The 20 Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs in the USA in 2019

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There are a lot of different reasons why people are looking for part time jobs. Some have other responsibilities in their lives, such as a caregiver for elderly parents, moms and dads who are responsible for caring for small children or those who have limited physical ability. Others just prefer to have time to spare for other interests and hobbies, but most of us need to earn a living, so it makes sense to look for the highest paying part time jobs within the scope of our qualifications and abilities. We’ve done the research and found 20 part time jobs that pay remarkably well, and we’ve ranked them in order from lowest to highest paying for your consideration.

20. Customer Service Representative – $15.25

If you’re looking for a part time job that pays above minimum wage, then you might be interested in becoming a customer service representative. There are hundreds of companies throughout the United States that are hiring for these types of positions and most of them are offered on a part time basis. The average wage is $15.25 per hour, although some companies offer a little more and some a little less. If you don’t mind working over the telephone or online and answering customers questions, or fielding their complaints then this could be an ideal part time job for you. Some require you to work from a call center and others offer the jobs through a work from home opportunity.

19. Technical Support Representative – $16.50 per hour

If you’re looking for a part time job that allows you to work from home then you might want to consider becoming a technical support representative. This type of job is for the person who is fairly tech savy and there are companies who will hire remote workers to do the job on a part time basis.

18. Mail carrier – $19 per hr +

Mail Carriers can opt for part time jobs with the United States Postal Service. This is a job that is usually advertised as part time with approximately 20 hour work weeks. The average salary for mail carriers is $19 per hour to start out. This increases with the number of years that you remain employed in the profession. If you’re physically fit and you don’t mind coming into contact with dogs and cats along your route, you may want to consider this occupation for part time work. Some mail carriers are hired for motor routes which involve mostly driving while others have foot routes where they park and walk for a block delivering the post.

17. Professional Cleaner – up to $20 per hour

If you’re good at cleaning and you have the physical ability and the supplies to get started, you could start your own cleaning business and make up to $20 per hour working part time. There is a high demand for office building cleaners who come in at night when there are no customers, clients or patients inside and give the premises a thorough cleaning. This is an ideal job if you don’t mind working evening hours. Some of the best and highest paying clients are hospitals, schools and professional centers but you must have a clean record and be able to pass a background check.

16. Real Estate Agent – $20.85 per hour +

Licensed real estate agents make an average of $20.85 per hour. This is under the ideal condition that you are willing to become fully licensed in the state that you plan to work in. This is a professional position that is not difficult to study for and become familiar with. Training materials and programs are available in every state. If you love people and you like helping them find the ideal home then this could be the right part time career choice for you. While it’s not for everyone, some people make as much as $20 per hour and others can make much more if they find that they’re good at it and they love what they’re doing.

15. Private fitness instructor – $20 + per hour

If you’re already licensed to tech Pilates or Yoga then you could make some good money teaching classes from your won home. If you have the experience and live in an area where people are willing to pay for these types of classes you could offer classes and set your own hours with the potential for earning $20 per hour or even much more than this for your efforts.

14. Teacher Assistant – $19-$22 per hour

There are several different job postings out there for teachers assistants and the beauty of the majority of these jobs is that they can be done from home assisting students in their studies. Teacher assistant jobs are available in a wide spectrum of academic disciplines with the highest paying being helping students in the medical/nursing programs as well as in other areas.

13. Transcriptionist – up to $25 per hour

If you have excellent typing skills, an good command of the English language and an eye for detail then a part time job as a transcriptionist may be a good option for making extra money. These jobs can pay as low as $10 per hour but many of them pay up to $25 per hour and some are paid by the piece, so the faster you are the more money you’ll make.

12. Dog Walker – $30 per hour

Some dog walkers make a lot of money for their part time efforts. Depending on the number of dogs you’re contracted to walk, you could join some of the higher wage earners and rake in up to $50 to even $75 per hour for taking doggies for an hour walk during the day. Some dog walkers earn as much as $15 to $20 for a single dog walk and if you have four or five at a time, it could be lucrative, but you absolutely must have a love for dogs, a firm hand and it’s really helpful if you have a background in animal behavior or in dog training as no two dogs are alike.

11. Makeup Artist – up to $13 – $40 per hour

Are you creative and really good at putting makeup on others to achieve dazzling results? Then you might want to consider becoming a part time makeup artists. On the low end of the spectrum some makeup artists make from $13 per hour on up, but if you’re really good at it and you know how to bring in clientele who are willing to pay for your assistance you could make as much as $40 per hour according to the BLS. Make sure to check the regulations in your area though because some states require a licensing in cosmetology. If you’re not licensed but would like to be there are plenty of cosmetology schools you can check out.

10. Sign language (ASL) Interpreter and Translator  – $21.24 per hour

The average hourly wage for an American Sign Language Interpreter is $21.24 an hour but this is a conservative figure as there are many with this skill who make much more working on a part time basis. If you know ASL or are certified in the language, then you should have no problem getting part time work in this area.

9. Bartender – $25-$35 per hour

Bartenders usually work on a part time basis and they make an hourly wage in addition to the tips that they receive. On average, they rake in between $25 to $35 per hour for the work that they do. If you don’t mind serving drinks and you’re good at the art of mixology, then this may be an ideal sideline venture for you. Most bartending jobs average about 20 hours per week and if you’re a people person then it’s worth looking into but in most cases you have to be willing to work into the wee hours of the morning.

8. Editor / Proofreader – $28.85 per hour

If you have excellent reading, writing and proofreading skills then you might want to consider becoming an editor or proofreader. This is a job that you can do part time and you can earn almost $30 per hour. The responsibilities include reviewing ideas as well as written forms of communication to ensure that there are no errors of any type including typos, grammatical, punctuation or spelling.

7. Bookkeeper – $11.83 to $29.17 per hour

Bookkeeping is a profession that is always in demand. In the old days before computer technology it was all done painstakingly by hand, but in modern times, there are special software programs that are used to do most of the work for you. If you’re good with numbers and you have an education in the field of accounting or book keeping then this could be an excellent part time job for you. Although some employers only pay minimum wage for part time help in bookkeeping, some actually pay very well, almost $30 per hour so its another part time job that pays well to consider.

6. Tutor – $30 per hour plus

There are a lot of different tutoring jobs available. All you need to do to find them is to look in your daily classified ads or get online. Individuals, school districts and community organizations often advertise for tutors to assist students in a variety of classes. There are also several online organizations which will pay handsomely for tutors to assist students and you can make up to $30 per hour and even more.

5. Language Translator – $20 to $50 per hour

A qualified language translator who is fluent in a particular language can make between $20 to $50 per hour for their time and effort. In order to qualify you must be fluent in two languages and if you’re bilingual and bi-literate, you can make even more.

4. Virtual Assistant – $25 to $100 per hour

Virtual assistants are in high demand. In order to qualify you must be skilled in the areas of ghostwriting, editing, social media management, tutoring, researching, graphic design, writing, video editing, administrative duties, photoshop editing data entry or copywriting and if you possess some or all of these skills, you have the potential of earning the upper end of the pay range on a part time basis.

3. Travel agent – $25,000 up to $50,000 a year

If you love helping people and you enjoy booking vacations then working as a part time travel agent could be a career that you’ll not only enjoy on a part time basis, it could also help to pad your bank account. Some of the top part time earners make $50,000 per year and even more at the job. You can set your own hours and if you work for a travel agency, you’re likely to be paid on a commission basis.

2. Freelance Graphic Designer – $62 per hour

Are you a talented graphic designer? If so, you don’t have to get a full time job to make a decent living. You could offer your services on a part time basis and you can work on a contracted basis as there are many jobs available in this profession. If you’re just really good at it but you don’t have a degree, you may want to consider getting one because freelance graphic designers who have an education behind them are often paid more by hiring companies. If you don’t have a degree and you don’t plan to get one you can still use your talents by setting up your own business and showing a bit of your work and advertising to do freelance jobs.

1. Freelance Writer – $50,000 to $100,000 per year

Some freelance writers struggle to make ends meet and eke out a meager living, but these are the writers who either do not have a flair for the profession or who are not working with the right clients. Some freelance writers make more than $200k per year and it’s not uncommon to earn between $40 and $50,000 for part time work. If you’re an excellent writer you can make a lot helping people write term papers and dissertations or writing for well-paying companies that know the value of good work. The secret is to charge the right rate for your work and establish a regular clientele of high paying companies.

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