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Would You Buy a Laundry Folding Robot? Check out Foldimate

For most people, laundry isn’t exactly a chore they look forward to. This is especially true of someone who’s responsible for the laundry of a large family. Finding the time to do laundry is one chief complaint, not to mention that laundry can be a monotonous, tedious job, folding one piece of clothing after the other and trying to make sure they all look neat and tidy. Ask yourself; how many times have you wished there was someone, or some “thing,” could fold your laundry for you so that you had the time to do the things you’d rather be doing?

Probably a lot. Well, now there is help with your laundry load. FoldiMate has taken innovation to a new level and has created one of the most helpful household gadgets that mothers and fathers everywhere will fall in love with and claim to be a must-have item in their homes. Especially homes of large families. FoldiMate folds your clothes for you, and in a fraction of the time it would take you.

About the company

FoldiMate is a fairly new home-based business based in Foster City, CA. The company started with Gal Rozo as founder and CEO. Gal has 18 years of experience in product management and technology innovation. Debbie Cohen-Abravanel operates as CMO and has 16 years of experience in product marketing and business development. Alon Naim is head of R&D, with 17 years in product development and engineering leadership. Together, they formed and run FoldiMate, a company that wanted to see their idea for helping people everywhere get a handle on their laundry.

FoldiMate was certain they could help families do away with that one tedious job no one wants – the job that takes so much time away from their families – folding clothes. That’s where FoldiMate’s innovative home robot, known as FoldiMate, comes in. This machine has proven to do just that, relieve you of ever having to fold laundry again and it is already creating quite a buzz since its debut at the big-tech trade show, CES 2017, in Las Vegas, NV.

FoldiMate – The laundry folding robot

FoldiMate was designed to be a machine that serves one purpose; take over your loads of laundry after the washing and drying is done. Once you’ve washed and dried them, it’s FoldiMate’s turn. FoldiMate works in a unique way. The team at FoldiMate used innovative technology to create a machine that pulls your clothing items in, folds them, and sends them out stacked and ready to be put away. Here’s how it works:

  • Clip on – Manually clip your clothing to the hanging slots on the outside of the machine. You can clip both sides of the garment simultaneously.
  • Pulls them in – The machine pulls the clothing items in and lays them on top of a board. It then presses and steams the item. It does not iron it professionally to remove every wrinkle or put creases in the items, but steams to help de-wrinkle.
  • Sanitize and freshen – Sanitizes and freshens each item when it lightly sprays the clothing items with freshener.
  • Folded – Each item is precisely folded using the patented technology, mechanical system inside for folding the clothes.
  • Slides them out – When the tray is full, the machine slides the tray full of folded clothing items out for you to remove and put away. You can have another load clipped on front and ready to go.

The FoldiMate machine is designed to fold most clothing items. The most common laundry garments it can fold are pants, shirts, shorts, towels and even pillow cases. It cannot fold large items, such as sheets, big bulky blankets and other large linens. It also cannot fold small items like socks and underwear.


  • Simple to operate – Although technically a robot, this machine is so simple anyone, including your kids can help out with the little bit of effort it takes to operate it. They’ll have fun clipping the clothes to the machine, then waiting for FoldiMate to do its magic before it spits out the same clothes, but now in a neatly stacked and pressed order.
  • Neatly folded – Now your clothes can look professionally cared for without the expense of a professional service. Your clothes will consistently look neatly pressed and folded when they’re sent into the FoldiMate after washing.
  • De-Wrinkling – When your clothes are whisked into the machine, FoldiMate treats each piece with steam to de-wrinkle it so it comes out crisp.
  • Treatment – Give your clothing items the whole treatment with steam, pressing and give it a fresh scent if you choose. Your garments will look and smell great!
  • Cost and time saver – The time you spend away from your family folding laundry will no longer be an issue. Your family time is valuable and now you can put that time to better use. You’ll also save on cleaning bills if you are one who spends money on professional cleaners to get that crisp, pressed, or extra fresh scent for your garments. Now you can get that all in one machine in your own home and start saving on cleaning bills.

Machine Specs

  • Size – 28”x32”x31”
  • Weight – 66 lbs
  • SpeedClip clothes – 5 secs; Folds clothes – 10 secs per item; De-wrinkles – 20-30 secs per item
  • CostFoldiMate Family - $ 700-$850; De-wrinkling - $200-$300; Capsules - $15-$40
  • Power – Standard 110-240 Volts

FoldiMate is the newest technology innovations in the helpful-home products arena that is guaranteed to make life easier, especially for moms. Although the unveiling has been made at the Big Tech Trade Show, the he machine is still in prototype mode but pre-orders on it have already begun. Showing the FoldiMate at the tech show and all the promotions this machine is getting, it is sure to be in high-demand so FoldiMate is telling their following, if you want to be sure you get one at the time of release, which they expect the launch date to be late this year, 2017, it's recommended that you place your pre-order as soon as possible.

FoldiMate has already won several awards for their innovative designs. Some of the awards they have won include the Start Up World Award, CES Innovation Award as well as an Edison Awards Nominee.

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