and the thrill is amazing as you cut through the air at those high speeds. If you are looking for several of such locations across the world, here are five that you should try out at least once.

Icy Strait Point, Alaska

Icy Strait Point is among few places that have some of the most amazing ziplines across the world. This is a common spot for cruise shops who tour the region and most of them have said this is the largest zipline they have ever encountered, and indeed, it is a formidable ride that calls for some bit of courage to endure the entire stretch. It runs more than a mile and has a 1,300-foot vertical drop that takes you through a 90-second ride. It has six slots, so every take-off goes with six riders simultaneously on the parallel lines. They race to the bottom of the setup where speed is minimal to allow them to get off. The average speed offered is 60 mph with a record of 82.

Arenal Volcano Park

While in Costa Rica, you should try out the Arenal Volcano Park ziplines, but if you know something about Mt. Saint Helens’ eruptions, you might consider staying off this zipline because in the almost 2-mile ride, you are taken through jungles above Arena Lake and finally past the Arena Volcano. The volcano erupted for the last time in 1984 but is still active to date. However, don’t fret too much as the situation around is constantly monitored to ensure there are no risks when people are using the zipline. It’s one of the most thrilling cruises you will encounter and this gives you a view of the beautiful peaks of the Arena volcano.

Whistler, British Columbia

You don’t need to wait for summer to enjoy the zipline experience while in British Columbia; the Whistler ziplines are an ideal spot to help you enjoy the experience. This is a famous zipline that also hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics Games. It is open year round and views while on the ride change depending on the season. When you make a trip during winter, you will cruise through a snow-covered old-growth forest that also has frozen creeks. On the summer season, the ride gets you through a transformed forest as the snow is usually gone. This zipline offers five lines that stretch from 200 to 100 feet, and this includes the “freestyle” line that lets users cruise while hanging upside down.

Simatai, China

While many ziplines give you the beautiful views of nature, only a few are located near one of the seven wonders. But when you choose the Simatai zipline in China, you will enjoy the views of a modern wonder, the Great Wall of China. To get to the zipline, you have to climb up the wall and once you are done, you are able to enjoy some views of the Simatai side of the wall, which has 35 watch towers as well as beautiful architecture that dates back to the 6th century. To get back, you can choose to travel using the zipline which will take you over the Mandarin Duck Lake, and this offers you a marvelous view of the Great Wall and mountains that stand over it.

Sun City, SA

South Africa also has a great zipline, the Sun City, which is claimed to be the biggest with a ride spanning 6500 feet. This can only be compared to the one in Alaska that runs through a stretch of 5,330. The differences noted are about speed, in which case the Sun City loses to the Gravity Canyon in New Zealand that offers up to 93 mph. Watch as the grasslands unfold at a distance of 1,000 feet below you while flying across the zipline. It indeed offers you adorable views but only the courageous will fully enjoy all this.

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