Hidden Gems: The Best Small U.S. Cities to Rent Your Property in 2019

Have you just decided to join the vacation property rental revolution and invest in real estate? Or perhaps you already have a property or two and are now looking to expand your portfolio? The location you choose is as important as the vacation rental property itself. You could go for the bright lights of a big city, such as New York, Los Angeles or Chicago – or you could opt to seek out a hidden gem.

We’ve done the leg-work for you and come up with five popular US cities that are perfectly petite compared to their bold and brash big brothers and sisters. It’s true that the best things sometimes do come in smaller packages, and these cities are no exception. There’s still plenty to woo potential guests, and these cities offer a great opportunity for a short-term rental business. Without further ado let’s check out five of the best:

McAllen, Texas

If you fancy investing in an area that has a sunny disposition, then McAllen could be for you. It’s situated in the south of Texas and is known for its fabulous weather – sure to attract guests who enjoy lounging in the sunshine. The city certainly has a vacation vibe, the swaying palm trees make sure of that (in fact, there are so many the city is often called “The City of Palms.”) Add to this vibrant nightlife (bars, nightclubs, restaurants – the city is your oyster), plenty of shopping opportunities and outdoor attractions and you start to see why McAllen could be a choice spot for your vacation rental property. This place also has culture in spades – lots of museums and plentiful art exhibitions.

Savannah, Georgia

Renowned for its historical background and arty ambience, Savannah has abundant charm that sits well with the stunning architecture may admire. As an added bonus there’s a beach nearby – a short drive will bring guests to Tybee Island, where they can enjoy the sun, sand and sea to their heart’s content.

Boulder, Colorado

Sitting at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder is already a popular spot, but it has that welcoming feel that’s often lacking in larger cities. The scenery is breath-taking, the air is fresh and the great outdoors tempts nature lovers and sports enthusiasts alike. During winter it’s a mecca for skiers and snowboarders, who come to make the most of the powdery slopes. But this place is great all year round – in summer it’s a haven for hikers who enjoy taking in stunning vistas and visiting local landmarks. Boulder is a lovely city – safe, friendly and with plenty going on, it’s bound to attract guests looking for a short-term holiday rental.

Kissimmee, Florida

Popular for its pleasant weather, baseball and the fact that it’s a mere stone’s throw from one of the major attractions in the USA (dare we say the world) – Disney World. Kissimmee attracts guests who are looking to pop next door to greet Mickey and Minnie then make their way to become fully immersed in Harry Potter’s forbidden journey at the nearby Universal Studios. This area has great potential in terms of earnings, do your research and seek out the best locations within the city and you should be able to attract guests to stay at your rental with relative ease.

Charleston South Carolina

It’s been voted the “Best Small City in the U.S,” on more than one occasion, and we can see why – pretty gardens and brightly painted Georgian houses line the streets. Guests who consider themselves to be “foodies” will love it here, alongside the regular (and much-loved) shrimps and grits you will find tasty crab, pork and rice on offer in the many restaurants that adorn the city.

The Right Place for You

Choose the location that feels right for you, think about your target market – who do you want to attract and what do you need in order to do that? Once you have your location you can choose your property. Managing your Airbnb empire can be exhausting, so try to find ways to make your life easier. No matter what do you will run into the occasional problem (issues with check-in time changes, a broken shower etc), the key is to get your plan of action in place as soon as possible. That way you will be covered for every eventuality and feel cool and calm in the face of calamity. Here’s to finding a great vacation rental property in one of the many small but perfectly formed US cities. something is missing here or the sentence isn’t complete?

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