A Closer Look at the H. Moser Cylindrical Tourbillon

H. Moser Cylindrical Tourbillon

H. Moser is a Swiss luxury watchmaker known for its penchant for delivering unique twists on thematic timepieces. The design engineers must lose sleep dreaming of new ways to apply their intimate knowledge of watchmaking in new and innovative interpretations. Long known for its nautical divers, H. Moser now shifts its focus to a new adventure. It’s following the current commercialization of space travel and exploration in a watch that looks like it belongs on the wrist of a visiting alien from another star system. They push the boundaries with successful examples of innovation in timekeeping that make us wonder what’s coming next. The H. Moser Cylindrical tourbillon is a masterpiece that offers an aesthetically pleasing functional timepiece and accessory that inspires us to further explore the outer boundaries of possibility. It’s a piece we take our time to explain because it’s required to fully appreciate the intention behind the design.

The H. Moser Cylindrical Tourbillon at a glance

It’s impossible to see H. Moser’s new Cylindrical Tourbillon and not come back for seconds. The watchmaker broke through the shell shock we’ve all been through with the recent pandemic and political unrest to deliver a thing of beauty that inspires wonder. We need the distraction to bring us back to more childlike innocence and wonder at the artistic expressions around us that boggle the mind. It’s a timely release of a novel wristwatch that looks like a miniature space station that can be worn on the arm. Cortina confirms that the Cylindrical Tourbillon is a collaborative effort between, MB&F, and Moser & Cie. It’s one of two collaborations they’ve worked together to produce. The two brands are different day night and day, but they met in the middle, and here is what we get from the meeting of their minds. It’s a three-dimensional tourbillon in a cylindrical platform with an inclined sapphire dial that’s offset to give it the impression of floating above the dial. At first glance, one wonders how it was accomplished.

A Closer look at the H. Moser Cylindrical Tourbillion

Time and Tide shares the opinion that it looks like something retrieved from a captured alien. The heavenly timepiece is made of materials mined from the ground. It’s all from earthly origins. The case is 42 mm in width, of stainless steel with a mirror-polished finish on the upper part and brushwork near the lug channel cutouts. They placed the crown at 9 o’clock versus the usual 3 positionings. The depth of the case is 19.5 mm including the tall dome made of sapphire crystal. The lovely dial is ice blue, referred to as a fume styling that seems to turn a purplish color at the sides.

The movement

H Moser explains that the Cylindrical Tourbillon receives its power from an automatic movement they call the HMC 810. Innovative features of the caliber include its hairspring that delivers the highest performance with constant oscillation in sync with its tourbillon in a kinetic technology that amazes the casual onlooker. The caliber is finished with intricate details that appear to rise from the dial surface giving just a glimpse of its magnificence from the front and a better look when you flip the timepiece over to view the back. Each tiny cog and the elaborate bridgework step it up to a new level of engineering and craftsmanship. It’s observable on the dial through the tilt at 6 o’clock. It’s an in-house creation with a lovely gold winding rotor and a 72-hour power reserve. The highly 3-dimensional tourbillon movement is a work of art. The functions are hours, minutes, and seconds with a 72-hour power reserve.

Other features of the H. Moser Cylindrical Tourbillon

This watch is water-resistant up to 30 meters, or 100 feet. The highlight of the timepiece is its tilted sapphire dial and its floating aesthetic. the time may be read-only by the wearer. This exquisite timepiece attaches to the wrist via a genuine alligator strap with a buckle that matches the metal of the case.

Price and availability

The H. Moser Cylindrical Tourbillon watch is a strictly limited edition. Only fifteen pieces are made and will not be repeated for this model. It’s one of the most unique designs we’ve seen so far this season. The MSRP is 79,000 Swiss Francs or $83,638.64 in USD. It’s destined to become a collectible from the moment of its release. It will only increase in value over time.

Final thoughts

H. Moser & Cie’s collaboration with MB&F has resulted in one of the most novel creations in the history of both the famous watch brands. It’s inspired by the new movement to pursue space travel for greater depths of exploration and for the joy of the recreational experience of spending time in outer space. It’s an emerging industry that is just beginning to ramp up with more space flights slated to carry earthlings to the outer limits of our atmosphere and beyond. What we once considered a futuristic fantasy of science fiction enthusiasts is becoming our present reality. With technology taking us so far into a new age, horology masters are also inspired to keep up with the times. The magical aesthetic of the H. Moser Cylindrical Tourbillon watch is easily explained by a detailed retelling of the engineering process of the wristwatch. It’s not magic, but it may appear so to the casual observer. We owe the brilliant designers who bring us this unique futuristic space-themed watch a nod of approval and a bow of respect. It’s not often that such a breathtaking work of sheer genius comes along. This example is likely to sell out fast. Its strict limit of just fifteen copies makes it a rare collectible. The fortunate collectors will be the first to possess the tribute to space travel.

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