10 Things You Didn’t Know about HelloFax

When fax machines were first introduced, we all thought they were the best thing since sliced bread. Every business wanted one so that they could easily send business documents to anywhere in the world. But, they were bulky, noisy, and just plain annoying. Fast forward to today when HelloFax has removed the paper from the faxing process. HelloFax has also revolutionized faxing by completely removing the need to own your own fax machine. With HelloFax, everyone has the ability for conveniently sending and receiving faxes online. Never heard of HelloFax? Well, whether you have or have not, here are ten things that you probably didn’t know about HelloFax and perhaps even faxing in general:

1. History of the Fax Machine

The first fax machine of any kind was invented back in 1843 by a Scottish inventor by the name of Alexander Bain. It was called the Electric Printing Telegraph. Then, thru the years, the concept was improved upon by such innovators as Frederick Bakewell as well as Italian physicist Giovanni Caselli in 1865, English inventor Shelford Bidwell in 1880, German physicist Arthur Korn in 1900, and Édouard Belin in the 1930s. The first commercialized fax machine wasn’t introduced, however, until 1964. It was called the LDX, which stood for Long Distance Xerography and was patented and introduced to the commercial market by the Xerox Corporation.

2. Modern Faxing With HelloFax

These days, although sending faxes is still an important part of doing business effectively, the good news is that fax machines can finally be relegated to technological history’s giant trash-heap. This is thanks to the availability of state-of-the-art online faxing services like HelloFax, which offers a handy modern interface designed for making sending and receiving faxes via the web convenient, easy, and inexpensive. HelloFax’s integrated digital-signing and form-filling features mean never having to deal with the major hassles of printing and sending documents manually ever again.

3. HelloFax is Easy to Use

What consumers seem to appreciate the most about HelloFax is its ease-of-use, especially with its desktop platform. One other positive aspect is being able to be sending faxes using a cell phone. This can save users a great deal of time.

4. Problems Solved

The most common issue that many new users have solved with HelloFax involved sending particular faxes to multiple receivers at one time. This can be done easily with HelloFax service. Users can also send international faxes with no additional charge. Pricey faxing to other countries has long been a complaint of fax machine users.

5. Google Drive Interface

HelloFax is also integrated with Google Drive for allowing users to send free faxes directly from their Google interfaces. This is a significantly convenient feature. Why? Well, because it facilitates the sending of any document that is stored on a cloud drive especially fast and easy.

6. Document Signing

One of the many ways that HelloFax can be differentiated from the other online fax services is the ability for signing documents electronically without ever having to use a scanner or a printer. Finally, faxing without all of those extraneous office machines. This is definitely a win-win for any business owner or operator.

7. Online Interface

HelloFax has an online interface that is both easy-to-use and intuitive. This makes sending faxes exceptionally easy. In addition, you can fax unlimited documents up to 30 MB each at one time. You can also enjoy the convenience of sending and receiving faxes from up to five email addresses. HelloFax is also offering unlimited fax storage. This definitely surpasses the Market Standard, which is only 30-days of fax storage.

8. Phone Numbers

HelloFax is offering local phone numbers in all 50 states plus Washington D.C. And, although they don’t have phone support, HelloFax offers high-quality email support. It’s often been characterized as being extremely helpful.

9. Pricing vs. FeaturesHelloFax offers a wide range of paid services tiers.

The one major difference between them is basically the number of individuals allowed to be using the service at one time as well as the number of pages. Paid plans begin with the low-priced Home Office plan, which would get you 300 total pages (sent or received) per month. It also includes use by up to five people. The Professional tier raises the number of users to ten and the total pages to 500 monthly. Next is the Small Business tier, which offers 1,000 pages monthly and as many as 20 people. If you need more, there’s an Enterprise-level account as well. And, last but not least, there’s also a HelloFax free tier for just sending faxes but not receiving them.

10. Overall HelloFax Benefits

All in all, HelloFax offers excellent online fax services for an unmatched user experience. It offers excellent value plus a handy built-in editor for making it simple to deal with attachments. It provides an excellent interface, integrated support for signatures and digital forms, converting existing fax numbers, special team options, integration with other services, a free send-only option, and plenty of highly flexible international options.

If you haven’t considered trying HelloFax yet for your business, (or even for your own personal faxing needs), you might want to do yourself a favor and check it out. Since everything online, from shopping to banking and even medical treatment, is the wave of the future, you don’t want to get left behind with outdated faxing methods.

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