Franchising: What Corporate Support Can Do For Your Business

When a franchise company offers a dynamic and engaging support system, franchisees are more likely to become prosperous and invigorated. As one of the top 100 franchise companies in the world, according to Entrepreneur’s 2018 Franchise 500 Ranking, Kiddie Academy is dedicated to nurturing our franchisees by providing a corporate team that delivers comprehensive support for franchise owners within our nationwide network, every step of the way. If you’re starting a business for the first time, partnering with a franchise leader with a  devoted team of seasoned professionals in real estate, construction, finance, education, technology, operations and marketing can help to jump-start your business, as well as accelerate the potential for success. Experienced development teams are valuable for every step of the process—from initial contact through orientation, training, site selection, construction and beyond.

There are many aspects to starting and maintaining a franchise business. Aligning with a company that has a strong corporate foundation can help its franchisees thrive when they have support in the following areas:

  • Financing—When starting a new business, the process of coming up with third-party funding can seem overwhelming. It’s important to align with a franchise company that has developed strong relationships with several national and regional lenders to help facilitate and secure financing for a new franchise location. Ask company experts to supply templates and training to develop loan packages, review business plans and see the process through to completion. The finance team should begin working with you hand in hand from the early days all the way to when the loan closes.
  • Site Selection—Corporate real estate experts can help evaluate the best site(s) for your business, whether that means building on an empty lot, retrofitting an existing building or finding a location in an office park or shopping center setting. Find a franchise company that is willing to assist in filtering though all options and guiding you to the smartest decision for your investment.
  • Construction—This process can be the most challenging to get through, as anyone who has ever remodeled a home knows! Your corporate advisor should keep development running efficiently. From providing concept plans to assisting with the zoning process and guiding the construction of a new physical location, having an adept team of construction experts to help you make decisions while managing these activities can be a helpful asset to a new franchisee.
  • Training and Support—People are familiar with the term “Why reinvent the wheel” , because it makes perfectly good sense not to exert extra energy on developing a method that’s already been created and optimized by others. Whether it’s ready-to-use marketing tools, operational guidelines or financial training, having the support of a team that’s not only gone the distance before, but is able to share best practices and insights on what to expect is a benefit for any new business owner. Training should include hands-on experiences throughout the course of both launching and maintaining your business.

When selecting a national franchise opportunity, it’s always wise to consider the depth of corporate support you would receive as a key factor in your decision. When franchise companies offer support in financing, site selection, construction, training and more, they are more likely to create a network of successful franchisees.

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