A Closer Look at The Greubel Forsey Balancier S² Watch

Balancier S²

Greubel Forsey made a notable change to its brand’s decade-long tradition when it launched its first-ever sports watch in 2015. The GMT Black was a major step for the company and was followed by the GMT Sport and Balancier S – a simple model. Now, the company is cementing its place in the world of sports watchmaking with the release of the Greubel Forsey Balancier S² Watch. This upgrade for the Balancier S comes with a new bracelet option, dial tone choices, and titanium bezel and case. Let’s take a closer look at what the Balancier S² has to offer.

Greubel Forsey Balancier S² Release

The launches made by Greubel Forsey since 2015 have been designed for the sports watch market, complete with more casual bracelets or straps and lighter, high-tech case and movement materials. You can usually recognize them from their more ergonomic design, use of Grade 5 titanium, and high water resistance – up to 100 meters. In 2022, the company released a new model in line with these features; the Balancier S². This watch offers many updates on the 2020-released Balancier S. At initial inspection, you will notice several design upgrades, new dial tone and movement choices, a new bracelet option, and a fresh case design. Greubel Forsey billed the Balancier S² as “the new Greubel Forsey flagship.” A very accurate description considering the differences between this model and its predecessor. Although the Balancier S and Balancier S² share some features, the latter has a bolder, cleaner look and design. That said, Greubel Forsey die-hards will love this watch for its more traditional offerings. The model stays true to the company’s unrivaled finishing, top-shelf mechanics, and bold aesthetics.

Quick Specs

  • Manually wound caliber
  • Twin coaxial fast-rotating serially operating spring barrels
  • 21,600 vph/3Hz with 30-degree inclined balance
  • 72-hour power reserve
  • 46.5 x 13.75 mm titanium case
  • Availability: 88 (charcoal grey dial pieces); 64 (light grey dial pieces)
  • Functions: Power reserve; hours, minutes, seconds

Overview of the Balancier S²

The Balancier S² is a smaller version of the Balancier S that was introduced at Dubai Watch Week as reported by Robb Report. It is a sports watch that displays hours, minutes, and small seconds (dials at 8). At the 2 O’clock mark, you will notice the power reserve indication – all simple features. However, there is nothing else simple about this watch. The dial is made up of two sections: an upper and lower section. The latter is set at a 30-degree incline from the watch’s dial, with the surface facing you and the crest running from nine to five. The surface houses the balance wheel and bridge as well as the small seconds’ dial. On the other hand, the upper section is flat and raised. The edge of the surface is tapered toward the dial perimeter, which is surrounded by the chapter ring.

Updates to Balancier S

Greubel Forsey released Balancier S in 2020 as a relatively simple version of the GMT Sport. The Balancier S shows central hours, minutes, and small seconds and has a multi-layered dial with a 72-hour power reserve indicator, while the GMT Sport is a world-time tourbillon. So, if the Balancier S² follows the Balancier S, how do the two compare? When you look closely, the Balancier S² and Balancier S mostly differ in terms of the bridge and dial plate. The latter only came with a light-grey finishing, while the S² offers both this and a charcoal-grey movement and dial tone. Additionally, the hour-minute hands and their bridge pop more in the Balancier S² while Balancier S has a more monochromatic color scheme. Essentially, the two-tone bridge in the Balancier S is bordered by 2D, lacquered hour indices and supports two red hour-minute hands with arrow tips. On the other hand, the hour indices in Balancier S² are white lume-filled 3D batons. This model’s dial also projects a lighter feel due to its skeletonized and monotone hour-minute hand bridge.

Greubel Forsey Balancier S² Design

Balancier S² stands out mostly due to its world-class design, which Watch Time notes is more simplified. The company removed the Greubel Forsey logo from the barrel lid and replaced it with smaller text at the center surrounded by contemporary concentric line patterns. Currently, the logo has been moved to dial between 12 and 2 o’clock, complete with a power reserve indicator below it in a complimentary arc shape. The bezel – which contains the most notable changes – is still brushed, but its flank is missing the previous values and inscriptions. The surface is now inscription-free and polished, giving it a more sophisticated and clean look in line with top-shelf sports watches. The strap on this model is gray and made of rubber in woven texture, with a folding clasp made of titanium. Customers can also opt for a titanium bracelet option with satin and frosted links and a folding clasp that allows for fine adjustment. Essentially, the Balancier S² looks more like the GMT Sport than its predecessor, the Balancier S.


According to Greubel Forsey, the Balancier S² asserts its personality through a slightly larger diameter. The company has raised the measurements to 46.5mm, removed the Greubel Forsey inscriptions, and brushed and polished the bezel. The values have been replaced so that the hands look luminescent white.

Dial Shifts

Greubel Forsey has dropped the original hour-and-minute chapter ring found in Balancier S and replaced it with a new polished version with towering marker inserts. The edge also appears cleaner and serves to highlight the new finishing ever so clearly. That said, other changes to the dial are very minor.

Pricing and Availability

Greubel Forsey will only produce 22 pieces of the charcoal-grey finish Balancier S2 every year from 2022 to 2025, adding up to a total of 88 pieces. 16 pieces of the light-grey finish will be produced – a total of 64 within the same timeline. A rubber strap version of either edition costs CHF 205,000, while a titanium bracelet will set you back CHF 245,000.

Final Thoughts

Although the updates that set the Greubel Forsey Balancier S² Watch apart from its predecessor are subtle, they are perceptible and exciting. The monochromatic design with less crowding around the bezel and dial make this edition the most eye-catching release from Greubel Forsey yet. In fact, the company has taken all the features from Balancier S and perfected them to create their most original piece to date. The Balancier S2 is a worthy investment indeed.

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