Gathering The Pennies of Your Life

One of the aspects I love the most about the coaching arm of my brand is that I am constantly being challenged due to my commitment to the challenging of others.  In other words, when I identify an area within a clients’ journey that requires attention, it automatically escorts me to that very same waiting room within my own world of purpose.

Gratitude is certainly in my opinion, one of the paramount dots in the overall “connect-the-dots” aspect of achieving our purpose within this journey called life.  The mandatory dots, those that must be included in each level of our evolving are the same for each of us, they are each the ‘principles’ which are demanded by whatever we each consider to be greater than ourselves.  Truth, Integrity, Honesty, Service to others, are a few of those principles, but there are many more as well.  The reason I spoke to the principle of gratitude first, is that gratitude has always proved within my own journey to be that singular principle which has always when focused on, has allowed me to get out of my own way…, thereby placing the immediate attention on being of service to something or someone other than myself.

So, what is the gathering of the pennies of our lives truly all about, and how does it pertain to the overall “connect-the-dots mindset”?  Well, every story/journey begins with either “Once upon a time” or “In the beginning” …so the premise of penny gathering is always designed to assist on focusing on ‘the what IS’ as opposed to focusing on “the what CAN BE”.  Many of us contend that the primary reason(s) we are not moving forward within our internally purpose driven journey is due to our being ‘stuck’, not having something we need, or not being within that place we feel we should be in order to execute whatever needs to happen next within our lives.

The first thing to happen when we feel stuck for whatever reason is that we… in most cases, reach for that fictional calendar which has above every date the words someday or one day!

I know what you’re thinking here; “Well, what’s wrong with stating that I will get to whatever the issue or need is “one day or even someday”?  I’ll tell you what the problem with this is; the problem is that neither of those terms refers to anything that is actually tangible, neither of those ‘days’ are literal days that make us accountable.  “Someday” and “one day” are the pickpockets of countless dreams and aspirations.  Both culprits are directly responsible for thousands…even millions of worthy ideas never becoming, never finding their way to fruition.  The difference between one day or someday and our actual days of the week (Monday through Sunday) is that the literal days of the week are always moving towards us, each becoming closer and closer until said day arrives.  One day and someday can sit exactly where they always were, and where in most cases they always will be. This line of thinking allows us to believe that whatever we have placed within that space of this fictional calendar was simply never meant to be, which is why nothing has happened or resulted from the original thought or idea, therefore letting us ‘off the hook’ from an accountability stand point.

The pennies within our reach on a moment-to-moment basis are never-ending, they are as abundant as the stars within the sky, they are as plentiful and readily available as each breath of air that we breath.  It is the conditioning of our mindset to a place of constant seeking of these pennies which seems to be the most difficult issue of all.  Many people are always looking for more than what they already have at their disposal in order to push the swing of purpose to even higher heights.  We are quick to blame our depleted spirits of accomplishment on any and everything outside of our own wheelhouse or reach.  We hesitate not when it comes to speaking into existence our future mindset with carelessly thought out mantras such as; “Just as soon as I get ____,” or “When ______ comes together, then everything else will work out.”

That Universal Momentum required to reach those levels of achievement we all so deeply desire, can only be discovered, understood, and then leveraged when we are consistent and congruent with the gathering process of our pennies.  Everything within your world that you can point to and be grateful for…is a penny of purpose.  Nothing ride into our space via a horse named accident, it arrives within the palms of friends known to us as destiny, legacy, and fate.

Universal Momentum is also perpetuated through the winds of change, those single and collective challenges we each face with the dawn of every new day.  Our purpose inasmuch as it pertains to us as individuals, is designed and steeped within change as change is the magic carpet on which we ride to the world of evolving.

Evolving is synonymous with growth, growth is synonymous with increase, and increase directly leads to those feelings of achievement and accomplishment mentioned earlier.  Increase is what provides each of us the truly wonderful opportunity, that greatest gift of living in my opinion…the opportunity to be of service to others.  It is through the knowingness that our “cups runneth over”, that we begin to believe and only then understand the beauty of becoming the blessing to others.

If you paid your child’s weekly allowance in pennies and then later you found those very pennies scattered around, carelessly thrown about…how would you respond?  Most likely you would have a conversation with your child regarding understanding the value of those pennies, you might pick them up and put them away yourself for safekeeping, or you may just take them back…returning them to where you originally took them from.  Whichever route you would take, you would most likely take the route which provides that child (which you love more than life itself), with a lesson in accountability, responsibility, and stewardship.  If that is how we would proceed in order to teach our own children, why would the Universe or God…do any less for us?

Keep working, creating, and moving within your purpose, but never lose sight of the fact that there is a difference between working hard and working smart!  Gather the pennies that are placed within your world daily, place them somewhere for safekeeping and then monitor them for increasing abundance.  Do this and simultaneously you will begin experiencing The Universal Momentum mentioned here, and you will begin to understand deeply just how awesomely you are truly blessed.  You will marvel at the level of overflow you have in which to be of service to others.  Most importantly, you will be reconciling your daily bank account of blessings, proving to both yourself and to The Creator; that you are indeed valuing your pennies and are therefore prepared and deserving of those nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars which are being held in reserve within the bank of purpose specifically for you!  Remember…what we do with small things provides more than enough proof to everything and to everyone of exactly what can be expected from us in great things.

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