Four Unforgettable Experiences to Enjoy in Europe

Europe is home to a stunning variety of countries, all culturally-diverse and offering unforgettable experiences that will make you feel that little bit more fulfilled. Whether you’re looking to explore the European hidden gems across the continent, or you want to properly submerge yourself in a specific culture and feel a part of the community, there are many unforgettable experiences up for grabs when spending time in Europe. With your suitcase and EHIC Card sorted, you better decide which one to choose first!

Spend Bloomsday In Dublin

If you’d like your experience to revolve around the country’s history, then definitely consider visiting Dublin on Bloomsday. For a bit of background for you, a man called James Joyce wrote a ground-breaking novel called Ulysses, with the central character Leopold Bloom embarking on an adventure around Dublin. In order to celebrate this iconic piece of controversial history, locals and tourists alike will celebrate Bloomsday, leading fans of Joyce all across the city to follow the same path as Leopold. For the best experience, we’d definitely recommend wearing period clothing, especially a straw boater hat, and then continue enjoying performances and the odd beer in the pub!

Visit The Town Of Subiaco In Lazio, Italy

You’d be surprised at the landscapes that you can find in certain countries. Italy is renowned for its iconic architecture, capturing the Roman history that stands proud within the city walls. However, among all of these authentic cities sits a rural landscape, located in Lazio. If you’ve had your fair share of the hustle and bustle of touring the cities, this hidden gem will present you with tranquillity, located in the wooded, remote hills of Subiaco. The views here are truly unbelievable, and you’ll be left thinking about all of the other hidden beauties that you’ve never known about!

Row Along The Canals Of Venice

If there’s a European location close to a fairy tale, it’s Venice. Yes, Italy has made another appearance on our list, however this location is very much different to the last. Very rarely do you stumble across a location that’s dominated entirely by stunning canals, which is why a visit here is such an unforgettable one. When in Venice, it would be rude not to take a boat out on the canal and enjoy a romantic trip across the city, so grab your loved one and get going! Even if you decide not to row in a gondola, the sight in itself is a beauty to behold.

Get Pulled By Huskies In Sweden

Lapland is well-known for its connection to Christmas, and while a trip here during the festive season would be an unforgettable one, getting pulled along the snow by huskies has got to be better, right? There are many different options for dog-sledding in Sweden, however they’re all the same in the fact that they all offer a truly magical experience. Huskies are among some of the friendliest, fluffiest breeds of dogs, yet you’ll be amazed at the sheer strength of them once you’re gliding along the snow in the beautiful Swedish landscapes.

When wanting to know where to make lasting memories in Europe, it can be difficult to decide where to start. Luckily for you, you now have four amazing experiences to choose from, all worth telling the grand kids in several years to come! Get out there and enjoy yourself!

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