Franck Muller Gravity Tourbillon Skeleton Review

What you see is what you get with the Franck Muller Gravity Tourbillon Skeleton. Luxury and precision watchmaking combine to produce this elegant Tourbillon worthy of a volume in encyclopedia. Such fine detail on display with an aesthetic that is breathtaking to behold. The Gravity Tourbillon Skeleton is a showpiece that is certain to be a favorite among collectors and enthusiasts of the modern application of stylishness melded with a classic and timeless design. This example is a fine commingling of the elements that draw collectors in for a second look. The luxury watchmakers create an innovative structure for housing the complex and beautifully executed complications of this time piece.


The Gravity Tourbillon Skeleton is a reinvention of the tourbillon to embrace an elliptical circle featuring a 21.2 mm diameter and a 7.7mm height for a three dimensional effect. Total magnificence is a descriptor that loosely interprets the brilliance of this unique design. A closeup view lends understanding that there is a struggle to justify the actual brilliance through mere words. It is as much an experience as it is an elegant luxury wrist watch. Available in four color themes, here are the detailed specifications of the Gravity Tourbillon Skeleton. Crafted of PVD treated titanium, white gold, rose gold or steel, the case measures 38.4 mm in diameter x 39. 6 mm. It is resistant to water up to thirty meters.


The movement is a caliber CS-03.SQT, manual winding with tourbillon with a five day power reserve. The main material is anodized aluminum which lends itself magnificently to the blue, yellow and orange color choices available. The blue version is a vivid color that catches the eye immediately with a brilliant contrast against the elements which are black in coloring. This specification is noted for each piece with the exception of the black which may feature a movement of rhodium or 5N plating versus the anodized aluminum. This personalization of the various pieces in the series offers choice and variation for suiting an assortment of tastes and preferences. The strap is fashioned of rubber and nylon materials. All is protectively housed under a sapphire crystal which comes in second in strength and hardness only to the diamond. It offers the optimum in clarity and scratch resistance for dependable clarity and a high level of legibility.

Effects of gravity

True to its’ name, the Gravity is designed with a tourbillon cage featuring the power of Tourbillon with built in mechanics that auto correct gravity’s effects upon the hairspring negating any possible errors inflicted by the force. The design is counter intuitive in this regard which was the intention of Abraham Louis Breguet upon invention of the tourbillon and its relationship to the force of gravity.

Complexities and complications

The power of the tourbillon is intermingled with the force of gravity which has an effect not fully understood with a definite curving influence upon space – time as mirrored in the tourbillon bridges and carriage which slope gently as a reflection with purpose. It is inferred that oddities in form in the vicinity of the escapement occur without visible evidence, but rather are internal or unseen adding an ethos inspired by both poetic license and intellectual whimsy into that which is nearly, but not quite perfectly understood regarding the forces we cannot see, but know to exist.

Additional features for examination

The tourbillon features pillars and a bridge that are an in house design in totality. Their reinvented design prominently display a 21.2mm in diameter elliptical circle with a 7.7 mm height establishing a three dimensional effect. The addition of the 14mm balance wheel with an off centered positioning adds to the uniqueness and function of the tourbillon. And why not call attention to the very large tourbillon? The Skeleton is a style that is intended to show off the amazing complexities of this horological masterpiece with every possible detail exposed for all to see. This in itself is much of the charm and appeal of the watch.


The intention of the Franck Muller Gravity Tourbillon Skeleton is to deliver an uncompromising and wonderfully complicated time piece that appeals to those with an appreciation of the elements that combine to form a masterpiece. Collectors, enthusiasts and fans of the Tourbillon with an adeptness for how profoundly the mechanical system works to work with the force of gravity in keeping accuracy and precision time within an aesthetically pleasing demonstration of the concepts in both form and function. Those with an eye for luxury and an inkling of the processes which are taking place before their eyes will understand the linkages with emotion and understanding that brings intellect and feeling together for a total experience.


The starting retail price for the Franck Muller Gravity Tourbillon Skeleton is $103,118.

Final thoughts

Perhaps one of Franck Muller’s most unique and functional wrist watches. The Gravity Tourbillon Skeleton is a lovely piece that blends modernity with its large and highly legible applied numerals in a variety of colors. The aesthetics of the watch clearly would not appeal to all watch enthusiasts, but rather a special group who value the modern appearance which is commingled with the brilliance of the complications which are neatly placed on display for the admiration of all onlookers. The watch is highly wearable in spite of the large sized tourbillon which is part of its grand appeal. It is an amazing collector’s piece that could easily complement a variety of wardrobe styles and social situations.

One thing is for certain, this high quality luxury watch is elegant and its’ unique appearance would serve well as a conversation starter. The eyes are immediately drawn to the unusual design of the watch face and the exposure of the inner workings which are impressive to say the least. It is at a glance, thoroughly recognizable as a Franck Muller original as it maintains the stylishness and features which are unique to the watchmaker. We’re pleased to present our closer examination of Muller’s latest achievement, the Franck Muller Gravity Tourbillon Skeleton wrist watch for your consideration.

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