Why 2016 Is a Game Changing Year for GoDaddy


If you are familiar with the world of web hosting, then you are probably aware of the fact that GoDaddy has been losing marketshare from the competition over the last several years. The truth is that being at the top comes with a target on your back. Basically, GoDaddy ran into the perfect storm. At the same time that the sheer volume of their hosting clientele was causing them a lot of performance issues, a number of newcomers hit the market and went right at them. Struggling with down time, slow performance and a number of other issues caused the hosting company to go back to the drawing board.

The World’s Largest Web Hosting Company

As the premier hosting company, GoDaddy has the visibility to attract a wide range of hosting clients, what they may not have been prepared for was the load that the volume of their clientele placed on their servers and systems. Fortunately for the company, they have been able to turn things around in a number of ways.

In fact, 2016 is proving to be a game changing year for the hosting giant. GoDaddy’s effort to address their performance issues began in 2013, when they partnered with Parallels and Microsoft to create a Windows-based web hosting program that would be offered through GoDaddy. The idea behind the partnership was to provide their customers with greater stability and better performance. Additionally, they were able to provide users with a clean, intuitive and easy-to-use interface — allowing customers to manage their accounts with greater ease.

The improved performance has served to quiet a substantial amount of the noise being made by many of their competitors.

A New Corporate Strategy

As GoDaddy maneuvers through its evolution, it is being propelled by a modified corporate strategy that is focused on the development of best-in-class products that will help small businesses grow online. With the increasing number of small businesses that are entering the global business world, conjoined with the technological revolution that is in full swing, there is a growing need for these businesses to develop their online presence.

As the consumer becomes more educated about the entire buying process, the demand for an optimal customer experience is driving businesses to optimize the online experiences that they provide their customers.

Because consumers are becoming increasingly cognizant of the buying process, the tolerance for poor business engagement has diminished drastically over the last several years. Customers are looking for more than a good product. They want to experience the entire process at the highest level possible.

This demand by the consumer has placed GoDaddy in the Driver’s seat once again. While major corporations carry a powerful punch, is the small businesses that stabilize the economy, and GoDaddy has decided to invest in the empowerment of these small businesses.

Customizable and Scalable Products

Due to the fact that each business will have its own specific needs, it is paramount that GoDaddy is able to provide best-in-class products that can be offered individually, based on the needs and expectations of business owners.

Addressing many of the problematic issues surrounding performance, GoDaddy has evolved its web hosting architecture — creating a fast, consistent experience for customers by increasing RAM and CPU, while simultaneously lowering the density per server.

Something else that GoDaddy has done is create a paradigmatic shift in the manner in which web hosting is marketed and sold. The old paradigm suggested that customers have to choose between affordability, reliability and speed; however, GoDaddy has created a process in which customers can now experience all three, with a high level of dependability.

GoDaddy’s New API

One way to deal with negative publicity is to create positive publicity, and GoDaddy has mastered this approach. While a certain amount of energy and resources has been dedicated to addressing the negative publicity the company has received because of past performance issues, the vast majority of the company’s resources has been focused on research and development — coming up with better ways to meet the needs of their growing customer base.

The company recently announced that they developed a new program that will allow customers to connect their domain to services like email, Microsoft, Squarespace and others with increased ease. These connections can be made regardless of the where the customer has their domain registered, or who is hosting the service.

This new program is called Domain Connect is a new technology that uses a group of standard open APIs, which serve to streamline the connection process — allowing users to connect their domain across different platforms. It also simplifies the management of the DNS settings for GoDaddy. Once the service has been enabled, the customer will be able to quickly set up the configuration to point their domain to the service platform of their choice, using the simplicity of push-button functionality.

This new simplification program is great news for small business, which are often forced to handle the management of the website on their own. The simpler the process, the more productive these businesses will become. Honestly, the old process of connecting domain names and web services can be highly confusing by anyone’s standards, and when considering that many small business owners will lack the technical proficiency necessary to effectively carry out the process.

Increasing Its Market Share

Through a process of simplifying its core features to appeal to small business owners, while improving the performance of its services, GoDaddy has positioned itself to continue its seizure of a large portion of the small business market. While the simplification of its platform may not appeal to larger companies that can afford to hire the technical support they need, GoDaddy is appealing to the most rapidly expanding part of the business sector — small business.

These new services, along with the company’s committed to improved performance has positioned them to continue their dominance in the world of web hosting, as well as other web-based services. It is simple, GoDaddy remains the elephant in the room when it comes to domain ownership and hosting.

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