Hennessey Venom GT Final Edition: The End of a Great Run

Just taking one look at this magnificent machine would make any enthusiast start to salivate over the thought of even touching the interior, let alone take it for a test drive. Just to feel it open up on the road would be enough to cause the heart to race and the palms to sweat. Despite all this however the Hennessey Venom GT Final Edition hasn’t received a whole lot of attention. This is largely due to the attractive and forceful nature of such supercars as the Ford GT, Bugatti Chiron, and the hybrid hypercars such as the Ferrari, Porsche, and McLaren. When such cars as this are being produced in greater numbers and taking the spotlight it’s hard for even an impressive machine such as the Hennessey to muscle its way in. Unfortunately yet another aspect that has caused it to be less noticed is the fact that along with the prototype, only 13 of these high-speed wonders have been produced since 2010. This would make it understandably rare and less noticeable than its mainstream competitors.

The Hennessey Venom GT Final Edition

Production on the Venom GT took place in Sealy, Texas, and it was concluded just this month in order to become available to prospective buyers. Finished in a spectacular glacier blue paint job with white stripes to offer contrast, this powerful automobile is a true wonder of design and technological advancement. Just watching it take off and continue to accelerate is a privilege to many buyers that would likely be on hand for such an unveiling and would wish to purchase this undeniable tempting piece of machinery. Needless to say however it would be wrong to assume that these cars would last for very long when unveiled, as many buyers were already lying in wait to place a bid on the Venom GT and could hardly wait for the wheels to touch the ground.

It’s hard to believe that this car wouldn’t gain as much attention considering its impressive horsepower, acceleration, and absolute luxury. Its role as a status symbol alone would be enough to entice most any car enthusiast, but the package that is kept under the hood would likely seal the deal for anyone that sees the value in a powerful ride. Unfortunately as it was already revealed its limited run and the fact that it came on the heels of many other desirable automobiles managed to limit its exposure and made it a little harder to be noticed. This car has followed a very proven formula when it comes to simplicity and desirability. It is a small car with a big engine, which might seem a bit contradictory, but is entirely possible and very easy to accomplish.

Every Venom GT that came off the line started out as a light Lotus Exige. This extra light chassis was the basis for the GT, serving as a perfect shell for the beginning that the model needed. From there it was a question of how far to take the design and how best to incorporate the specifications that would be needed in order to make it a truly innovative and modern automobile capable of immense speed that was still nimble enough to be desirable. The model was chopped, pinched, and elongated to form the current streamlined form, creating a masterpiece that eventually took on its own identity and look. From its small, slightly underpowered engine to a 7.0 liter monster that can produce massive amounts of horsepower, the Venom GT has become a big surprise in a small package. Existing as a manual transmission, this ride is almost guaranteed to knock your hair back when you hit the gas.

There are no doubts about its performance. Considering the fact that it has been tested and found to be more than capable of breaking speed records one can assume that its overall design was carefully crafted in order to bring about the greatest effect. You can achieve zero to sixty in less than three seconds, but that’s not the most impressive part. The top speed that is attainable in this dream ride is enough to break world records and can be made to ascend to as much as 270 miles per hour. If that doesn’t knock you back in your seat, nothing will.

The Venom GT is by no means a car meant for more than one to two passengers, as it is built for a pleasing ride and quick acceleration. The interior is simple but built for comfort, with the obvious option to customize everything from the seats to the steering wheel. It is not a large car by any means, and as such cannot be classified in the same way as other automobiles. It is, for all intents and purposes, a modified race car that is able to be driven on public roads. This doesn’t make it any less impressive, but the buyers for this car are those who generally know how to appreciate the quality that goes into the vehicle and are not planning on taking it on any family trips.

Overall the Venom GT is a one in a lifetime type of automobile that had a limited run and is soon going to be spoken of as a fond memory by all but those that were lucky enough to purchase one of these absolutely stunning rides. From its glossy exterior to comfortable interior it is a decidedly decadent thrill ride that will likely go down in history as one of Hennessey’s greatest creations and most innovative designs.


While it’s taken nearly six years of production, the Venom GT Final Edition is sadly the end of the line for this model. It’s hefty price tag came at the cost of $1.2 million dollars, and is already gone. Fortunately Hennessey will be coming out with another hypercar sometime this year that will be equally impressive and provide car enthusiasts with another chance to get back in the driver’s seat and experience the intense acceleration all over again. The Venom F5 is expected to be unveiled sometime this year, and is already being highly anticipated by many eager buyers.

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