A Closer Look at the Glashütte Original SeaQ Panorama Date

Glashütte Original SeaQ Panorama Date

What do you really know about the Glashütte Original SeaQ Panorama Date? If you’re not yet familiar with it, you should brace yourself because it is something to be behold, indeed. Not convinced? Check out these 10 things you probably don’t know about this fine timepiece.

1. It’s positively exquisite

There are luxury watches and then there are luxury watches. Many times, a watch might initially look like an item of luxury, yet on closer inspection it doesn’t really hold up. Rest assured, that definitely isn’t the case here. This is a watch that is capable of catching one’s eye from a distance and it’s even more exquisite and luxurious upon closer inspection.

2. It has practically every function you’ll ever need

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a great looking watch that simply isn’t capable of getting the job done when it comes to functionality. That’s not something you have to worry about here, either. As a matter of fact, this particular watch doesn’t just give you the time. It also gives you the ability to count seconds in real time, thanks to the second hand. Moreover, you always know the correct date. Since a lot of watch manufacturers are seemingly leaning toward products that no longer include the date on the face of the watch, this is a welcome relief from the types of timepieces you might typically expect to find.

3. It’s made from high-quality materials

If quality is what you’re looking for, you don’t need to look any further. Like many watches, this one comes with a stainless steel case and wristband. The thing that makes it stand out is that the stainless steel has been polished and brushed to a high sheen. Furthermore, the case back is made from sapphire glass, adding to both it’s good looks and its overall quality.

4. You can get it wet

Not all watches are water resistant, even when it comes to high-end luxury watches that probably should be. You won’t have to worry about potentially ruining this watch by getting it wet. In fact, it’s actually designed to be waterproof up to a depth of 30 bars. This is even better than having a watch that’s water-resistant, as that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re waterproof. You can actually get this one wet without worrying about ruining it, even if you practically try to waterlog it.

5. It’s big enough to make a statement

If you decide to purchase a luxury watch, you probably want it to be big enough and bold enough to get the attention of others. This one definitely fits the bill. As a matter of fact, it measures approximately 42 mm in diameter, meaning that it’s big enough to make a bold statement in virtually any type of situation without looking out of place in the process.

6. It glows in the dark

If you think that it looks good in the daylight, you should see what it looks like at night. Have you ever tried to look at a watch that doesn’t glow in the dark when it’s pitch black outside, only to find that you can’t see a thing? You won’t have that problem with this particular watch. As a matter of fact, all of the hands and tick marks are designed to be luminescent in low light conditions, meaning that you can always tell what time it is, regardless of where you are or how much light you have at your disposal.

7. It is designed to be handed down for generations

This watch is not something to be worn only once or twice and then put away in a drawer. In reality, it will set you back a fair amount of money, selling for just over $12,000 in US funds. That may seem like a lot, but it’s also worth noting that this watch is designed to last for decades. As a result, you’ll likely be handing it down to your children and maybe even your grandchildren.

8. It’s a watch made for diving in the truest sense

This is not a watch made only for good looks. While it certainly has the looks that will turn heads, it’s made for a very specific purpose, diving. That’s precisely why it is waterproof as opposed to being water resistant and by all accounts, it does an excellent job.

9. It’s the first watch of its type for this particular watchmaker

One of the truly outstanding things about this watch is that the company that manufactured it doesn’t traditionally make dive watches. Granted, they’ve been in the luxury watch market for years, but that’s largely where they have stayed. Suffice it to say, they’ve entered the market in quite an impressive manner.

10. Even the bracelet is specially designed

Since the watch is made to be worn at depth and is equally at home at a luxury event, the bracelet is designed in such a manner that you can extend or shorten it without actually altering the bracelet itself, all through the use of specialized button. It’s a great option for individuals who want to wear it on a number of different occasions or at any time of year. It’s also not something you’re likely to see on a lot of other watches, even for those that are far more expensive.

As you can see, this is a special timepiece that is capable of fulfilling a number of different roles simultaneously. When it’s all said and done, there aren’t really that many watches that are capable of doing everything this one can. Most dive watches have a tendency to incorporate a rather sporty appearance, not something that would be suitable for the boardroom or any other luxury occasion. This is a watch that is truly at home in both worlds and that alone makes it special. Its good looks and high quality only serve to further propagate the legacy that it will undoubtedly leave for future generations.

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