Goldbely: A Different Kind of Food Delivery Service

Are you a connoisseur of gourmet foods? If so, then Goldbely may be a good choice for you. The company offers regional food products which are delivered directly to your door. They offer a great selection of dishes which are prepared within their establishment and sent to customers. The company is a marketplace with an online format for connecting people who are curious with some of the finest purveyors of gourmet foods within America. They are bypassing the major conglomerates and going with other resources for acquiring the ingredients and food products which they offer. Goldbely specializes in inspired dishes that come from a variety of settings and they have been making a successful run since their initial launch.

Who founded the company?

The founder and CEO of the Goldbely company is Joe Ariel. He launched the establishment with the assistance of co-founders Joel Gillman who is also the company’s developer, Trevor Stow,also the CTO and Vanessa Torrivilla, the Creative co-fonder. In addition to their six person team they are assisted y Investor Carman Chan and Head of Operations and Biz Development Frank Luciano .

Their mission

The staff of Goldbely are interested exploring all types of gourmet foods from their original sources. They believe that many of these foods come with a rich history that is interesting and they want to gather as many of the stories as possible to share with their customers. This is truly a unique and one of a kind approach to service as well as marketing. They work with local restaurants, gourmet food suppliers which are not of the large corporate class, and talented artisans to procure the products that are sold online and shipped out to their customers. They make it easier to try something new and unique all from the convenience of home.

By working with the vendors and suppliers that they do, they hope to bring more business to the smaller companies and establishments and avoid working with conglomerates who have nearly cornered the market. Their goals are noble and worth and so far, they are paying off for everyone involved. They serve as a connection point for consumers who may not have otherwise heard of certain foods and companies and they become a link to connect people with these food products.


The Goldbely startup company has been successful in closing a three million dollar seed funding round. it was led by the Intel Capital investment firm along with Y Combinator which is a Silicon Valley startup incubator. This is where Goldbely got its first start. Other contributors include ACE and Company, FundersClub, 500 Startups, Time Draper and Dave McClure.


The three million in seed money is being directed towards expanding the Goldbely company. Plans include a nationwide expansion of operations in the near future. The company excels in finding foods from specific regions and linking customers with the providers. Their partners offer the things that many Americans have fond memories of, but may have difficulty in finding. It is an amazing deal for the customers who have their choice of regional dishes from Texas, New York, California, Ohio and many other places. They are adding to the list of foods continually and this is one of the greatest services that can be offered for those who miss the taste of home and would like to relive some of their fondest memories through the experience of the aromas and tastes which are still familiar to them.

Dual purpose

While Goldbelys offers their customers an amazing service, they are also helping the smaller companies to expand their current customer base. One of the goals of the Goldbely company is to democratize the food industry so they can help to even the playing field for smaller artisans who are currently competing with larger food corporations who have a tendency to corner the market. This is an invaluable service that is likely to help boost local economies as well as helping smaller businesses within the vast food industry to gain some recognition and make some good sales. They are much more than an online food service, they are also intent on making changes that will improve the little guys in the food industry instead of lining the pockets of the larger companies further.

The future of Goldbely

We believe that this company has great potential for rapid advancement. From the time of their inception they have grown in size and popularity with the customers that they proudly serve. They are an invaluable resource to the communities that they serve in their linkages. They ae helping to make their customers to gain some new experiences as well as enjoying some of the more familiar aromas and tastes that are reminiscent of past ages. We think that their marketing strategy is brilliant and that their upward movement is the result of a solid team of professionals who are performing at their peak.

Final thoughts

The Goldbely food delivery service offers a unique approach to opening new vistas for people who are looking for products that remind them of home, as well as those who have always wanted to try something new. They’re effective in bringing new customers to the artisans and smaller sized food service businesses who benefit from the extra exposure. All in all, we see a win win situation for all parties involved in the transactions.

People are returning for more and more which shows us that they are amassing a loyal customer base. This is key for any new startup and they’ve managed to make it over the initial hurtles. Goldbely is on its way to success. Where will it go from here? We’re not sure but we do see that they are on an upward trajectory. From all appearances, the future looks bright for the Goldbely team as they continue to add more variety to their online marketplace. Anyone who has been searching for a particular gourmet dish or item may want to give them a try because they may be able to point you in the right direction.

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