Why You Should Consider Gotham Dream Cars for a Supercar Rental

We have all thought of what it would feel like driving a super car such as Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder or even a Ferrari. In the past, unless you reviewed cars for a living, you may never have gotten a chance to drive a random super car without spending thousands of dollars. The good news, that has changed, thanks to rental car companies such as Gotham Dream Cars.

Gotham Dream Cars offers you a chance to enjoy premier exotic cars from top luxury car manufacturers such as Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and Bentley. The company has been in business since 2004, and has managed to meet the expectations of its clients consistently. Unlike other premium car rentals, it has three programs that allow you to get a ride without emptying your savings account. Read on to find out more about their three premium rental car programs.

1. Gotham Dream Car Sprint

The Dream Car Sprint is a budget price program that allows you to rent a super car from Gothan Dream Cars. The program offers you a chance to ride in one of four cars trucked around the country. The location will depend on the number of people who have booked from a particular part of the country. Generally, if you live within an hour’s drive from a big city, they are likely to come closer to where you live. All you have to do is book your car, and be there on the appointed date and venue. You get a chance to choose between two main cars, and you have an option to try two extra cars, but you have to pay more.

The main car is usually a Lamborghini Gallardo and Ferrari F430. While the main car may vary, they usually include the F430 Challenge Stradale. You can expect the whole event to be over in about an hour from the moment you sign up to the moment you step out to head home, with a smile. You can expect to pay around $250 for that, and if they have some time left, they may allow you to go back for just $25 for every lap you make.

2. Dream Car Dash

If you are more concerned with speed than just the feel of a super car, then the Dream Car Dash program is precisely what you need. Unlike the Dream Car Sprint that is more of a travelling super car circus, the Dream Car Dash allows you to drive your dream car on an actual racetrack. The main cars in this program include the F430 and Gallardo.

You will get to do several laps on the racetrack, and you will be able to reach speeds of about 150 mph. As you may have expected, you will pay more for this ride. However, when you consider that you are driving on a 2racetrack, the $450 will give you a lot more in value and fun than the budget Dream Card Sprint. Overall, it gives you a chance to drive fast, and safely.

3. Dream Car Tour

Well, as the name suggests, this program gives you a more traditional feel of the supper car. It is the most expensive program, and the longest. You will get to experience these cool cars at different speeds, without being rushed. The whole tour takes a few hours, during which you will get to drive up to six different cars. That makes it the perfect treat for your partner for their birthday if you know they love fancy cars.

However, the event is held on public roads, which means you will have to drive with some level of restraint. Unlike the Dream Car Dash, you should not expect to go overboard with regard to speed. At $895, the Dream Car tour gives you a unique and memorable experience of driving in the countryside in high-end Italian cars.

Enjoy Your Ride in A Dream Car

Overall, Gotham Dream Cars is among the best rental car companies that you can go to for a treat of your favorite dream car. They offer their services mainly in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York. We recommend renting your dream car when there is a least amount of traffic. That way, you can enjoy the nice feel of using the over 600 horsepower at your disposal.

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