20 Things You Didn’t Know about Funnel

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What do you know about the Stockholm-based company called Funnel? They call themselves a ‘no-code’ platform that helps people work with data that comes from all types of different sources. It’s something that’s designed mainly for marketers at the time being, although they have plans to expand in the future. Chances are, you might be a bit confused unless you actually work with this type of data. That said, there are a number of things that make this company rather interesting. Here are 20 things about them that might surprise you and help you get to know them better at the same time.

1. Their goal is to empower businesses to do more

The entire reason that the company exists is to empower the businesses that are their clients to do more with the information that they have available at their fingertips. That is precisely the reason that they are currently focusing on marketing. That’s where this type of data really comes in handy, so it only stands to reason that it’s where the primary focus is at the current time. As previously mentioned, they do intend to expand their platform so that big data can be used effectively across all areas of business, not just in marketing.

2. They’ve been in business since 2014

They have been in business for seven years now. That’s enough time for them to get well established in their field and prove to their clients that they’re not some fly-by-night company that comes in making all types of grand promises, only to disappear within the next six months or so. At the same time, they’re still a relatively young company that is constantly growing and achieving great things. As such, many of their clients find it an exciting time to be working with the company. By all accounts, the majority of their employees echo that same sentiment.

3. They currently have over 1,000 clients

At the moment, they’re doing business with more than 1,000 different clients. That’s definitely a tall order, especially when you’re talking about all of the data they have to funnel into a single place so that people involved in marketing can make sense of it. It’s definitely not an easy task, but it is one that the experts there seem to be up to handling.

4. They pride themselves on being transparent

From day one, the company has always prided themselves on being transparent, both for their clients and for their employees. They have held the belief from the very beginning that holding things back only causes people to lose trust. As such, they’ve always been very open about their policies and about what they’re capable of doing. By the same token, they are just as open about the challenges brought on by their particular type of work. They openly discuss any limitations that might exist. They want both their clients and their staff members to feel a certain sense of trust, as well as the knowledge that no topic is off the table. They’ve had an open door policy from the first day they went into business and it’s something that they continue to have to this day.

5. They’re arguably one of the most forward-thinking companies out there

They’re also a very forward-thinking company. This shouldn’t really come as any surprise, especially when you’re talking about companies that focus on technology. A lot of these companies have a tendency to work very differently from your traditional company where everyone has to come to the same place and work the same number of hours. Technology-based companies aren’t always as strict or regimented. In fact, a lot of them allow people to work remotely and in some cases, they can even set their own hours based around their own personal schedules. Funnel allows some of that. In addition, they have two separate hubs, one in Stockholm and one in Boston. However, they routinely allow their employees to work remotely. As such, they effectively have employees that are working all around the globe, something that benefits the company and their clients.

6. They put an emphasis on happiness and productivity

They decided early on that they wanted to put an emphasis on employees’ happiness. As a result, they make every effort possible to ensure that their staff members are included and engaged while simultaneously refraining from making them feel overworked. They want their employees to make decent money while simultaneously feeling like they are accomplishing something that matters. They have always approached it with the idea that by focusing on the happiness of their staff, they are also focusing on productivity. They are very much aware that an unhappy staff will cut productivity like nothing else, so it’s something that they strive to stay away from in its entirety. It makes one wonder why other companies that operate on a more traditional level can’t figure this out as well.

7. Their mission is simple

The work they do sounds complicated, but they really do have a very simple mission. That mission is to take all the different types of data that is available to a single company and then funnel that data into a single source so that the marketing personnel for that particular company can look at it more effectively. In short, it stops the marketing department from being forced to track down all this data on their own because it’s all in one place. That also helps them make more sense of what they’re seeing because they’re seeing everything as a big picture instead of a bunch of little fragmented pieces. The idea is to help people that are in marketing make the most of this information by targeting the correct demographics and creating ad campaigns that are more effective. Clearly, it’s an idea that’s been working.

8. They just received $66 million in funding

Recently, they just received a whopping $66 million in funding. This will likely be the last round of funding that they conduct before they decide to take the company public, although that could change before anything of that sort actually happens. Either way, $66 million is a respectable amount of money and it allows them an opportunity to expand the services they already offer while simultaneously exploring new areas of operation.

9. They plan to go public within the next several months

As previously mentioned, they do plan to take the company public within the next several months. More specifically, they are looking at going public within the next year or perhaps a year and a half. Obviously, this is something that is always in motion, so it’s almost impossible to pinpoint exactly when during that time they will ultimately choose to go public. However, if things continue on as they have, there’s no reason to assume that it won’t eventually happen.

10. Roughly half of their clients are companies based in the US

Out of the roughly 1,000 clients that they currently have, about half of them are based in the United States. This doesn’t come as any surprise to most people, as the United States is heavily involved in marketing their corporations to potential clients. There was a time when they focused mostly on ads for print, television and radio. However, that has shifted to include more digital ads. In addition, a lot of the ads that are done in the United States are targeted to fit specific individuals. It is the type of data that Funnel is able to deliver to their clients that allows much of this to happen.

11. They help companies create targeted digital marketing promotions

There’s a lot to be said for creating targeted digital marketing campaigns. For starters, these types of campaigns are more likely to be effective because they’re already geared towards something that a particular individual is interested in. At the very least, it’s something that they have shown interest in by looking up information about it through some online platform in the past. That information can then be digitized and run through a computer algorithm to create a specific, targeted ad for that individual who may be more responsive to it than an ad that is just blindly put out there for everyone across the board.

12. They have their struggles, too

It might seem like this is a fail-safe company, but they definitely have their fair share of struggles as well. As a matter of fact, they recently have been dealing with an issue where major online companies are trying to block the type of data that is used to gather much of their information. As a result, they have to constantly update their computer algorithms to keep up. It’s also prompted them to expand into other areas of business.

13. They currently have about 100 employees

At the moment, Funnel employs about 100 people, although that will naturally fluctuate from time to time. In some instances, they have as few as 50 people working for them, although that hasn’t occurred in quite some time now. The truth is, they have far too many clients and too much data coming in to operate efficiently with that few employees. As a result, their latest numbers indicate that they have about 100 people and they are currently recruiting to hire even more.

14. Their information is compatible with all kinds of software

The information that marketing specialists can get from Funnel is compatible with virtually every type of marketing software out there. This was something that was designed to work this way from the beginning. That way, their clients don’t have to spend the time and the effort transferring information to something that will actually work for them so they can use it with their own software. Instead, the data comes in, marketing specialists are able to look at it and then do what they do best based on the information they see. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that.

15. Their company is geared mainly toward online businesses

It may not be fair to say that the company is geared mainly toward online businesses anymore. There was a time when this statement was entirely true but more recently, a lot of other companies have begun to realize how valuable this type of information really is. As such, Funnel now has clients that range from online businesses to virtually everything else you can think of. The truth of the matter is that if a business is able to benefit from marketing, they can benefit from the type of information that Funnel is able to provide.

16. They also work with those who use mobile apps

Of course, it would only stand to reason that a company that does this type of work would also work with those companies who routinely use mobile apps for smartphones. It’s sort of a natural progression from working with companies that operate mainly online. It’s something that they’ve been doing for quite some time now. More importantly, they know how to do it successfully.

17. They’ve become a trusted source for major brands

As a direct result of their ability to funnel a tremendous amount of digital data in order to help marketing specialists do a better job, they have become a trusted source for major brands such as Skechers. Clearly, the work that they’re doing is making an impact and some of their most lucrative clients are taking notice.

18. They also help their clients map out important trends

In addition to funneling loads of digital information into a single source so marketing specialists can then look at, they also help their clients map out important trends so they can see where those trends are headed and adjust their marketing campaigns accordingly. Clearly, this is something that every company can benefit from, no matter how big or small it might be. In many cases, it makes the difference between being successful or shuttering the doors.

19. You might even say that they are the future of marketing

Some people have even gone as far as saying that the techniques used by this company are shaping the future of marketing in general. That’s a bold statement, but it’s also one that could potentially be true.

20. They help their clients perform better financially

At the end of the day, they help their clients perform better financially. This is accomplished by helping them create more effective marketing campaigns, which can potentially bring in more revenue. At the same time, they help them control their money by essentially preventing them from spending money on campaigns that aren’t likely to be effective.

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