10 Reasons You Should Check Out the Hartville Flea Market

Flea market

When visiting Hartville, Ohio, there are many ways you can spend your time as there are activities and attractions for all interests and ages. One of the most popular attractions in this location for both locals and visitors to the area is Hartville Marketplace & Flea Market. It was once a livestock market, but it is now better known for its antique and fresh produce stalls. Here are 10 reasons to check out the Hartville Flea Market during a stay in Ohio.

1. Spend the Day Perusing the Outdoor Stalls

Hartville Flea Market is the largest outdoor market in the United States as there are more than 12 acres of outdoor vending space at Hartville Flea Market, so there is a multitude of stalls to peruse. The market has 1,200 outdoor flea market spaces, and there are more than 800 vendors. Due to the size of the flea market, you can easily fill an entire day just walking along the aisles of stalls.

2. Visit the Indoor Shops

In addition to the outdoor stalls, there is a vast array of indoor shops surrounding the market. Therefore, you can visit on a rainy day and have plenty of shops to visit even if you do not want to get wet outside. There are shops selling clothing, children’s goods, antiques, food, health and beauty, collectibles, antiques, books, accessories, pet wares, and much more.

3. Grab a Bargain or Souvenir

Hartville Flea Market is a fantastic place to grab a bargain. You can find items that you might not find anywhere else for a significantly lower price. The fresh produce is straight from the farms, so the produce is not marked up to cover costs such as transport and shop overheads. Similarly, handcrafted goods are less than you would pay for similar items in a store. The market is famous for its antique stalls, and it is fun to find a bargain and to negotiate on the listed price of an item. You can also buy a souvenir to take home as a memento of your visit to the area.

4. Sample the Local Produce

Food is always at its best when it is fresh, and there is nothing fresher than the produce available at Hartville Flea Market. The fruit and vegetables sold at the market are from local farms, and many are organic. There are also artisan producers who sell their goods at the market, so you can sample goods such as locally produced cheese, oils, wines, and baked goods.

5. Grab a Bite to Eat

You are likely to get hungry if you spend a full day browsing the stalls and shops at the market. Thankfully, there are many dining options so that you can grab a bite to eat. In addition to the fresh and artisan produce stalls outside, there are also food vendors in the market and food and refreshment options in the indoor areas. One of the best options is Sarah’s Market Fresh Grill.

6. Watch the Craftspeople at Work

An interesting element of a visit to Hartville Flea Market is to see the craftspeople at work. Many of the vendors who sell handcrafted goods do not simply lay their wares out for sale. They also sit by their stalls, making more of the products to replace the items they sell. For example, those who sell wood-carved items work on their crafts as potential buyers visit their stall to look at their goods. It is fascinating to watch how the items are made, and it is possible to talk to the vendors about their creations.

7. Enjoy the Live Music

A visit to this flea market is not all about the shopping, as there are other aspects of the venue that will keep you entertained. You might enjoy the live music that is playing at various points around the market. If you visit during an event or festival, then there are even more live acts to watch and listen to as you peruse the stalls. If you fancy a break from shopping, then sitting down to relax and listen to music is a pleasant way to spend your time.

8. Have Fun at One of the Night Events

Although a visit to this flea market is usually a day attraction, there are also special days and events when the market is open at night, which is ideal if you are looking for something to do in the evenings. During the evenings, the flea market has a completely different atmosphere than a visit during the day. Approximately once a month, the market holds a Moonlight Market that is open until 9 pm. This event sometimes coincides with other events or entertainment, such as firework displays. Another event that takes place in the market in the evenings is the Hartville Night Flea.

9. Attend One of the Special Interest Events

Throughout the year, Hartville Flea Market is used as a venue for various events, and many of these focus on specialist areas. For example, each month, there is the Hartville Sports Card & Memorabilia Show. Other special events include the Hartville Coin Show, the Antique Show, Hartville Americana, the Fall Arts & Crafts Festival, SNKRVille, and The Peach Truck Tour. If you are interested in any of the specialist areas these events cover and you are in Hartville at the right time, then it is worth a visit to the flea market. Check out what is going on before your visit so you can plan the best day to go to the market.

10. Meet with Friends for a Coffee

The Hartville Flea Market is a fantastic place to meet up with friends for a coffee. Most people who stop for a coffee at the flea market head to The Coffee Mill. However, this is not the only place where you can enjoy refreshments, as there are many other shops selling hot and cold refreshments, snacks, and baked goods. After meeting friends for a coffee, you can browse the stalls together.

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