GLM’s ZZ And G4: Can They Live Up To The Fun Names?

The Japanese car maker GLM, is a highly competitive electric car maker that stays competitive by selling its own models as well as the platform for building their models to other rival car companies. GLM has been developing its own technology for the systems that power electric cars, the chassis and the vehicle control units for years. All of these are customizable and GLM will also make them customizable to the rival car companies, if requested to do so.

GLM has been working on honing its market in on the mid-priced range for their vehicle production, their Model S and X versions, and steering away from the luxury roadster. They know this is where the market is leading when it comes to electric vehicles. However, with that said, this 6 year old company did stick to a higher end vehicle when it came to designing their two designing their two latest electric vehicles, the GLM-G4 and the GLM-ZZ.


Priced at about $80,000, the ZZ is a Porsche lookalike, or the cross between a Lotus Elise and a Tesla Roadster. The ZZ is a very sharp, sleek and sporty two-seater with the high performance that is similar to the Roadster. The ZZ can move, weighing 1,874 pounds and producing 300 horsepower and 306 pound-feet of torque, it can reach a speed of 60mph in just 3.9 seconds.

One thing about electric vehicles is they are whisper quiet. They may be able to pick up some good speed, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the engine sounds like you would a petrol user where the engine revs at the touch of the gas and you instantly feel the force of the G’s as you gain speed in record times barreling down the road. The sound of the engine roaring is half of the excitement in driving a sports car. Unfortunately, an electric vehicle won’t give you that.

The environment may appreciate the reduction in noise pollution but someone else that will be effected by the quiet of an electric vehicle is the pedestrian. Not many would think about the impact that an electric sports car might have on pedestrians, but GLM has. Pedestrians would not be able to hear an electric sports car whizzing down the road which can ultimately put them in danger when crossing the street or making sure they are out of the way of its path. GLM thought of this and has the answer.

GLM will be teaming up with Roland, a synthesizer specialist, to design and install a custom ‘neo-futuristic’ sound synthesizer system into the ZZ electric car that will produce studio-quality sounds which will be based on the vehicle’s motor adjustments such as, acceleration, deceleration among other variances. Customers will have a variety of tones to choose from when they purchase their GLM-ZZ so that their EV will be personalized to their preferences.


The GLM-G4, designed by the exotic car company, Savage Rivale, based in the Netherlands, was unveiled an on display in Paris at the Paris Motor Show. This prototype is one of two for the company and it shows automakers what can be done with an electric vehicle. The G4 is an electric-blue vision of the future in electric automobiles with its low to the ground clearance, slim set headlights, its raked roofline, white interior and uniquely comfortable, flat-bottomed steering wheel for comfort grip.

The GLM-G4 is a four seater sporty Sedan with racy lines and has a futuristic look due to the uniquely designed, 4 swooping gullwing doors that open upward, toward the roof where a solid piece of glass has replaced a traditional top. The design of the car was thoughtfully planned to be a lighter weight. It was reduced by using composites all the while, the multistage transmissions boosts the G4’s performance. It is powered with a twin-motor powertrain that offers 536 hp and 737 pound-feet of torque and can go from 0-60 in an impressive, under four second time, 3.7 to be exact.

The car runs on two electric motors, in the front and back. These motors drive the axles through the car’s multi-speed transmission at each end, and each motor has multiple windings on the stator. The windings can be individually energized so that they change the basic characteristics of the motor in order to adjust to the different speeds the driver obtains as well as load ranges.

One of the most important features about the G4 is that it can travel almost 250 miles on one full electric charge, although that is under NEDC’s more lenient standards and is expected to drop some once it receives its EPA rating. Other features include its racing seats in the back and there is definitely plenty of digital screens for every driver to have the ultimate control of every aspect of their driving experience at their fingertips. The rear end was designed without a wing, which was thought to be appropriate for an EV model.

Bottom line

Although this is a concept car for now and no real set price, it has been said that this electric vehicle would more than likely fall into a $200,000 to $300,000 price range, which would be quite a bit lower than its sister concept car, the ZZ, if this car does actually make it into production. If it does make it into production, it will be in production in Japan and sold their first. It would then be marketed and sold in Hong Kong, followed by Singapore.

While electric cars are quickly becoming the wave of the future for many automakers, everyone wants to try their hand at the newest concepts in the EV market, these two electric vehicles are two of the most innovative and stylish of any electric vehicles that you would see on the road. With the design expertise of Savage Rivale and the technical proficiency of GLM, the two together have created two masterpieces that other automakers are envying. The G4 has already been dubbed, “the Supercar” due to its perfect combo of streamlined sleekness and eye-catching character. The word in the auto-world is that it is the perfect take on an all electric supercar.

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