Four Stocks That Have Recent Double Digit Dividend Growth

Investors use their money to make more money, and they often lose sleep when they invest in unstable and risky markets. The possibility of losing money in negative profitability curves is real, and only information can help you to stay clear of such negative investment eventualities. That’s why you should seek to know the stocks with fresh and plum dividend growth; do not be swayed by regular payouts. With regular and sizable dividend growth, you can protect your portfolio and minimize the impact that market downturns will have on you. When companies keep on growing their stock dividends, they reward their investors and give them the confidence to invest more with the anticipation for more dividend increases. Typically regular growth stock dividend increases reflect a company’s successful business model, solid balance sheet accounting, healthy cash flows and the management’s generosity to its investors. The following are five companies that are posting fast-growing double-digit dividends.

Home Depot (HD)

Just this past February, this company posted very impressive dividend increases. It also announced its fourth-quarter results during the posting. Its investors were treated to a very pleasant surprise of a 34 percent dividend increase. The increase was very impressive especially because it’s been posting double-digit improvements annually, and last year its dividend growth was at 15.8 percent. Its annual dividend growth for the concluded year was 5.44 dollars for every stock. The most impressive thing about the company’s stocks is that they have been appreciating for the last ten years straight.

Wendy’s (WEN)

On 26th February, this company also posted its fourth quarter and amply impressed its investors. It also posted an 18 percent increase on its stock dividends. In just one quarter, Wendy’s stock dividends increased by 15 cents. It also posted a forward growth of three percent The CEO of the company announced that it was dedicated to ensuring that investors get their return on investments and reward them for taking risks in the company. The growth didn’t come as much of a surprise because Wendy’s growth trajectory has been sustained for the last seven years straight. In the statement, the CEO asserted that the double-digit growth was because of Wendy’s impressive business model. The previous year, the company posted a growth of 21 percent.

Starbucks (SBUX)

This company’s market value is 78.6 billion dollars. For the last eight years, Starbucks has posted a solid growth rate of 24 percent, and the last financial year saw it increase its local-based sales by eight percent. One of Starbuck’s most pivotal growth aspects is its leverage in the growing Chinese markets. Did you know that the Asian giant is approaching a middle-class population of over 600 people? Well, things are so good there that it posted a 54 percent growth rate in Chinese sales. The best thing about its growing profitability is that it has promised to pay out 20 billion dollars to investors via dividend increases.

Microsoft (MSFT)

These are some other stocks that post the least risks and present the most likelihood for dividend growth. Microsoft’s market value is 778 billion dollars. Its recent profitability boom resulted from its tripled market performance in the cloud business. In fact, the cloud business has been growing impressively for the last 15 years. Azure’s revenue growth has almost been doubling every passing year.

One of the reasons why Microsoft’s growth never stops is that it’s always reinvesting in innovation and proficiency expansion. Last year alone, it earned revenue of about 40 billion dollars. Since 2004, Microsoft’s dividends have been increasing year after year. This year’s forward dividend stock growth was at eight percent. Its generosity to investors is unquestionable because it paid out about 18 billion dollars of that amount to its investors. In fact, it is leading in generosity for the companies posting double-digit dividend growth rates on its stocks. It pays its dividends at a phenomenal ratio of about 60 percent. That can only mean one thing; Microsoft is premised on generosity to its investors. This tech giant isn’t afraid of instability despite its outstanding payout ratio because of its sizeable cash flows and lucrative profitability. Maybe it has something to do with its brilliant employees and pioneering founders.


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